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How growth of the mineral calcium carbonate affects the carbon dioxide cycle in the waters of the Bay of Eilat, and thus the ecosystem and climate warming
This raw data is analyzed using methods that take into account the variable distance between temperature stations around the world and the effects of urban heat islands that may distort the calculations.
For most people, "changing attitudes to nature" is nothing more than a purely academic side job, but this change is deeper. A fundamental and necessary change is required to preserve and protect biological diversity and to protect human and animal populations around the world from harm
What makes foraminifera species sensitive to heat?
Weizmann Institute scientists offer a solution to a 50-year-old mystery
The pavilion was jointly established by the Innovation Authority, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Plantech greenhouse
NASA's DART mission hits an asteroid in the first planetary defense test mission
New findings reveal that heat stress affects the bodies of those of us who work mostly outdoors, and may also impair work efficiency. In the coming years, given the climate crisis, the phenomenon is only expected to get worse. Will the heat in the future force us to work harder?
The State of Nature Report 2022, Volume Trends and Threats, presents a snapshot of key factors and processes that affect the state of nature in Israel as a result of human activity. The Fabric is the national program for assessing the state of nature of the Steinhardt Museum of Nature, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, KKL-Junk. and RTG
A study by the Ministry of Environmental Protection sheds light for the first time on the connection between heat waves and the climate crisis and mortality in Israel: each heat wave in Israel results in an average excess death of about 45 people; The damage is especially great in populations over the age of 70
Heat waves are common in India in spring and early summer, especially in May, which is usually the hottest month. But they are usually tempered by the beginning of the monsoon season from late May to September; This time they went ahead and extended; 12 of the last 15 years have been the hottest in the Indian subcontinent
Researchers have found changes in the body structure of birds, which are probably due to adaptation to global warming
In a new study it was discovered that the reason for the occurrence of the "Little Ice Age" was actually overheating in the period that preceded it. Could the extreme cold return a second time nowadays due to the increase in global temperature and how is this related to the weakening of the Gulf Stream?
After we experienced the Carmel storm this week, a new study shows that future storms will be drier and more concentrated, that is, focused over smaller areas in space. They will last for short periods of time but will be more powerful
How economists have underestimated the benefits of action to prevent the climate crisis for decades * The economy does not have the tools to handle economies in transition and has missed the economic viability of transitioning to clean energy
Autumn is disappearing and turning into a continuation of summer. Studies have shown that in Israel and its surroundings the warming was much greater than the world average. A study by the Institute for National Security Studies showed a connection between climate change in the region and civil wars in the region. The climate crisis has long been no longer a theoretical issue
The climate crisis is followed by the collapse of many living systems in large areas of the earth. It is fitting that humanity acknowledges the damage done to humanity and the vital need to remedy its consequences
Avery Eitan from the Hebrew University, the leader of the study, explains: "The international agreements signed by Israel, as well as the pressure exerted on it by various countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the use of renewable energies, are indeed bearing fruit and actually influencing the Israeli policy discourse on the subject, which tends to neglect issues concerning to adapt to climate change"
A study revealed a connection between the melting of the glaciers in the Arctic Circle and those in Antarctica * A similar feedback but in the opposite direction (of increasing ice) took place at the beginning of ice ages
In a report published yesterday, it was stated that the State of Israel has set long-term goals for the scope of electricity production from renewable energies and for expanding the use of electric vehicles. The audit findings show that there are barriers that make it difficult to achieve these goals
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