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President Obama will award the National Medal of Science to Prof. Yakir Aharonov

Only 10 scientists will win the medal awarded for outstanding contribution in the fields of science

Prof. Yakir Aharonov. Photo: Tel Aviv University
Prof. Yakir Aharonov. Photo: Tel Aviv University

Prof. Yakir Aharonov, a world-renowned physicist, will receive the National Medal of Science from President Obama. This is the most prestigious award given by the President of the United States to American scientists who have made an extraordinary contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the fields of physics, biology, mathematics, engineering and behavioral sciences. Upon announcing the names of the winners, President Obama said that "the achievements of the scientists have redefined the limits of human knowledge, and that he felt an unusual pleasure to honor them for their important achievements."

Prof. Aharonov, professor emeritus at Tel Aviv University, who also holds American citizenship, is one of ten first-rate American scientists who will receive the prestigious medal from the President. Since it was decided to award the prize in 1959, 441 scientists have won it so far.

As we know, one of the important discoveries of the Israeli scientist is the "Aharonov-Bohm effect" - a phenomenon within the framework of quantum mechanics, according to which a charged particle is affected by electromagnetic fields in areas where it does not reach at all. Prof. Aharonov is nominated for a Nobel Prize for this discovery.

For his extraordinary achievements, Prof. Yakir Aharonov won many important prizes, among them the Israel Prize, the Wolf Prize, the A.M.T. Prof. Aharonov is a member of the Academy of Science in the USA and Israel.

In the words of explanation for receiving the US National Medal of Science, it is stated that the medal is awarded to Prof. Aharonov "for his contribution to the foundations of quantum physics, which led, among other things, to unexpected consequences in the field, which include, among other things, the Aharonov-Bohm effect and the new concept of weak measurements".

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  1. Likir Aharonov deserves to receive a Nobel Prize in Physics.
    He should have received a Nobel Prize in Physics last year when the Aaronov-Bohm effect was fifty years old.
    The Aaronov Boehm effect has "practical" applications and also in the mirror of time the effect caused a breakthrough.
    But maybe after the medal the Nobel Prize Committee will give him the Nobel Prize next year.
    The prize is not a matter of money. The scientist is not really interested in the money. What is important to him is the recognition of his life's work. A Nobel Prize or other prestigious publication at a very high level was recognized that what you discovered caused a scientific breakthrough that helped humanity in one way or another.
    In the picture he is holding his book Quantum Paradoxes
    In 94 I took the seminar he gave in the physics department on paradoxes in quantum mechanics. This was even before I had a master's degree.

  2. Avi and Hoza:
    You are conducting a dialogue of the deaf.
    This one is trying to slander and my father doesn't understand that this one is what this one is trying to do.
    The site is indeed under an attack of this kind, but this is not an attack that can cause performance problems, but only for Calastra.

  3. Mr. Blizovsky:
    503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
    Hayadan - the largest science website in Israel.
    The server cannot currently fulfill the request due to temporary load. Try the service again later.
    Maybe this message is familiar to you by any chance?????

  4. Because he is a neighbor of the website editor's father.
    Besides, it's a consolation prize instead of the Nobel he was supposed to receive.
    And besides, the site's server is always busy and doesn't respond, so soon he will blame the ultra-Orthodox hackers who are trying to bring him down.

  5. The rich get richer

    It's always the same people who get the awards.
    I noticed it even starts with university scholarships.
    The same people (no doubt smart and talented) repeatedly receive the scholarships, awards and badges of excellence.

    And what about those a little below?

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