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Researchers have found that certain planets outside the solar system are shrinking due to the loss of their atmosphere
There is also criticism that countries are failing to meet their emission reduction targets, and that global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, jeopardizing the goal of not warming the planet beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius
While Einstein's theory of relativity shows the relationship between time and speed. Theoretical ideas such as wormholes offer possible methods, but practical challenges and paradoxes, such as the "grandfather paradox", complicate the feasibility of time travel in practice
The cosmic ray detector that includes 507 ground scintillator stations, covering an extensive detection area of ​​700 square kilometers in Utah, USA. On May 27, 2023, scientists discovered a particle with an enormous energy level of 244 EeV.
An Australian researcher who monitors expressions of hate on social networks analyzed about 12 thousand comments, and who is to blame for every trouble in the world? That's right, the globalist Jews
Prof. Ashkenazi from the chemistry department at Ben-Gurion University is engaged in a new field - chemistry of complex systems. The grant was given to him and an international research group of which he is a member
"The observations will be made possible through the control we have developed over the wave nature of free electrons," explains Prof. Kaminer
This is a system that allows research organizations to leverage the Patient Centricity by Design process to plan clinical trials, among other things to be able to follow the patients who participated in the clinical trials after the trial
Their findings highlight the importance of understanding the needs of both plants and animals to ensure the health of local ecosystems. They also overturn a previously held belief about how mice store seeds
The space agency says that the industry alone will not be able to move forward and it is required to cooperate with the government and academia. This can help solve bottlenecks that slow down progress in the field
Unlike other distant galaxies that have been discovered, which appear as small red dots, the two new galaxies are large and have an unusual appearance - one resembling a peanut and the other a fluffy ball, indicating the diversity of galaxies in the early universe. According to the speed and direction of their distance, today they are beyond our line of sight
These are data from the Climate Action Monitor report of the Organization of Developed Countries. The Ministry of Environmental Protection calls for the expansion of preparedness for climate hazards, but it lacks the ability to influence other government ministries after at the beginning of the term it spread its powers in favor of bodies that favor industry
This is according to the OECD climate crisis preparedness assessment report for 2023 published this week following the hottest summer since measurements began
During the launch, all 33 Raptor engines were successfully ignited, and the spaceship disconnected from the Super Aby launcher as planned, but then the launcher exploded, and SpaceX decided to blow up the spaceship itself as well
The new research from Calcutta suggests that remnants of that ancient planet known as Theia are still inside the Earth and explain the origin of the "lumps" near the core-mantle boundary. Other remnants of it coalesced to form the moon
This announcement does not include the Weizmann Institute and the Open University, and exceptional cases will be allowed, such as the medical students in the clinical phase, whose presence in the hospitals is more important than ever
At the same time, the Israeli company Quantum Machinery will use at the Israeli Quantum Computing Center a technology that combines NVIDIA Grace Hopper superchips with quantum processors (QPUs)
The European Space Agency's Gaia mission discovered over half a million new stars, tagged 150,000 asteroids, and identified 380 cosmic lenses. These discoveries advance our understanding of the universe, setting the stage for the expected release of Gaia DR4 data in 2025
Researchers from the Australian National University have developed a model that is the most comprehensive view of the history of the universe. The study highlights the change that the universe underwent from the moment of its formation 13.8 billion years ago to its current state, full of objects such as protons, atoms and galaxies
This is according to a new report by Intel and the JFF organization (Jobs for the Future) which studied the impact that artificial intelligence (AI) will have on employment. The report also shows that women are more exposed to the effects of artificial intelligence on their job
The James Webb Space Telescope discovered a previously unseen jet stream in Jupiter's atmosphere. Similar phenomena have been observed in Saturn, and both may be related to temperature variations in the atmospheres of the gas giants
In the letter they explain that "it is very important to distinguish between the murderous ambitions of the terrorist organization Hamas and the Palestinian ambition for an independent state. The blurring of the differences between these ambitions and the very contradiction between them fuels the voices of hatred and ignorance that are heard so loudly on campuses around the world these days
The Israel National Academy of Sciences, the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education and the National Science Foundation in a joint appeal to the heads of the academic and scientific community around the world and requests that they call for the immediate release of the abductees, prevent incitement and preserve the safety of Israeli and Jewish students and faculty * At the same time, an appeal was also made to the United Nations by Hundreds of researchers from Israel and the world
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