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The need to hunt small animals caused prehistoric man to improve his mental abilities in order to perfect his hunting tools
The cooperative economy tries to provide an answer to the loss of food
The institute's scientists reveal how cancer leads to fatal emaciation and point the way to treatment
Did you know that trees can be very effective in preventing fires? Yes, this is not a contradiction: in a new Israeli article it is suggested to use orchards as a tool against the spreading fire. How is this move possible and will we soon see more and more orchards "fighting" fires across the country?
Scientists have developed a method to double the annual crop from one to two times, while improving properties in rice that can make it at least partially a perennial plant
A study found that men who are in the sun eat more
The ability to survive without food is one of the great achievements of our biology - but how does it work?
This figure began to change in the Stone Age * Evidence of genetic changes and the appearance of unique stone tools for processing plants led the researchers to the conclusion that starting about 85 thousand years ago in Africa, and starting about 40 thousand years ago in Europe and Asia, there was a gradual increase in the consumption of plant food and a greater variety of the diet
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