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Biotechnology in Israel

The announcement of her election will take place at the Academy's annual conference to be held in June 2024 in North Carolina
Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE Lab joins Kornit Vision, a groundbreaking Israeli startup, to its open innovation lab. Kornit Vision develops, among other things, an artificial corneal implant, which allows patients who have gone blind as a result of corneal diseases and injuries to realize their full vision potential, without the need for a corneal donation
The event is a collaboration between Bar-Ilan University and the association of managers of scientific infrastructure units in Israel, a national initiative supported by the Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Science and Technology, which aims to maximize the potential of research infrastructures in Israel, foster collaborations and benefit the scientific community as a whole
The Authority invites companies and organizations to submit funding applications for the establishment of an R&D service infrastructure for biodevices and biochips
A new book deals with the learning process and imitation of nature's solutions, also known as the field of biomimicry, (bio = life, mimicry = imitation), a field of knowledge in global growth identified as an engine of innovation
It is a biological ink consisting of a combination of alginate from algae and proteins isolated from the plant - soy or pea. It is injected in the printing process to create protein-enriched scaffolds in different geometries
The test is based on a technology developed by the group led by Prof. Amit Meller based on individual molecules without the need to duplicate many copies of the same molecule
How to expand the circles of technological innovation in Israel in the Corona era?
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