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greenhouse gases

This raw data is analyzed using methods that take into account the variable distance between temperature stations around the world and the effects of urban heat islands that may distort the calculations.
The cooperative economy tries to provide an answer to the loss of food
Eunice Newton Foote was the first to discover the alarming effects of carbon oxides in the atmosphere in 1856. Today this phenomenon is known as the greenhouse effect. It can be said that then also began the denial of the climate crisis that continues to this day
According to the organization's report published this week in Israel, 5% use renewable energy sources, if we were closer to 12% - the OECD average, it would be easy to avoid the shame of self-initiated power outages during the day in a hot country like ours
Gases containing fluorine - including those known as per- or polyfluorinated hydrocarbons [PFCs], have been found to have multiple effects on global warming. Researchers have recently succeeded in developing innovative crystalline materials capable of selectively adsorbing the molecules of fluorine-containing materials. The researchers hope that these porous crystals can be useful for binding and recovering such gases
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