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The project is an important step towards proving the ability to grow plants on the moon in order to produce healthy food for astronauts who will land on it in the future. Finding new ways to maximize sustainable food production on Earth also keeps the research team busy.
Two British companies have raised funds from investors to develop satellites for the production of drugs and chips in space. CEO of Space Pharma Yossi Yamin: This shows that we are not the only crazy people and that even the capital market recognizes the manufacturing market in space
The satellite began its mission in space and transmitted first data to the ground station. The DS-SAR radar observation satellite will be used for government and commercial purposes; by the Singapore government and a private company
Lior Harman - co-founder of TYPE5 VC Space Tech Group: The space market in Israel generates tens of millions of dollars - a relatively small figure compared to the inherent potential in this field and certainly compared to the countries of the world. 
The donor group that invested 45 million dollars in the Genesis 2 mission, announced that it would stop further funding; Kahn Foundation: The group will continue to support the educational activities of the Spice IL association; CEO of Space IL, Shimon Sharid: We will continue to make every effort to realize the vision of Genesis 2, and we will work as soon as possible to find new paths to carry out the mission
An interview with Erez Bader, one of the initiators of the new word that was recently approved by the Hebrew Language Academy as a replacement for the launcher due to the fact that the old word is too inclusive
How does Israel integrate into the wave of deep technologies in space and on the ground? Towards a space stack
Israel Aerospace Industries has signed an agreement with the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Ministry of Science and Technology under which it will design, develop and build the first Israeli astronomical observation satellite
As part of the program, high school students from 7 settlements in the periphery will develop and build tiny satellites and launch them into space by the end of 2024. The Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology is investing about NIS 9 million in this program
The space telescope, a flagship project of the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Israel Space Agency, will be launched in 2026 and is expected to revolutionize space exploration
The SpaceIL association and the German Air and Space Center - DLR, signed a cooperation agreement for the first time
As part of the joint statement of intent, NASA is expected to contribute a linear energy transfer spectrometer, communication network support and coordination with NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. In the future, NASA is expected to participate in the selection of landing sites and in the membership of the scientific team
The President of the Association of Industrialists Ron Tomer announced at the 18th Ilan Ramon Conference held in Tel Aviv the establishment of the Space 5.0 project that will unite the companies in the new space sector
This is how Yossi Yamin, CEO of Spice Pharma, described it at the "Silicon Club" high-tech managers' forum meeting that took place on December 27 in Tel Aviv and dealt with the new space
This is what Prof. Yitzhak Ben Israel, who until a few months ago served as the chairman of the Israeli Agency, says at the high-tech Silicon Club meeting held on December 27
This is what Prof. Ran Ginosar of the Technion, chairman of Ramon Space Company, says at the event on the subject of "the new space" at the high-tech Silicon Club managers' forum held on December 27, 2022.
Aryeh Halzband, the retiring CEO will serve as a senior advisor to the global company
The founders of Sim Dot Space Assaf Levin and Amir Nute were responsible for the development of the hybrid laboratory and the digital simulations of Genesis 1 as subcontractors, and were called to the flag to use for the benefit of the challenges of Genesis 2 with the help of the unpleasant experience of Genesis 1
President Herzog's speech was presented on December 5 at a conference held in the United Arab Emirates, a space power in its own right
Two of them will be integrated into the development of the Genesis 2 mission which is expected to be launched in 2025
The new facilities will advance the service for satellites in orbit in space and the private space industry in Israel. Ron Lopez, President and CEO of Astroscale USA: The global company has ambitious growth plans that include the construction of service satellites for waste removal, life extension and the return to life of malfunctioning satellites.
Space technologies in the service of the fight against the climate crisis: the event of the Israel Space Agency at the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology in the Israeli pavilion, the climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection
The center will make available to entrepreneurs, companies and researchers the infrastructure for the development of small satellites and their components, and will enable the expansion of the ecosystem in the field
The robotic telescope that will be placed on campus will be accessible to the public - remotely. Through a dedicated website, you can now order photographs of the Great Bear or the North Star directly to your mobile phone. According to the president of the college, the new project is intended to bring about a real revolution in the field of education
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