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The new development will make it possible to disperse a cloud of electromagnetic radiation that will hide the aircraft
The conference held at Bar-Ilan University focused on four main topics: strategy and thinking directions for building the future land force; Future Power Building Based on Artificial Intelligence; the place of the unmanned in the future power building; and the industrial angle in the power building
A "dirty bomb" is a dispersal device that contains a radioactive material - possibly uranium, but it is more likely low-grade materials such as cesium-137 or other radioactive materials that are commonly used in less protected medical facilities * The only country that has evidence of having used such a weapon is Russia - in Chech Nia
Scientific and technological progress is based on collaborations, on the exchange of knowledge and experience, on a global market of ideas. Any harm to the ability of scientists to communicate freely across political borders will also harm their ability to produce new knowledge, new ideas and ultimately - also new technologies * and this is even before China's threat to invade Taiwan
The US Navy has already begun building its fleet of underwater robots, with an order from Boeing for four unmanned submarines known as Orca
An autonomous military drone that is pulled out of a soldier's backpack when needed, a dog robot that patrols around the base for security purposes - these are two recent developments, what can they indicate about what is expected of us?
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