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Dr. Asaf Rosenthal

Consumers in Southeast Asia, where the main demand for rhino horns is, may not be content with harvesting horns from captive-bred rhinos as proposed by proponents of a new proposal aimed at stopping poaching
Much has been said and written about greenhouse gases that are emitted as a result of human activity and cause global warming and climate change, an important topic that deserves a detailed explanation
Will decisions and statements made in the past year moderate the disaster? Below is a summary full of skepticism 
As the trend of using electric cars becomes more and more widespread, the question arises as to what role they have in mitigating global warming
In the past I have already referred to the need to reduce meat consumption in the face of the significant differences between the industrial form of farming in large farms in Western countries and nomadic herders, mainly in African countries. They are still not considered
Dr. Assaf Rosenthal was the director of the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve for a decade during its declaration as a reserve. At an event held on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the reserve, Dr. Rosenthal warned that today there is no limit to the number of visitors and that water no longer flows in the spring of Ein Gedi
The convention was held in the hope that it is still possible to stop global warming at the limit of 1.5 degrees above what it was before the industrial revolution, out of recognition by many of the participants of the urgency of the need for immediate action, with the emphasis being on the need for immediate change. As already recognized by the participants of the conference in Paris in 2015
Ahead of the various conferences on climate issues and the preservation of biological diversity, it turns out that trade in species from the wild is one of the main causes of extinction and severe damage to the natural environment and living systems. This must be stopped in any way possible
Ahead of the conference (COP26), which is of enormous importance and fateful for the future, the UN institutions are publishing seven main sections that will outline the initiatives and actions that the participants will need to decide and approve. Below is the list
As part of the global effort to moderate greenhouse gas emissions, attention should be paid to the "laughing gas" (N2O). It's not so funny because it's a basic component of the fertilizer industry. The solution - precise agriculture that will provide each plant with the food it needs and not the scattering of huge amounts indiscriminately
The climate crisis is followed by the collapse of many living systems in large areas of the earth. It is fitting that humanity acknowledges the damage done to humanity and the vital need to remedy its consequences
24 out of 54 African countries have implemented laws to prevent the use of plastic bags. There are also measures to prevent the transportation of garbage in containers from Europe to African countries, a phenomenon known as "garbage colonialism" * The masks also add to the sea of ​​plastic
The Convention on Biological Diversity is a significant agreement when almost all countries are parties to it, but the convention binds countries only when the agreements in it overlap with the international legal system. States tend to implement agreements only when they overlap laws and unfortunately the overlap is lacking
Throughout the XNUMXth century there was a huge increase in agricultural produce mainly following the "Green Revolution" which fulfilled promises and increased food production and nutritional security. At least in large parts of the world. At the same time, the agricultural revolution exacted a high price from the ball. Now is the time to change the attitude
The winters in Denmark are not alone, many animals have been infected with the corona virus, some develop diseases, others are only used as surrogates. In any case, they maintain a reservoir for corona viruses to develop again and become violent
Savannah and grass areas are threatened by the shadow of the colonial forest, although this is done with good intentions - to fight climate change, but the result is bad and does not help promote the goal
The combination of an epidemic and climate hazards made 2020 one of the most difficult years in recent decades. Many of the disasters may once again dominate the world and harm humanity and nature, unless we radically change our behavior, since humanity plays a major and important part in creating the conditions for disasters.
Although it is a common animal, it was difficult to see it active during daily trips, since during the day it hides in burrows and only goes out to look for food at night, at least it was until recent years when there are more and more sightings of hardwork activity during the day, mainly in hot and dry areas
Researchers became interested in the effect of fences following observations of animals in California, Kenya, China and Mongolia, when strange behaviors were observed near fences, such as deer that walk many kilometers along fences or predators that use the fence line as a main road
Following the epidemic, it becomes clear how environmental justice and social justice march together
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