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We all know the cliché: "Men are from Mars and women are from Manga", but are men and women also distinctly different in the way they conduct war and conflict? What does digital games have to do with this? And what does this mean regarding who is desired to head the ruling parties in Israel?
More Japanese women are entering the labor market in recent years, and more men are staying at home with the children
A new report reveals the donation and volunteering rates of the public in the third week of the "Iron Swords" war
Dr. Sandrin Bodna, Head of the Department of Communication at Tel Aviv University, gives tips on how to behave on social networks and in the media against fake news
All the universities in Israel are dealing this week with students who expressed support for Hamas on social networks and announced that they will act against such students. The president of Tel Aviv University joins the call for universities around the world to punish students and faculty members who expressed support for Hamas
Professor Zvi Piren, the holder of the Schwartzman Chair at the Rakah Institute of Physics at the Hebrew University and Professor Amir Levinson from Tel Aviv University will take part in a research group of the prestigious Simmons Foundation as part of an international cooperation in mathematics and physical sciences for the study of neutron stars and black holes
About 50 million years after the big bang, we will be able to measure the evolution of the universe and its composition by measuring radio waves from the moon
The cell's garbage disposal system changes in cancer and allows it to escape the immune system
This is how the constitutional revolution affects our national resilience index
An increase in the number of lightning storms may increase the amount of cirrus clouds and increase the global warming process
To attract traders, crypto exchanges artificially inflate their activity volume. does it work?
One of the most common treatments for bipolar disorder today is the drug lithium - a drug to which only about a third of patients respond. The research aims to understand what causes this
The need to hunt small animals caused prehistoric man to improve his mental abilities in order to perfect his hunting tools
A new Israeli study presents a solution to the many accidents between aircraft and winged creatures, and for the first time succeeds in identifying with the help of radar flocks of large birds, which until now were considered "invisible"
The canal facilities, the likes of which have not yet been discovered in Israel, were in use about 2,800 years ago - during the time of the First Temple; According to the researchers from the Antiquities Authority and Tel Aviv University, "it is possible that the canals were used to soak some product. The central location of the canal facilities shows that the product produced in them was associated with a palace or a temple.
The prestigious Stanford index states: Tel Aviv University is the best entrepreneurship incubator outside the US
The new development will make it possible to disperse a cloud of electromagnetic radiation that will hide the aircraft
Researchers have developed geometric algorithms that can make groups of robots operate together in dense environments without bumping into each other and other obstacles
Climate change may lead to the collapse of the population of lizards that are common in the deserts of the Land of Israel
A new material created from natural materials can move quickly through water and carry up to 40 times its own body weight
New research shines a positive light on biological stigma
Thanks to the nanoparticle system they developed - the cancer cell stops dividing and dies
Revealing the mechanism that delays the appearance of tanning could help create treatments that will protect us from skin cancer
A Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded as part of the 51st Annual Science and Environment Conference to Prof. Yossi Levia. In a celebratory interview, he talks about his love for the profession, the corals and the researchers who grew up in his laboratory - and also warns: "Ktsa'a could cause an unprecedented ecological disaster on our reefs and those of our neighbors to the south."
An extraordinary study by a researcher in the field of Talmud at Ben Gurion University and a bat researcher at Tel Aviv University has resulted in the development of an innovative tool for analyzing the social connections created between the sages of Judaism and Christianity in the first centuries AD
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