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Hayadan is Israel’s leading content site in the field of science and technology. The website has been an exceptional veteran of its activity since XNUMX, and offers its users a comprehensive and extensive database of over XNUMX articles, articles, interviews, media coverage in Israel and around the world and news that is updated daily. The English vertion is automted translation along with corrections.

Hayadan Includes news and diverse articles that are updated daily on science topics such as:

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Hayadan has extensive program collaborations with leading Israeli bodies, including research institutions, academia, museums, international and Israeli organizations and content. The site is also a content partner of the Science Channel at YNET. Among the site's writers are scientists and first-class researchers in the fields of science and technology, the site's editor, Avi Blizovsky, is a veteran journalist in the fields of space, science and science.

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  • Avi Blizovsky - Website editor, +054-2999322-XNUMX
  • Levi Sigman  - Business Development Manager, +054-2489016-XNUMX
  • Rami Yushobiev - Systems development, +054-2090196-XNUMX

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