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Dr. Asaf Rosenthal

Many countries in the world are investing money to provide work for those affected by the corona virus, and to restore nature after realizing that the climate crisis and the destruction of nature were the fertile ground for the development of the corona virus
As of March, about 330 dead elephants were found in Okavango and its surroundings, the initial assumption that the elephants were killed by poachers was disproved since the elephants were not robbed. A second assumption was that the death was caused by the anthrax virus, but it turned out that this was not the cause of death either, other animals were not harmed. The authorities investigated the deaths and apparently found the culprit, Cyanobacteria.
We do not have a situation where a weak population lives near a reserve that would benefit from the hunter. Therefore, there is a need to manage the wild animal population and one of the forms of management is controlling the population size through hunting
Building dams on rivers for the purpose of generating electricity or distributing water has always caused discussions and friction because of the need for "green" energy and the transportation of water, versus the desire to preserve the environment and nature. Ethiopia has completed the dam on the Blue Nile and the tension between it and Egypt is increasing
Dr. Assaf Rosenthal suggests canceling the division into subspecies in order to preserve the genetic load, against the background of the death of Sudan, the last northern (white) rhinoceros
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