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True, our health reporter is not a doctor, and the science reporter probably didn't study astrophysics at the Technion. Still, after years of coverage, they've learned something. What exactly?
In June, the first international congress on evidence-based support in parenting ended. And this is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the thing that parents need the most, in order to be good parents - parental space.
In light of claims from readers as if we are citing the various objections to the legislation (for example, by the university presidents' committee) without citing the reasons of the other side, Nir Lahav wrote an article that brings the claims from the sides of the legislation and the opposing reasons, which show that the supporters at best did not think the issue through before voting
This is what Samdar Tadmor, CEO of Claro and an organizational consultant, said at the Silicon Club meeting that took place at DTEC, the technological training center for the young people of the Druze community in Isfaia
The populists are lying when they claim they want to empower us all by denying judges the authority to oversee democracy. They really want to break through the strongest constitutional barrier against authoritarianism
Hebrew University researchers offer a simple solution to the enigma that has occupied cultural researchers: how did small human societies manage to create and preserve complex cultures? The secret is in rare but important cultural interactions
Any public service of human help, such as mental health care or care for the elderly collapses. The artificial intelligence that will take over many jobs will leave us with the thing that is perhaps most important to us, the value we find in human effort for the sake of others.
What are the sources and patterns of hatred, resentment and bitterness towards political opponents? The study does indeed deal with the USA, which exported this polarization to the whole world during the Trump era
"Instead of wondering if we have too many or too few people, we should ask how we can sustainably meet the needs of the people who are already alive"
The first basic principle is that tyranny is defined by the distribution of power within the state and not by ideology or behavior * The second basic principle is that power corrupts and the distribution of power determines behavior
Only about 5% of the victims of trafficking in the world were treated. Most of the victims were left without a response and assistance
Is the British monarchy in the midst of an existential crisis? Tel Aviv University researchers are investigating the issue
In Democratic districts, death rates have decreased by 22% since the beginning of the century, while in Republican areas they have decreased by only 11%
By creating artificial embryonic and placental stem cells and comparing them, the researchers from the Hebrew University identified about 14,000 sites in the genome that control the development of all the organs of the fetus
A study by the Hebrew University found that the tobacco companies offer benefits and gifts to store owners to market their product in a prominent location and in a more beautiful display, and teach them how to circumvent the legislation that prohibits the advertising and display of the products
 University researchers have identified a new type of organelle that has not been discovered in gametes before. According to them, a failure in its function causes infertility because it is responsible for the organization of the chromosomes in the sex cells: "The discovery advances us towards finding medical solutions"
As soon as the disease develops, significant damage has already occurred that cannot be cured, but the development of a unique genetic strain allowed the university researchers to stop the pain and erosion. The findings can predict the disease after joint trauma and start critical medical treatment
In this disease, the body produces substances similar to those found in cannabis, which damage the kidney * University researchers have found a way to improve the medical treatment of diabetic kidney disease, which affects approximately 30% of diabetics in the world. The new method that is adapted to each patient can prevent the damage, and even the development of the disease
University researchers have discovered a breakthrough magnetic phenomenon that will improve technological production. The researchers: "The discovery could change the next generation of nanoelectronic devices with reduced power consumption and faster capabilities"
Using XNUMXD printers and ink based on natural materials, university researchers are able to print wood and plan its shape while drying. "The development will revolutionize the design and construction of buildings that change themselves," shares one of the researchers
About shaping memories and historical epidemics and how the corona epidemic will be remembered
Researchers from the Hebrew University found that nitrogen pollution caused by human activities has a direct effect on the decline in the variety of species in about a hundred sites in the world, including Beit Govrin: "Not enough efforts have been made in Israel to gauge the severity of the problem"
Although we are mostly familiar with viruses that harm us, it turns out that some of them are actually good and beneficial, both for humans and plants. A virus discovered in Israel in the XNUMXs helps tomatoes grow in a harsher climate
The Academy expresses its concern in view of the planned reform in the studies of the compulsory subjects in the field of humanities in the state education system (history, Bible, literature, citizenship, Tosheba), and wonders about the way in which it was decided
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