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Dr. Asaf Rosenthal

The transition to renewable energy: the way out of the climate crisis But the oil, gas and coal tycoons have other plans
Dr. Assaf Rosenthal quotes one of the participants following the climate conference in Dubai: "Humanity must stop using nature as a toilet", "Humanity has become a weapon of mass destruction".
This week, representatives of many countries are gathering in Dubai to discuss measures to curb global warming and prevent future climate disasters. The conference, known as COP28, poses complex challenges to decision makers
At the upcoming climate conference to be held in Dubai, ways to moderate global warming and the need to compensate the affected countries, especially island countries and countries in Africa, will be discussed again. Promises of compensation have already been given, but have not yet been fulfilled, and the question arises whether paying compensation is enough?
An initiative is needed to save the beaches that are damaged due to human activity combined with global warming.
For most people, "changing attitudes to nature" is nothing more than a purely academic side job, but this change is deeper. A fundamental and necessary change is required to preserve and protect biological diversity and to protect human and animal populations around the world from harm
Following and because of global warming, by 2050 there will be about a billion people subject to disputes and struggles related to rivers, and this only in Africa
According to preliminary research, we have already passed most of the limits of resource utilization. The world's resources, including the climate, biodiversity, water systems and other natural resources, have exceeded their limits and reached catastrophic levels. Is there a way to restore the situation?
It turns out that the World Bank invests billions in fossil fuel projects, and many investments are made in a non-transparent manner. This situation must change
According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources alone is not a solution without reducing demand and radical changes in energy consumption
It is important to promote legislative policies and effective regulations aimed at solving the global plastic problem. Consumers should also be encouraged to choose sustainable products and producers should be required to produce environmental and recycled products. In addition, emphasis should be placed on education and information
The African Zabads are caught in a bar to extract the musk oil that has been used since ancient times to anoint kings. Is it possible to develop a more humane method?
Destruction of the beaches and serious damage to the marine environment in Eilat. The residents cried out, the authorities ignored
Pesticides and disinfectants, plastic packaging and even Teflon leave compounds in nature that do not break down. Now it turned out that they are also found in the rainwater
This is not a demand to turn back the clock, progress and science have made a wonderful world possible for us, but also a world that has been stripped of wonder, therefore it is necessary to restore respect for nature
Between 2010 and 2020 more than 170 million Africans were affected by drought and at the same time more than 40 million Africans were affected by floods. Because of the climate crisis, by 2030 about 40 million sub-Saharan residents will deteriorate into abject poverty
In recent decades - after reaching a peak due to the population of Lake Victoria with the predatory fish that was not there before, the fishing productivity in Lake Victoria is decreasing due to overfishing and mortality due to water pollution. The fish population, which for about 70 years constituted the bulk of the fishing harvest and the bulk of the income for those living around the lake, is dwindling and the fishermen around Lake Victoria are suffering
According to the head of the climate services of the United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) "even when the amounts of rain remain the same, because of the warming water evaporates and the area dries out
African governments are in a race to establish agricultural enterprises to feed the rapidly growing population, but can harming the environment to develop agriculture and in particular increasing the risk of malaria be avoided?
On 20/02/2022 the Prime Minister of Ethiopia inaugurated the dam when the reservoir contained 18 billion cubic meters. At the end of the procedure, the reservoir will contain 70 billion cubic meters
Researchers were looking for new varieties of coffee in Africa, which could replace the Arabica variety whose cultivation was damaged by climate change * A candidate was found in Sierra Leone
The combination of climate change, loss of biodiversity and pollution and the accumulation of garbage in the environment are issues that need to be addressed together according to the United Nations
Consumers in Southeast Asia, where the main demand for rhino horns is, may not be content with harvesting horns from captive-bred rhinos as proposed by proponents of a new proposal aimed at stopping poaching
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