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Following the Corona, we were destined to face new challenges that had a great impact on the person and the environment: instead of personal meetings, we switched to meetings on Zoom and other online platforms, we traveled the country and avoided social gatherings and wore masks everywhere we went. Will 2020 also be the year that dictates the way for significant changes in the public's attitude to environmental issues?
Naama Erzi asks: Why do volcanoes stop being active?
The American Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, NOAA, estimates the extent of damage from natural disasters caused by climate change or extreme weather between the years 2020-1980 at approximately 1.8 trillion dollars. Insurance companies can no longer ignore the climate crisis
IBM and Peru Mare's autonomous ship MAYFLOWER is expected to cross the Atlantic Ocean to collect environmental data
A new study tried to check whether animals can actually sense earthquakes before they happen and whether this can be used to prepare for an emergency ahead of time
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