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Space Week events have opened

Minister of Science Akonis: "We will continue to establish Israel's position as a leading country in the field" * The education system also celebrates Space Week


(From right to left): and Korean astronaut Yi Soo-yeon, Science Minister Ofir Akunis, NASA astronaut Joseph Akba. (Photo: Ron Shelf)
(From right to left): and Korean astronaut Yi Soo-yeon, Science Minister Ofir Akunis, NASA astronaut Joseph Akaba. (Photo: Ron Shelf)

The Israel Space Week events opened today with more than 25 events led by the Israel Space Agency at the Ministry of Science: an academy for training young space engineers, observations, workshops for building satellites, a XNUMXD trip to space, a planetarium, online lectures, space experiments, meetings with astronauts and more - all The events are free of charge. The events are held every year close to the date of the space shuttle "Columbia" disaster to commemorate the memory and legacy of the first Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon. Among the guests of this year's events: NASA astronauts Shannon Walker and Joseph Akaba, former NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman, European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforti and Korean astronaut Yi Soo-yeon.

"Through the events we make science and space accessible to the general public in Israel. The goal of the Israeli Space Week is that as many young people as possible across the country will be exposed to the subject of space and develop interest and scientific curiosity," says Minister of Science Ofir Akunis. "Israel is currently a leader in space technology and especially in the miniaturization of satellites. We will continue to arouse interest in the younger generation and grow the next generation of scientists and engineers who will move the State of Israel forward."

In the photo (from right to left): Korean astronaut Yi Soo-yeon, Minister of Science Ofir Akunis, NASA astronaut Joseph Akaba. (Photo: Ron Shelf)

For the list of Space Week events on the website of the Israel Space Agency at the Ministry of Science

The education system celebrates "Israeli Space Week 2016"

The education system will mark this week (January 31 - February 4, 2016) Israel Space Week 2016. The date was set following the Columbia shuttle disaster that occurred on February 1.2.2003, 107, in which the XNUMX-STS mission team perished, one of whose members was the Israeli space pilot, Col. The late Ilan Ramon.

The Director General of the Ministry of Education, Michal Cohen, emphasized that "Israeli Space Week aims to bring students closer to the fields of science and technology and to expand their natural interest and curiosity in space and the secrets of the universe. Teaching space provides a challenging opportunity for students to engage in the processes of scientific research and problem solving. Technology is a language, and the more the students get to know the language at a young age, the more their natural tendency to choose to engage in these fields in the future will increase."

The Israeli Space Week is held in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Ramon Foundation, the Israel Space Agency and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, and as part of it a variety of events are held; Some are intended for the general public and some are intended for educators and students.

The variety of activities on the website of the Ministry of Education:


 The Israeli Space Academy - School activity at the Land of Israel Museum A unique activity at the Land of Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, developed by the Israel Space Agency in collaboration with the Science and Technology Education Authority, for students in grades XNUMX-XNUMX in elementary school.

The activity will enable experiential learning in the complex on topics related to technologies for space exploration, the solar system with an emphasis on blue and white space.

and invite the students, of primary and non-school age, to take their first steps in the field of space, to deepen their learning independently and finally to plan a research project or build a model that requires complex thinking and the use of knowledge.


Lectures as part of an online academyDuring the space week, lectures will be held as part of the online academy. The students of the elementary schools, the middle school and the scientific and technological reserve and teachers are invited to the lectures. The aim of the lectures is to expose the learners to innovation in the space research field as well as to technological developments with an emphasis on blue and white space.

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