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Science awards in Israel

Professor Zvi Piren, the holder of the Schwartzman Chair at the Rakah Institute of Physics at the Hebrew University and Professor Amir Levinson from Tel Aviv University will take part in a research group of the prestigious Simmons Foundation as part of an international cooperation in mathematics and physical sciences for the study of neutron stars and black holes
The prestigious prize will be awarded to the developers of the corona vaccine Professors Katelyn Crico, Drew Weissman and Peter Callis and to Prof. Helen Quinn for solving one of the greatest mysteries in physics
His important contribution included a host of breakthrough insights and discoveries, publications and collaborations in the field of cancer research
Eight winners and trailblazing winners from five countries received the Wolf Prizes for the Arts and Sciences last night. The prestigious Wolf Prize, known as the second most important prize in the world after the Nobel Prize, was awarded this year in the fields of chemistry, medicine, mathematics, agriculture and art
Prof. Shiloh is the 43rd Israeli researcher elected to the US National Academy, alongside Nobel brides and grooms such as Prof. Ada Yonat, Prof. Dan Shechtman and Prof. Aharon Chachanover
While still a doctoral student, Dr. Peretz, a graduate of the Faculty of Aeronautics and Space Engineering at Technion, began working at NASA after it and the US National Science Foundation (NSF) appointed him a research fellow and awarded him a grant of more than half a million dollars; he was included in the list of fifty promising young scientists In the US, a prediction that later proved itself
Researchers who develop an artificial testicle that will allow infertile people to give birth to a biological child; who examine the dynamics of fasting and its consequences on diabetes and obesity; who develop innovative technologies for treatments against cancer and other diseases and more
A true environmental pioneer: Prof. Avital Gazit, a leading researcher in the field of freshwater bodies - is the recipient of the Israel Prize for Environmental Sciences and Sustainability, which is awarded this year for the first time. "I am not receiving the award for being a brilliant scientist, but for the contribution I had to preserving the environment - which my students will continue, and hopefully, their students as well"
In the reasons for the award committee it was stated that Shashua is the ambassador of Israeli excellence, daring and creativity in the world
According to the award committee "His groundbreaking research in understanding the mechanisms of operation and degradation of batteries are used to develop advanced generations of batteries worldwide"
Prof. Gazit is an expert on freshwater bodies, and worked to preserve the Kinneret and the winter pools
The rank of fellow in the NIA is considered the highest recognition given to inventors from academia who have created inventions that have a decisive impact on the quality of life, economic development and the well-being of society
ERC Starting Grants are designed to help young and promising scientists advance their research, form research teams and pursue the realization of bold and original ideas. The nomination and the candidates are required to present potential for scientific breakthroughs, intense ambition and the feasibility of their research proposal.
According to the foundation's statement, "Prof. Kaminer will develop algorithms that mimic human creativity. Inspired by his experience as an experimental physicist, a field where surprising results drive discoveries and stimulate creativity"
Since there is no Nobel Prize for mathematics, two prizes have become the substitute - the Field Prize for young scientists under the age of 40 and the Shaw Prize, which is actually awarded for lifetime achievement
The award was given to Sompolinski for his pioneering contribution to theoretical and computational neuroscience. This is the first time that the prize is awarded to an Israeli scientist
The winners are: a volunteer in medical aid for the underprivileged and a social activist for needy families
The criteria for selecting the winners: groundbreaking research, quality of teaching, winning research grants from competitive funds, quality and quantity of scientific publications and status in the international academic community
Prof. Oded Lifshitz, head of the Nadler Institute of Archeology in the Lester and Sally Antin Faculty of Humanities, was announced as the recipient of the A.M.T. (Art, Science, Culture) for 2022. The prize will be awarded to him at a ceremony to be held during the month of June, in the capacity of the Prime Minister of Israel.
Among others: three ERC grants were awarded to three researchers from Tel Aviv University, three from the Hebrew University - some of them for the third time, four from the Technion and one researcher from the University of Haifa. Grant value: 2 million euros per researcher
Among this year's prize winners: researchers who have developed new treatment strategies for cancer, Alzheimer's and autism spectrum disorders; A researcher examining the formation of bacteria in babies and their health effects; and researchers whose discoveries are applied in the field of cryptocurrencies
Prof. Ruth Lapidot, Prof. Hermona Shurk and Prof. Gideon Shelah-Lavi from the Hebrew University and Prof. Oded Lifshitz from Tel Aviv University are among the winners of the A.M.T.
The award was given to Prof. Zak for "developing mathematical tools such as 'Zak transformation' and 'Zak phenomenon' used to decipher the phenomena of electrical conduction in a magnetic field. These tools enable the prediction of materials with unique properties for the construction of electronic devices
Each of them will receive an award of $300,000 for achievements in researching the past and as support for their future work * An additional $300 was allocated to a new international post-doc program for history subjects at Tel Aviv University * The ceremony - at Tel Aviv University in May
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