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Space and youth

The accessibility of science is very important to Prof. Wasserman, following his teacher, and he is happy for the opportunity to bring many young people, including children, to science on this occasion of a heavenly event that receives public interest
The robotic telescope that will be placed on campus will be accessible to the public - remotely. Through a dedicated website, you can now order photographs of the Great Bear or the North Star directly to your mobile phone. According to the college president,
About 250 students from eight local authorities participated in the construction of eight satellites that were launched into space on Thursday. We spoke with three of them, and realized that they received training in programming and satellites but also in managing complex projects
Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Orit Farkash HaCohen: The Tevel program promotes the students' scientific and technological knowledge and arouses curiosity and inspiration to engage in the field. It is one of the exciting programs of the Ministry of Science and the Space Agency
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