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"So far you can touch": Israel Space Week events initiated by the Israel Space Agency at the Ministry of Science

Minister of Science Akunis: making science and space accessible to the general public in Israel

Science Minister Ofir Akunis at the SpaceIL booth at the IAC space conference in Jerusalem, November 2015. Photo: Avi Blizovsky
Science Minister Ofir Akunis at the SpaceIL booth at the IAC space conference in Jerusalem, November 2015. Photo: Avi Blizovsky

January 31 – February 4, 2016
The Israeli Space Week event returns for the fourth year bigger and more spectacular than ever. The Israel Space Agency at the Ministry of Science will hold a variety of activities related to space engineering: an academy for training young space engineers, observations of celestial bodies, workshops for building satellites, XNUMXD space travel experiences, a planetarium, online lectures, space experiments, meetings with astronauts and other experiential complexes throughout the country. The events are held every year close to the date of the space shuttle "Columbia" disaster to commemorate the memory and legacy of the first Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon.
Among the guests of the events: NASA astronauts Shannon Walker and Joseph Akaba, former NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman, European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforti and Korean astronaut Yi Soo-yeon.
"Through the events we make science and space accessible to the general public in Israel. The goal of the Israeli Space Week is that as many young people as possible across the country will be exposed to the subject of space and develop interest and scientific curiosity," says Minister of Science Ofir Akunis. "Israel is currently a leader in space technology and especially in the miniaturization of satellites. We will continue to arouse interest in the younger generation and grow the next generation of scientists and engineers who will move the State of Israel forward."
Over 20 free events will take place between January 31 and February 4:
Israel Space Academy: The main event of the Israeli Space Week will take place throughout the week in a special complex at the Land of Israel Museum. On the spot, the participants will be able to go through experiences and tasks simulating the training of astronauts to perform space missions. Among the activities expected on the spot: operating a satellite for detection and rescue, building and operating a launcher, meeting with astronauts and space people, visiting a XNUMXD space laboratory and more.
Double star observations in observatories: as part of the observations, the participants will witness the interesting phenomenon of a sunset followed by another sunset in the sky. Observations accompanied by tutorials and lectures about the Israeli space program, activities and creative corners for children, a tour of the planetarium and more.
Where and when: Yerka, Be'er Sheva, Givatayim, Givat Olga, Baka al Arabiya, Taiba. at different times throughout the week.
Experiential complexes: Experiential space activities will be held in the science centers and museums, including: virtual reality space tour, simulation of floating in space, reconstruction of the "Chemical Garden" experiment conducted by the late Ilan Ramon in space, construction of models of stars and launchers, guided observations, space videos, demonstration of drones Aerial photography and presentation of innovative research and developments.
Where and when: Davidson Institute in Rehovot, Al-Ksami College in Baka al-Garabiya, Science Seeking Youth Center in Jerusalem, Ort Brauda Academic College in Karmiel, Science Museum in Jerusalem, Kadima Science in Nahariya, Medatek in Haifa and Karso Science Park in Be'er Sheva. at different times throughout the week.
Workshops, lectures and digital activity: The Ilan and Asaf Ramon Foundation will hold educational events for youth throughout the country on aviation, science and space topics during the week, including astronaut workshops, lectures and scientific activities, as well as a digital lesson that will be broadcast live to thousands of students in the education system, which will be delivered by Rona Ramon using technology Distance learning.
Ramon Conference on Education and Space: The conference, led by the Ramon Foundation, the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Education, seeks to promote space education, science and innovation in Israel. The Minister of Science, MK Ofir Akunis, will deliver the opening remarks and the President of the Ramon Foundation, Rona Ramon, will speak. During the conference, training workshops on education for technology, innovation and space will be given to hundreds of managers, teachers and educators by astronauts from NASA and renowned experts in the field of space education. Where and when: February 4, at Bar-Ilan University. Registration for this gathering is for Hino peopleך
According to Rona Ramon: "The Israeli Space Week, in which dozens of educational events are held throughout the country, is a direct continuation of the legacy of Ilan, who aspired to take the sublime and unattainable distant space and make it accessible to the youth. There is nothing that warms my heart more than seeing how the week has developed in recent years and I invite the children of Israel to take part in the variety of activities."
Among the other Space Week events that are not open to the general public: the Ilan Ramon Space Gathering in collaboration with the Fisher Institute, the Ramon Space Olympics in collaboration with the Dodson Institute at the Weizmann Institute, the Ilan Ramon Space Quiz.
Full details, registration and dates on the Israel Space Agency website

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