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ClimaCell's accurate weather insights will be combined with SupPlant's agronomic capabilities to help farmers in India and China

.climacell - Accurate local weather forecast. PR photo
.climacell – accurate local weather forecast. PR photo

Climacell, which provides accurate weather information to international companies such as United Airlines, Uber and Amazon, signed a memorandum of understanding with the agro-tech company SupPlant, which develops IoT-based autonomous irrigation technologies. Climacell will provide a hyper-local and accurate weather forecast that will be integrated into the SupPlant company's solutions, in order to provide significant insights for farmers regarding irrigation. The combination of the two companies' unique technologies will result in a breakthrough solution that brings precision agriculture to hundreds of millions of small farmers. According to estimates, in the world today there are about 450 million small farmers who produce about 80% of all the food consumed in the developing world but do not benefit from the technological revolution in agriculture. By combining the technologies of the two companies, they seek to bring the good news of precision agriculture, adapted to the changing climate, climate smart irrigation to small farmers. Initially, the two companies intend to focus on India and China, where in India there are about 110 million small farmers, and in China about 180 million.

SupPlant has developed an autonomous irrigation system (GBI) built on the basis of Internet of Things (IoT) technology that operates in the cloud and combines information obtained from a system of sensors located in the plot, current weather data and forecasted weather, all the information is uploaded to the cloud, where Supplant's unique algorithm analyzes the data And by combining the many years of knowledge he has accumulated, he makes a decision on the timing and amount of irrigation required for the plant. The system, which is currently used by large farmers around the world, helps in maximizing the efficiency of water use and making data-based decisions that increase the yield and the resilience of the crops.

Climacell is a highly predictive weather insight platform that provides insights such as where exactly it rained and when, at the street and minute level. Climsell uses data obtained from software means only and without sensing means, such as the cellular network, cameras, airplanes, IoT and more. The company's solutions help to predict the business impact of information for companies for which the weather is critical, such as insurance companies, transportation, aviation and more.

As mentioned, the community of small farmers around the world is not accessible to irrigation and agronomy recommendations as well as to forecasting MZA at such a level. The cooperation created now produces a unique integrated system of its kind in the world, which will provide each small breeder with accurate, real-time information that will improve their abilities, as well as a holistic response to any changes that occur and affect the crops.

Dan Slagan, VP of Marketing, ClimaCell: "We are proud of our ability to enable our weather intelligence in the agtech world, with the goal of changing the lives of small farmers around the world and helping them grow the crops that will feed and serve their families. The collaboration with SupPlant will bring the technology of weather forecasting to the agricultural field."

Uri Ben Ner, CEO of SupPlant: "The ability of SupPlant in general and of this partnership in particular to find a unique solution that for the first time appeals to the absolute majority of the world's farmers - the small farmers - has potential with extraordinary implications for the economies of entire communities and food and water reserves in these countries. This is not only our private pride but Israeli pride - a small country that can change the lives of hundreds of millions.'

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