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War in nature

None of the global agreements to protect life and stop damage to land and seas has been completed. Damage to nature by criminal organizations, and many more examples of how the world is rushing to hell, when everyone knows the severity of the problem, but in the end, despite the beautiful words, there are few actions

environmental protection. Illustration: 2011.
environmental protection. Illustration: .

In honor of the Earth and Environment Day that took place not long ago (22/04), it became clear again that humanity is fighting nature. This is what appears from the grim picture that emerges and from the scientific conclusions that are already known to everyone, or maybe not? Is it possible that what is clear and logical to anyone who has his head on his shoulders and his eyes in his head is not sufficiently understood and does not constitute a reason for immediate action by decision makers and leaders?

When the oceans are full of plastic and become more acidic, when the world is hit by huge fires and floods, in seasons of extreme drought, in seasons of record-breaking hurricanes and when, and in addition to all this, every global epidemic strikes, there is no doubt that everything together constitutes a prominent marker and a sharp warning of the sick state of our environment.

When climate change and damage to nature are at the level of crimes that destroy biodiversity, such as deforestation and damage to soil health, wild growth in agricultural areas and cattle pastures that accompany the trade in wild animals, actions that stimulate the destruction of the globe, what and who will those who do not see the terrible picture and do not act to fix think ?

When this is the case, it is no wonder that the UN Secretary said: "Humanity is waging a war against nature, which constitutes senseless suicide. The result of recklessness bordering on criminality is already visible in human suffering, economic loss and the continuous wear and tear of life on the globe!

For everyone who deals with the issue, the message is clear: environmental systems support all life on Earth, the healthier these systems are, the healthier the planet and all life on it, including humans.

Hence, the restoration and recovery of environmental systems will enable a fight against warming, preventing the sixth extinction and at the same time, and as a result, improving the quality of life of billions of people.

For this it is necessary to "make peace with nature" as it is expressed In the bulletin of the Department of the Environment (UNEP) at the United Nations that lays out a road map and instructions on how to fight climate change, pollution and damage to biological diversity, a fight that will make use of scientific knowledge and clear and well-known facts that are easy to relate to.

Facts that come up again and again every "Environment Day":

  • None of the global agreements to protect life and stop damage to land and seas has been completed.
  • One third of the soils and two thirds of the oceans are damaged as a direct result of human activity.
  • Out of about 8 million species of animals and plants, one million species are in danger of extinction.
  • Many essential environmental services that are important for the proper existence of animals and people are affected.
  • Every year, forests are destroyed in an area of ​​about 50.000 square kilometers (more than twice the area of ​​Israel).
  • A healthy environment supports disease prevention.
  • In healthy biodiversity there is monitoring and prevention of the spread of disease agents.
  • Vulnerability to the environment thwarts the prevention of poverty and hunger, equality and the growth of a sustainable economy.
  • The positive future state of the young generation today depends on the immediate cessation of harm to the environment.

Human society must cut carbon dioxide emissions by 45% by 2030 and reach zero emissions by 2050. At the same time, there is a necessity to stop pollution and restore areas where the environment and biodiversity have been damaged.

In the last fifty years, the world economy has grown fivefold mainly because of the wild and unnecessary use of natural resources that fueled unnecessary production and consumption. Despite the growth in the economy, more than a billion people are poor and half of them are hungry. The wild and unnecessary use of natural resources, warming and climate change, when at the same time inequality increases, combine to form the most significant cause of serious damage to the environment and the loss of biological diversity.

Two more worrying facts:

 - Every year 570 million tons of food are wasted when Most of the waste is in the households

Food waste in the world causes about 8% of carbon emissions. At the same time, about 800 million people suffer from hunger.

 There is a lot of information that warns of the destruction caused by humanity's war on nature. Scientists warn that without an immediate and deep cut in pollutant emissions, without an immediate halt to the damage to the natural environment and biodiversity, without environmental conservation and restoration on a global scale, nature, which is already damaged, will be damaged more severely, and since the human population is part of nature, the worst damage will return like a boomerang to humanity.

To go back to the words of the UN Secretary, humanity's war on nature is equivalent to mass suicide.

In another place it was said that "we are tired of the situation in which old leaders" dream of wars in which young fighters are killed."

In connection with this article it was said that we are tired of the situation in which old blind and deaf leaders are fighting nature and the environment and endangering the existence of future generations. And I will add as usual that instead of controlling the environment for the sake of the human population there will be control of the human population for the sake of the environment.

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  1. I completely agree and identify with the content of the article. Yet. Take issue with the quotes about old leaders. Young leaders also send young people to their deaths, and young leaders also fight nature.

  2. Answer to Noam:
    - Who says about global warming
    "Not as she screamed" is wrong and misleading!
    - Those who treat data collection as:
    "Not a temperature of anything"
    Proves himself and everything he will say later...
    - Those who regard the increase of one degree as:
    Welcome to spend the next few years in Somalia,
    or on one of the islands that are flooded,
    Or on an ice shelf that broke off from Antarctica...
    - Who says:
    "There was no significant change in the events...."
    Just waving his ignorance...
    - Later on, the professor refers to climate change
    which occur due to changes in the rotation of the sphere around the sun
    (Milenkovic cycle) and does not get confused even though according to
    Milankiewicz cycle were we supposed to cool down?
    Ignorance continues to flaunt meaningless statements
    In refuting scientists and science
    And the question arises why why a distinguished professor
    talking like that? What or who is behind it?
    The answer is perhaps in the opening in which he is
    Says that: the safest source of energy
    …….is nuclear energy…….”
    Maybe it's appropriate because he went out on a summer day
    And ignore the sun?

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