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Researchers have discovered a way to significantly optimize the rooting process in the natural genetic cloning process of plants
Researchers have discovered that the original way to speed up chemical processes is to reboot
The plastic products made of polypropylene, such as shampoo bottles, are the most dangerous for the marine environment
Prof. Udi Sommer and Idan Franco from the School of Political Science, Government and International Relations at Tel Aviv University investigated why African-Americans "score an own goal" and vote for Trump. Is there racist self-loathing and how does it relate to Israel?
Prof. Uriel Abolof from the School of Political Science, Government and International Relations at Tel Aviv University, teaches a course on hope and the human condition, which was named the best online course in the world in political science and philosophy
The scientific breakthrough will help increase the yield of plants in drought conditions
Exposure to the sun's UV radiation may have a positive effect on the fertility of women aged 30-40
Deforestation in the Amazon may reduce the amount of thunderstorms and harm the rainforest that provides us with oxygen
Expression of opinion of the heads of the research universities in Israel regarding the statements of university presidents in the United States in Congress * The document was written before Penn State President Liz Magill announced her resignation
We all know the cliché: "Men are from Mars and women are from Manga", but are men and women also distinctly different in the way they conduct war and conflict? What does digital games have to do with this? And what does this mean regarding who is desired to head the ruling parties in Israel?
A new report reveals the donation and volunteering rates of the public in the third week of the "Iron Swords" war
Dr. Sandrin Bodna, Head of the Department of Communication at Tel Aviv University, gives tips on how to behave on social networks and in the media against fake news
All the universities in Israel are dealing this week with students who expressed support for Hamas on social networks and announced that they will act against such students. The president of Tel Aviv University joins the call for universities around the world to punish students and faculty members who expressed support for Hamas
About 50 million years after the big bang, we will be able to measure the evolution of the universe and its composition by measuring radio waves from the moon
This is how the constitutional revolution affects our national resilience index
An increase in the number of lightning storms may increase the amount of cirrus clouds and increase the global warming process
The need to hunt small animals caused prehistoric man to improve his mental abilities in order to perfect his hunting tools
The prestigious Stanford index states: Tel Aviv University is the best entrepreneurship incubator outside the US
The new development will make it possible to disperse a cloud of electromagnetic radiation that will hide the aircraft
Climate change may lead to the collapse of the population of lizards that are common in the deserts of the Land of Israel
A new material created from natural materials can move quickly through water and carry up to 40 times its own body weight
New research shines a positive light on biological stigma
Thanks to the nanoparticle system they developed - the cancer cell stops dividing and dies
Revealing the mechanism that delays the appearance of tanning could help create treatments that will protect us from skin cancer
The people who lived in the Hula valley hundreds of thousands of years ago made long journeys to obtain quality raw material for the production of hand stones
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