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Hayadan It is the largest, most popular and leading science website in Israel. The site has an extraordinary experience of over 17 years of activity (since 1997), and it offers its users a comprehensive, reliable and extensive database of current science articles and news, articles, studies, expert opinions and exclusive interviews. This, through a team of top quality writers in Israel.

The site won awards for its excellence, both in the scientific aspect and in the journalistic aspect. 

We divide the advertising options into two: ongoing advertising - conferences, study registrations and more, on the one hand, but we are also looking for long-term strategic partners, who will benefit from the continuous exposure and reputation as those who contribute to the dissemination of science in the public, and will allow us to concentrate on what we are really good at: updating at the highest level of news in the field of science, so that we can hear from many more people the sentence: "I grew up on the site and chose a scientific career."

The sponsorship corner is intended for academic institutions, voluntary organizations with a scientific and environmental orientation, financial companies and anyone who cares about raising the next generation of Nobel laureates and not just Big Brother laureates.

We believe that there should still be among us quite a few great-spirited people of the type of Prof. Amos de Shalit and Dr. Nachman Givoli, blessed be their memory, who were the mainstay of the journal "Mada", and published scientific encyclopedias and popular science books. Although there is currently no program of the type of Apollo that would be a driving force for such initiatives, I believe that in today's technological world, there will also be those who have not forgotten that everything started with basic science.

Your patronage will allow us to continue to provide free science at the highest level, and to give the many students and teachers who come in every day from Wikipedia, school websites, the websites of science teachers in the various subjects and more.


For details regarding sponsorships - please contact the owner and editor of the site Avi Blizovsky - 054-2999322


Why advertise on the "Hidan" website?

  • Effective advertising For a high-quality audience of surfers that includes scientists, researchers and experts as well as a high-quality audience of surfers interested in the variety of content updated on the site in detail from leading research bodies in Israel, academic institutions, companies engaged in research and development, technology incubators and leading international bodies and institutions in the field of science.
  • Wide exposure to a huge number of surfers from among the unique target audience of the knowledge site. The publication provides wide exposure to tens of thousands of visitors who read hundreds of thousands of pages of content on the science site, which is in a constant growth trend.
  • Reaching targeted target audiences On the science site, we are a content site that appeals to audiences in specific fields related to science and technology. The advertiser on the site is exposed in an efficient and segmented manner to the unique target population that suits him. This is in contrast to the small and unfocused exposure offered by advertising on general portals and websites.
  • Access to an educated and established market segment. The site surfers belong to a market segment characterized by an above average income level, high disposable income and a very high level of education.

Available to advertisers on the site Hayadan There are diverse advertising options, starting with banners and buttons on the website, and ending with targeted exposure in content areas and unique activities adapted to the advertiser's needs.

For more details and advertising options on the site contact Lavi 054-2489016

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