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Researchers have developed algorithms based on game theory, through which robotic systems such as drones or autonomous cars can make informed decisions and operate efficiently
Researchers have developed a control algorithm that helps robots walk on smooth surfaces
Researchers have developed geometric algorithms that can make groups of robots operate together in dense environments without bumping into each other and other obstacles
A wearable system allows a robotic arm to recognize the user's intent, mainly based on his hand movements, and assist him according to his needs
At the Biorobotics Laboratory of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev under the direction of Dr. David Zaruk, they presented the AmphiSAW robot, which draws inspiration from the worlds of biology and nature and is friendly to fish and the environment. It works both in water and on land, is used to feed fish and monitor their condition, and assists in rescues in disaster areas and more
Autonomous taxis have indeed reached the roads in some cities, but they are still far from replacing taxi drivers, or capturing a significant share of the public transportation market. Private autonomous vehicles - those that are privately owned - have nothing to talk about at all. what went wrong?
For the first time in the world of science, a robot was able to "smell" using a biological sensor
Last Saturday, Ukraine showed Russia - and the whole world - how the wars of the future will be conducted: between robots and humans
Minimalist robotic grips - design, algorithms, and control of grip systems
This problem in artificial intelligence is also called "belief space planning". Solving this problem, i.e. calculating the set of optimal actions to achieve the goal, requires an estimate of the potential actions under some reward or price function such as distance to the goal or a measure of uncertainty
The new consortium includes leading robotics companies and academic researchers in the fields of artificial intelligence, computer science and behavioral science, with the aim of developing an innovative HRI infrastructure, to address the need for close interaction between robotic systems and natural communication of human users
Keren Mimran, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Start-Up Eid: "Artificial pollination for wind-pollinated crops will change the face of the market, the economic viability for growers and the ability to feed the world. A 24% increase in the farmer's crop will increase farmers' income by hundreds of millions of dollars"
This is what Yossi Wolf, chairman of Robotemi, which specializes in service robots, says at the Silicon Club meeting held in Tel Aviv. He is not afraid of Tesla's robot. According to him, the idea to create a service robot was born when he visited his grandmother who refused to use a walker and other products for the advanced age
What happens when zoologists and a chip engineer meet at a campus cafe? No, this is not a joke, but a project that crosses faculties and schools, which gave birth to a robot with a real ear on a chip, which hears and responds to voices. The defense industry is already expressing interest, and the researchers promise that from here the sky is the limit
"My partner may not look impressive, but he has a lot of potential as a dancer," she says. Barishnibot's programming, which on normal days, he and his friends, mostly perform monotonous and boring jobs on assembly lines, she says, was like playing a complex puzzle
The Canadian start-up YPC Technologies developed the robotic chef using cobots - collaborative robots so that they can work alongside human chefs
An autonomous military drone that is pulled out of a soldier's backpack when needed, a dog robot that patrols around the base for security purposes - these are two recent developments, what can they indicate about what is expected of us?
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