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Oregano to reduce warming?

Oregano (the spice) acts as an efficient and excellent "methane suppressant".


One of the significant causes of warming is the methane gas emitted by farm animals, in the US cows emit about 5 billion tons of methane per year.

Over the years, researchers have been trying to cause a reduction in methane emissions, to no avail. Alexander Hristov "spent" six years searching for a method to reduce emissions, in laboratory tests it became clear to him that of all the substances he tested, oregano (the spice) acts as an effective and excellent "methane suppressant". at 40%

On a nationwide basis... reducing emissions by 2 billion tons of methane per year. It turns out that at the same time the milk yield of the cows increases, this is because the production and emission of methane involve an energy investment, the saving of energy allows the cows to produce more milk. The researcher is clear that it will not be economical to feed cows with the expensive spice, so he is looking for the active substance that causes a decrease in emissions.

Until a miracle solution is found, the right way is to consume less products derived from cattle and sheep.

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  1. I suggest not breathing... it will surely reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases that are so dangerous...

  2. Ami:
    And to me it just sounds like finger sucking.
    In the article it is written that the milk yield is increasing and Mahmoud tells us that it should decrease.

  3. I don't know the field, but what Mahmoud says makes sense to me on the face of it. In principle, the emitted methane is emitted from the mouth (and not from the back, as is commonly thought or as Michael hinted). It originates from microorganisms (bacteria or archaea) that know how to fix carbon dioxide and create methane or create the methane while breaking down more complex hydrocarbons. Those methanogenic bacteria are an important part of the ecology of the cow's stomach and damage to them is damage to this entire ecosystem. It is quite possible that aromatic or other substances impair the microbial activity. For the most part, the damage does not differentiate between one species and another, so when the methanogens are damaged, many other microorganisms are probably damaged along with them.

    Do you want to stop dancing altogether? Give the cow antibiotics. All her bacteria will die. You will inject her refined food directly into the blood in a dedicated feeding device that sat on her back. That way there will be no poop (only pee), and the utilization of a gram of cow food per gram of meat will be much higher.

    In the blessing of free patent spreaders there is no money,
    Ami Bachar

  4. Mahmoud:
    Is there a source you pulled this information from or is it just hot methane?

  5. The methane yield decreases because oregano produces an aromatic antiseptic substance that kills 40% of the vital bacteria in the cow's stomach
    Therefore, the organic material is not broken down well, which over time will harm the cow and her milk yield

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