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Time travel - the cognitive paradox

Among all the problems related to time travel, a solution is also proposed - that a person can go back during his life or to the future until the day of his death and experience life again (or in advance) but forget everything when he returns to his place. Is this solution free of paradoxes?

time traveler Illustration: shutterstock
time traveler. Illustration: shutterstock 


Much literature has been written and is being written about time travel in the research field and in the field of science fiction. This is a "wet dream" of many who would like to know what happened in the past, or settle accounts with people who have wronged them. For many others it is a means of escaping from this world to future realms where in their opinion the world is better. This line of thought has a whiff of romance. Is this even possible? Among the variety of possibilities that are discussed in this field, there is a topic that was probably not addressed at all, and that is the biological and cognitive aspect.

If such a man wants to reach time zones in the distant past, then during his journey the hands of the watch he wears will move backwards and in the case of a digital watch the digits will run backwards. Biologically, he goes through a process of grief (becoming younger) and every sentence he says is said from the end to the beginning. From the last letter of the last word he said so far to the first letter of the first word in the sentence. He will stop at the point in time that he set in the time machine. What happens now? He could be younger. Diseases that attacked him this year or another will disappear. He will be a healthy person. Sounds strange and even surreal. Another phenomenon that may happen is that all the memories and the world of knowledge he has accumulated over the years will be erased. They wouldn't actually exist, so what was the point of all this journey?

The same thing happens when you fly into the future. If he reaches a desired future point in time, he learns new things, but when he returns to his real time, this knowledge is also erased. He cannot live in 2013 and have specific knowledge of the year 2125 for example. Another example from a short time span - if a time traveler is 30 years old and he travels 40 years ahead. He may already be ill, he will probably have grandchildren. And if at this age he is sick with amnesia, did he even know that he had to return to the biological age from which he came?

That time traveler upon reaching the point in time he was heading for will encounter a strange phenomenon. He will meet himself. Since he lost all his treasure of knowledge during the trip, all he has left to do is ask himself "If I'm not me, then who am I anyway?".

If these processes do not occur, then his memory is not damaged. It is believed that he actually reached some kind of parallel world. At each point in time, different future bifurcations apply. In one split of time he met one girl and in another split of time he met another girl and in each split she changes a unique dynamic of her life. A time traveler returns to the world of his age with knowledge taken from a parallel world.

The one who thought about this paradox, and mentioned it, albeit briefly, is the late Dr. Nachman Gavoli in the article "Time in a side view” which was published at the time in the newspaper 'Mada' and Fantasia 2000 and survived the printed era until the Hidan site.

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  1. Maybe I didn't understand if Yossi agreed to the example or not, but they talk to me about drugs, razors, shakshuka, and Aviv doesn't read threads either, maybe in this article I can really start to keep quiet, I'll go back to my house

  2. Water blowing
    If they asked you to make Shakshuka on Master Chef, you would get first prize and big. As the prophet Ezekiel said: "And the educated at that time will die"

  3. "A multiplicity of particles that do not repeat each other's behavior produces deterministic macroscopic laws" - the honorable Mr. Yossi, the particles repeat themselves and are duplicated into superposition, this is already another dimension, and if you make large changes but are statistically dependent - this is not determinism. Be careful with the razor

  4. The solution seems forced. It's wasteful for the universe to replicate itself every moment. In thermodynamics, a multi-particle system that does not repeat each other's behavior produces deterministic macroscopic laws and a precise statistical distribution.
    I don't think the universe should split. A multiplicity of universes is enough to produce a statistical distribution. We await an explanation from the Occam's Razor type: quite clear.

  5. Blowing water, I didn't read the whole thread but it is not possible to communicate with a deceased person, he simply no longer exists in any way, neither physically nor spiritually.

    You are fooling yourself.

  6. Water blowing.
    What is a "clean" return that you wrote? Will a urine test detect drugs in those who did not come back "clean" in time?

  7. Look, honorable Mr. Anonymous, I did séances maybe once when I was a child, but I know and I got to see and I got to talk, with people who died and came back to life after time reversals, just face to face.
    And what else did I get to know partially intelligences that were deleted after the rehearsals

  8. Dear Mr. Anonymous, I don't think it's necessary in a talkbook about articles to get into personal things, but time travel is a part of my life, I used to be serious - things didn't work out, I used to laugh, it was beautiful and once I tried to repeat the laugh in time reversals, a monkey came out, I'm trying Sort out my best at the top, in time replays it might be called the next world, not committing suicide or something simply rolling time backwards and forwards with an attempt to improve, thanks

  9. Water blowing
    In your profile, on the Orange website (from a few years ago), you wrote that you are 42 years old. And I also noticed that there, as well as here on the website, everyone laughed at you. Oops, maybe I shouldn't have found that out.
    But, actually, I don't worry. Next time you will be able to correct the distortion and delete what I just wrote so that no one knew this information.
    Respectfully, and say hello to Philon.

  10. It got to the point where it's atoms of my body, it got to the point where I repeat myself like a monkey with respect

  11. Water blowing
    Which atoms do you mean phosphorus or zinc and maybe the atoms that come from the dark mass there probably rules of physics that only you know apply. In a previous email you claim that you are in the field of monkeys, which monkeys to gorilla or chimpanzee? If indeed it gets dark then if I go on safari I will meet you

  12. If I understand your words and I hope so. In the field of time reversals in physics, from experience I don't have and indeed I don't get the impression, correct me if I'm wrong, that you mean séances and reincarnation. I will not be surprised if you say that you were the chief priest under Thutmose II, or under Sennacherib. If you serve the oracle from Delphi, report it so that all readers of knowledge know it. Thank you.

  13. Point, it is true that if you come back "clean", that you will live life once again after returning time without changing, there is a good chance that you will not feel at all in a later and earlier way many times. But there is a possibility that you will come back a little different, a little on the side, a little with a de is wo, and even from the side of your double self, and you will feel, you will feel that you know as in a de is wo that you have already seen the day and even in a more tangible way - who may fall next to you in the future, and you will pick him up straight away ( ) , Sincerely

  14. to blowing water. You are contradicting yourself and this is due to a lack of understanding or knowledge.

    Everyone experiences the same moment endless times. I was always present yesterday at this time and this place and this. That experience is always there.

    What you don't understand is that the memory stems from something material and that something material is permanent and therefore the memory at a certain time cannot change. And so you always had the same experience at the same time. And again we are back to the argument that it is meaningless to say that you went back in time. Because if your whole experience remains as it is, there is no way to tell if you have gone back in time or not.

  15. Honor comes and goes, which is beautiful in this as well, that the best will settle on top after repeating time, with respect

  16. Sorry if I didn't understand, in time reversals, it's a domain of monkeys, and I'm in it, sorry again

  17. Dear Haim Mazar, there were times when I was famous, it's not always that fun.
    And I like the feeling that I know things like time reversals in physics from experience that you probably don't have.
    And so when I speak and give examples, it is difficult for you to understand them because they come from practical experience and the verbal explanations - it will take time for me to repeat the same words over and over again like a monkey that speaks clearly because they have heard it over and over again
    . Sorry for picking my nose, I try not to, out of respect for blowing water. 

  18. Water blowing.

    Why don't you appear with your real name. The nickname you gave yourself doesn't make a good impression. Your writing style is such that it is impossible to understand anything. Reminiscent of post-modernist writing inflated with too much self-importance and seeing itself as elitist. You can write about the most complex things in a language equal to any soul. If you were to write, for example, about jet aircraft engines, fine. Next time try to write in human language. It will not take anything away from you.

  19. And in addition when I was busy with the repetitions I sometimes had a double or triple present and sometimes a wide one

  20. To the honorable Mr. Point
    Time is another dimension and the states of matter are already given (almost) in advance, and this has meaning because you live the same day over and over again, you recognize the day according to the similar imagery and draw conclusions about other things accordingly such as the future and your environment

  21. If we assume that time is another dimension, then actually the states of matter in space and time are already given in advance.
    When you think about it like that there is no time travel rumor. Time is not something that passes.

    Of course the question must be asked why at this moment we are aware of precisely this moment. That is, what is special about the present.
    Then the question of time travel becomes the question of whether consciousness can jump in time and experience another time.
    The answer to this question is related to the question of what consciousness is.
    We currently do not have a comprehensive answer. But if we take the common assumption that consciousness is attached to the brain, then again we are back to the matter that the brain exists at every moment at a specific point in space, therefore time travel has no meaning.

  22. In traveling to the future without returning to the past there is no paradox and he will not be old. For example, if he flies at a speed close to the speed of light, time for him will move slower even though he will feel it. He will arrive at almost the same age in the future as everyone else who will age. He will not be able to return to exactly the same time and dimension he left because it would destroy the universe, therefore he will return to the same time in another dimension and then there is no paradox. That is, this paragraph is the correct one and everything else sounds like regret: "If these processes do not occur, then his memory is not damaged. It is believed that he actually reached some kind of parallel world. At each point in time, different future bifurcations apply. In one split of time he met one girl and in another split of time he met another girl and in each split she changes a unique dynamic of her life. A time traveler returns to the world of his age with knowledge taken from a parallel world." There is now also a new movie that is all about the matter mentioned in this paragraph.

  23. Haim Mazar
    As you can see: I didn't time travel too far.
    But as I observed: the vulnerable from "blowing water" could not be prevented.

    Maybe all our lives are a continuous imagination? This is already a philosophical question.
    The time travel and the cognitive problems that arise from it are not only philosophical but also physical.

    We can still answer the physical part, someday.
    Philosophy will confirm nothing in the present tense.

    Water blowing
    No matter how hard I try, I still haven't been able to understand any of your responses.

  24. One interrupter who messed around a bit with the repetitions, a few comments, hopefully without offending.
    When you come back it depends a bit on the way and the strength you come back with.
    You can go back exactly and maybe you won't remember and go over your life the same
    You can go back with a little friction and hear the talk that was being spoken next to you and see things like da is woo.
    And you can even zoom out a bit and see your double
    But what is most likely, you will go back like a monkey on what you did and unfortunately you will also discover things that are not the most fun in the rehearsals, even though it is still considered a special and different experience that some people are looking for, with respect

  25. And another thing:
    "The same time traveler, upon arriving at the point in time to which he was heading, will encounter a strange phenomenon. He will meet himself. Since he lost all his treasure of knowledge during the trip, all that is left for him to do is to ask himself "If I am not me, then who am I anyway?"

    Who decided that he would meet himself?

    There may be a case where the person, in the world of the future, has a car accident. And that one time traveler from the past, emerges into the world of the future just before the car accident happens.
    In such a case, the person living in the future world dies, but the person who came from the past world at that moment - continues his existence in future time. And he may not even be aware that he died a moment before.

    What happens then?

    Maybe we all live like this?
    Maybe all our imagination is our life from the world of the past and from the world of the future?
    We won't know until we move in time (because the possibilities of what can happen are endless).

  26. Haim Mazar
    I didn't understand where the paradox was.
    If a person travels in time to the future and returns when his knowledge (from the future) is erased (in the present) - where is the paradox? After all, if it happened then this is what happens when you travel to the future and come back. And the same for time travel to the past.
    This is what happens.
    Where is the paradox? If you mean that in the only world we know, the results, after time travel, should change and they don't - then it's not a paradox. Because if time travel happens then it happens to a world where we don't live, it's a world of the future or a world of the past. There is the difference (of the results) from our world in the present time.

    But there is also a chance that I did not understand your words correctly.
    Besides: see damage from "blowing water" ))

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