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The book's cover illustrator is veteran comic book artist Roger Bonet, who has worked with Marvel and DC Comics on a variety of well-known titles such as "Iron Man," "The Avengers," "Spider-Man," "Nightwing" and "Batman" * Excerpt from the book
There are many topics that science fiction deals with that will undoubtedly feed defense research around warfare and ways to reduce risk. While we can never fully predict the future, we can only hope that our leaders and decision makers learn the lessons hinted at in science fiction so that we can avoid the dystopia that much of science fiction depicts
Did Asimov predict humanity's collapse back into the Middle Ages where respect for knowledge is your knowledge and ignorance will take over? It turns out that the denial of science as it is expressed even more strongly justifies Asimov's fear. It turns out that conservative thinkers fantasize about returning to the Middle Ages. you have been warned
Surprisingly, it's not the science fiction writers, nor the futurists - but science fiction writers who have many times succeeded in predicting the future: flights into space, satellites, submarines, even the credit card and the iPad. And how creepy, two Israeli writers managed to predict the corona epidemic
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