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A study by researchers at the university examined data from before earthquakes occurred, in order to predict based on past data when conditions exist that increase the likelihood of an earthquake in a certain area according to atmospheric changes
One of the ideas for saving humanity in the event of a deadly epidemic or other major global disaster is to create a safe haven where some people can survive
In recent decades - after reaching a peak due to the population of Lake Victoria with the predatory fish that was not there before, the fishing productivity in Lake Victoria is decreasing due to overfishing and mortality due to water pollution. The fish population, which for about 70 years constituted the bulk of the fishing harvest and the bulk of the income for those living around the lake, is dwindling and the fishermen around Lake Victoria are suffering
The Africa team, Engineers Without Borders Israel Tel Aviv branch recently returned from a two-week mission in Tanzania. The project deals with the supply of clean drinking water to rural areas in Africa and has 20 volunteers from diverse fields who manage the project from end to end throughout the year
An international research expedition is currently drilling in the depths of the Antarctic ice, with the aim of finding out why the ice ages significantly lengthened over a million years ago. Their findings may also help in understanding the rise in global temperatures that we are experiencing today
According to the head of the climate services of the United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) "even when the amounts of rain remain the same, because of the warming water evaporates and the area dries out
Researchers examined what happens under the city's asphalt non-stop - and what seismic tremors cause cars, pedestrians and cyclists
Between rain and flood, between time and terrain, between yesterday and tomorrow
An international group of geologists, including researchers from Ben Gurion and Tel Aviv University, discovered a connection between earthquakes in different parts of the world
Adding 65 cm to the global sea level will completely change the coastlines. To date, the sea level has risen by about 20 cm since 1900, which is already forcing coastal communities out of their homes and exacerbating environmental problems such as flooding, groundwater salinization and habitat loss.
Leakey knew how to discover fossils of ancient human species even as a child, as the son of famous parents, but he also cared about preserving nature and fighting ivory traders, received two kidney transplants and a liver transplant, lost his legs in the crash of his plane, and made important discoveries in the field of human evolution
In the past I have already referred to the need to reduce meat consumption in the face of the significant differences between the industrial form of farming in large farms in Western countries and nomadic herders, mainly in African countries. They are still not considered
The study seeks to deal with the uncertainty in monitoring the urban climate. Despite being characterized by sharp variations both in time and space, and having significant consequences on the quality of life, the economy and the cost of living, yet it turns out that the urban climate is hardly measured in the city
Burnt flint tools from prehistoric sites make it possible to determine the strength of the Earth's magnetic field in ancient times. The information about the magnetic field in ancient times may have implications for the understanding of the magnetic field in our time. The researchers: "About 7,600 years ago the strength of the magnetic field was even lower than today, but within about 600 years the field strengthened and rose again to a high level."
In the fire in the Jerusalem Mountains that broke out on August 15th, thousands of animals perished and about 25,000 dunams of forest (about 25 square kilometers) burned - more than burned in the Carmel disaster in 2010. Could something be done, especially in view of the worsening climate crisis, in forest planning in Israel?
The findings, according to the research leaders, PhD student Shahar Gebirtzman and Prof. Jay Feinberg from the Rakah Institute of Physics, are the beginning of the answer to the question regarding the existence of earthquakes of different intensities that originate from identical tectonic plates. The research was published in the prestigious journal Nature Physics
A team of researchers succeeded, by deciphering the ages of tens and hundreds of millions of years old diamonds, to identify three different periods of their formation at a depth of about two hundred kilometers below present-day South Africa. Dr. Jacob Weiss: "This is a significant step not only in the study of diamonds, but also in the study The evolution of the continents on Earth"
European scientists have proposed the first steps towards a unified global plan to save our oceans, for human health and the well-being of us all
This is according to a study presented as part of an international expert workshop on behalf of the Israel Public Policy Institute (IPPI) and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The discussion presented guiding principles for climate legislation in Israel, the key elements for effective legislation and what can be learned from countries that have already completed climate legislation
A study revealed a connection between the melting of the glaciers in the Arctic Circle and those in Antarctica * A similar feedback but in the opposite direction (of increasing ice) took place at the beginning of ice ages
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