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Theater researchers examined the reception of the Haifa International Festival for Children's Plays
On the religious and cultural factors that lead to food waste in households
Am; Lek: You should read this record. It may win you a lot of money (up to 30,000 dollars), and along the way also help humanity in general, and Israel and the Jews in particular.
Disputes and conflicts that seem insoluble are not strangers to us, certainly in a challenging time like the one we are experiencing during the Iron Swords War. But is there still a way that will allow us to see the light at the end of the tunnel?
On the medium's influence (physical or online), on the effectiveness, accessibility and fairness of legal proceedings between landlords and tenants in the USA, during the Corona period
The European Union grants 2 million euros to Prof. Ilanit Gordon from the Department of Psychology and the Multidisciplinary Center for Brain Research at Bar-Ilan University, for her research that deals with brain, physical and behavioral synchronization during group dynamics
Prof. Udi Sommer and Idan Franco from the School of Political Science, Government and International Relations at Tel Aviv University investigated why African-Americans "score an own goal" and vote for Trump. Is there racist self-loathing and how does it relate to Israel?
Prof. Uriel Abolof from the School of Political Science, Government and International Relations at Tel Aviv University, teaches a course on hope and the human condition, which was named the best online course in the world in political science and philosophy
A study revealed that solutionism - the belief that technological solutions can address social problems while achieving profit is dominant among the leaders of technology companies and is spreading in the digital economy. The authors of the study criticize this ideology, and claim that it ignores democratic processes
A new toolbox for the analysis, understanding and resolution of conflicts over holy sites
We all know the cliché: "Men are from Mars and women are from Manga", but are men and women also distinctly different in the way they conduct war and conflict? What does digital games have to do with this? And what does this mean regarding who is desired to head the ruling parties in Israel?
On multi-stage decision making - a process in which many agents (humans or robots, for example) have to make a joint decision
More Japanese women are entering the labor market in recent years, and more men are staying at home with the children
A new report reveals the donation and volunteering rates of the public in the third week of the "Iron Swords" war
How did the elementary school teachers who immigrated to Israel in the mass immigration of the 50s affect the Israeli education system
True, our health reporter is not a doctor, and the science reporter probably didn't study astrophysics at the Technion. Still, after years of coverage, they've learned something. What exactly?
In June, the first international congress on evidence-based support in parenting ended. And this is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the thing that parents need the most, in order to be good parents - parental space.
In light of claims from readers as if we are citing the various objections to the legislation (for example, by the university presidents' committee) without citing the reasons of the other side, Nir Lahav wrote an article that brings the claims from the sides of the legislation and the opposing reasons, which show that the supporters at best did not think the issue through before voting
This is what Samdar Tadmor, CEO of Claro and an organizational consultant, said at the Silicon Club meeting that took place at DTEC, the technological training center for the young people of the Druze community in Isfaia
The populists are lying when they claim they want to empower us all by denying judges the authority to oversee democracy. They really want to break through the strongest constitutional barrier against authoritarianism
Hebrew University researchers offer a simple solution to the enigma that has occupied cultural researchers: how did small human societies manage to create and preserve complex cultures? The secret is in rare but important cultural interactions
Any public service of human help, such as mental health care or care for the elderly collapses. The artificial intelligence that will take over many jobs will leave us with the thing that is perhaps most important to us, the value we find in human effort for the sake of others.
What are the sources and patterns of hatred, resentment and bitterness towards political opponents? The study does indeed deal with the USA, which exported this polarization to the whole world during the Trump era
"Instead of wondering if we have too many or too few people, we should ask how we can sustainably meet the needs of the people who are already alive"
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