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Students developed an automatic barman

Three students from the Faculty of Computer Science at the Technion developed "Robodrink" - a robot for making alcoholic cocktails.

RoboDrink. Photo: Technion spokespeople
RoboDrink. Photo: Technion spokespeople

Three students from the Faculty of Computer Science at the Technion developed "Robodrink" - a robot for making alcoholic cocktails. The robot was developed by Michal Friedman, Yoav Mizrahi and Zorik Gachman as part of a system programming course in the Arduino environment, under the guidance of Professor Yossi Gil, the practitioners: Boris Van Sussin and Marina Minkin, and Dr. Nir Levy, Director of Academic Relations at Microsoft.

"It's actually an automatic bartender," explains Michal Friedman. "He knows how to mix drinks from a structured list and also make a cocktail based on his own recipe. We built a machine that has room for 8 bottles - we chose to have three bottles of juice and five alcoholic drinks. The selection of the cocktail is done using the application we developed. When you place a glass at the end of the rail, the robot prepares the drink in a few seconds according to the exact recipe."

"We built everything from scratch," says Zorik Gachman, "it's a project that combines both hardware and software. We messed with electronic components and electrical circuits, wrote software for the Arduino processor, and developed an application that communicates with it via Bluetooth based on recipes found on the cloud."

"We worked on it for three very intensive months," added Yoav Mizrahi, "we are software people, but in order to realize the project we learned ourselves how to build the robot. We read a lot on the Internet and faced a lot of challenges."

In the process of building the robot, the students consulted with experienced bartenders, who recommended common drinks to them. "Those we spoke with were very enthusiastic and loved the robot," says Michal. "They said they would be happy to put him in their bar."

The course for programming systems in the Arduino environment is held in collaboration with Microsoft R&D, and allows students to use modern technologies and software during their studies, including smartphones and tablets to run applications during development. As part of the course, designed to challenge the students in independent product building projects, the students designed smart systems that combine hardware and software with the help of Arduino-based controllers.

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  1. That's exactly the point. It is not a problem to come up with some cool idea, nor is it a very big problem to pick up a prototype that works in a laboratory with a close technical team that babysits it and does not dare to move a meter away and leave the masterpiece on the user's partition even for a minute. At the moment, in the "proof of feasibility" system, they have completed about 5% of the work and until they can go to market with something like this, they have 95% left. If I'm exaggerating something, it's probably about the work that's been done so far: a system that knows how to open and close 8 valves and apparently estimate the volume of liquid passing through them, plus actuator operation in one dimension... well, good.

    And another small thing: an automatic bartender that independently pours alcoholic beverages? This seems to me to be a bad idea in every way imaginable.

  2. Lorem Ipsum
    Instead of seeing the great you find room for disparaging criticism
    The idea is amazing, the execution is impressive,
    The use can be, a simple operator who did not study carpentry
    All the percentages of mixing the drinks are in DB and he just enters a list of drinks and they come out in order
    This way you save the cost of a bartender or bartenders (which are relatively expensive compared to a simple person).

    Regarding all reinforcements or changing bottles, this is a relatively simple software development
    The idea is that once a connection is made between the valves and the software that controls them, everything else is at the code level
    The same applies to loading new drinks from the Internet
    The members are software professionals and I have no doubt that they knew how to further develop the system

    Don't forget they only worked on it for three months
    Well done and good luck!

  3. How unimpressive.
    Does the wonderful system include a convenient interface for entering new recipes by the illustrious user?
    Does the system know how to find recipes on the Internet and apply them?
    And if someone wants to "make it strong" - does she know how to handle it?
    And if I switch between the bottles, or even decide to put grapefruit juice instead of orange juice in outlet number 3, can I report this to the robot? And that he will reject certain recipes and allow others?
    And does the system know how to mix the drinks? And if the snooty 007 comes and wants "youthful, unmixed", will she know how to handle it? And what about the ice cube feeder? And does the system know that the whiskey has run out? And how does she report it?

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