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Cancer and smoking

Dutch researchers found that this process happens all the time and damages all genes, but the longer the genes, the more likely they are to be damaged because they have more sites. Especially the big damage is
A study of human cancer tissues grown in mice has suggested that a large group of lung cancer patients may be successfully treated with a drug currently approved for other cancers
Many parents think they are protecting their children by smoking on the balcony or near the bedroom window. But a new study by Tel Aviv University states that contrary to the popular opinion of those parents,
Not only desperate bacteria - even cancer cells facing extinction may activate an SOS response and develop drug resistance
A study by the Hebrew University found that the tobacco companies offer benefits and gifts to store owners to market their product in a prominent location and in a more beautiful display, and teach them how to circumvent the legislation that prohibits
Nicotine and other compounds found in cigarettes penetrate the intestine through the bloodstream and change the composition of the intestinal bacteria and their products
The researchers tested the exposure level of the children using a biomarker - a biological marker - that measures the presence of nicotine in the hair (which indicates cumulative exposure to tobacco smoke). The findings are very worrying: among 7 out of all
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