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Millions of tons of food are thrown away in Israel every year, which affects food security - especially in times of crisis such as war. So how do you create nutritional resilience? Stop wasting food
The research team: "We must act quickly to continue protecting our coral reefs" * The article is dedicated to the memory of Tal Ilon, a man of the sea, the commander of the Kfar Gaza alert squad who was murdered on October 7
The global water crisis is getting worse, and over 2 billion people are expected to suffer from a lack of water by 2050. Meanwhile, Israel is accumulating enormous knowledge and expertise on the subject of water management, alongside a thriving ecosystem of companies contributing to innovation in the field. So will the gospel of water come to the world from Israel?
New study: The combination of global warming and deforestation may lead to the mass extinction of animal species
Fish that change their distribution towards the poles due to climate change are declining in abundance
Studies have long shown that nature has many benefits that affect our physical and mental health. Now a new Israeli study has found that high exposure to a green environment may reduce the chance of contracting different types of cancer
This is evident from the chapter Mitigation - actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the special report of the State Comptroller about Israel's assessments of the climate crisis published this week. Instead of reducing carbon emissions, they increased
Dutch researchers found that this process happens all the time and damages all genes, but the longer the genes, the more likely they are to be damaged because they have more sites. Especially the great damage is to nerve cells due to their inability to regenerate
The government made statements, made decisions - but did not take actions that would allow for real progress. A subcommittee of the State Audit Committee imposed confidentiality on another report concerning Haifa at this stage
According to a UN survey, almost half of the migratory species suffer damage, and about a quarter are in danger of extinction. The most serious situation is that of the migratory fish species, with almost 97% of them in danger due to overfishing and harmful and unnecessary bycatch
Noa Zuckerman from the Department of Environment, Planning and Sustainability investigates the effect of vegetation growing on top of buildings on the climate in an urban environment
On the factors that may explain changes in the rainfall regime
This is according to a report published in recent days by the International Journalism Institute. Environmental reporters are exposed to physical and verbal threats, difficulties in accessing information and financial pressure, sometimes while hiding from the eyes of the authorities and even with their encouragement
A one degree Celsius increase in global average temperature due to the man-made climate crisis could shorten life expectancy by about 5 months, with women and residents of developing countries disproportionately affected
Researchers examined the tourist experience in Jerusalem and discovered the moments when the emotional arousal of visitors increases - for better or for worse
The transition to renewable energy: the way out of the climate crisis But the oil, gas and coal tycoons have other plans
The prize was awarded to Israeli scientists from Ben Gurion University, Tel Aviv and the Technion in order to promote their extraordinary research in the fields of renewable energy development and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
The plastic products made of polypropylene, such as shampoo bottles, are the most dangerous for the marine environment
The idea of ​​capturing carbon dioxide or converting it to other substances in order to combat climate change is not new. However, simply storing carbon dioxide in a certain compound may lead to its leakage into the environment
A new survey reveals that the statements of Greta and climate activists around the world against Israel had a negative impact on the position of about a quarter of the Israeli public on the issue of the climate crisis
Opinion: The way to overcome the economic difficulties caused by the war is through Israeli environmental high-tech. Our climate innovation, and the response it offers to the decisions made at the UN's global climate conference, can strengthen the economy - and rebrand Israel
A new study reveals: large cities along the Atlantic coast of the United States are sinking at a rapid rate"
Deforestation in the Amazon may reduce the amount of thunderstorms and harm the rainforest that provides us with oxygen
Researchers from Ben Gurion University offer an innovative explanation for this unique behavior of the fairy circles phenomenon: a combination of phenotypic adaptation at the level of the individual plant, by deepening the roots of the plants into more moist soil layers, and of self-organization in space at the population level
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