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Only a return to the understanding that man is a part of nature will make it possible to bring about the recession of the climatic disaster

This is not a demand to turn back the clock, progress and science have made a wonderful world possible for us, but also a world that has been stripped of wonder, therefore it is necessary to restore respect for nature

to acquire respect for nature. Image:
to acquire respect for nature. Image:

For many years now I have been writing about global warming and the climate crisis that is coming because of warming. Many times I have ended lists with a "motto": "It is fitting that instead of controlling the environment for the sake of the human population, there should be control of the human population for the sake of the environment." A "motto" that stems from respect for nature and the environment. If they understood this, the insight in itself should be a significant part of the recession of the emerging disaster.

 Over the years, I have relied on large and respected ilanas, I found the list here written by Stan Grant, who teaches at an Australian university. The list offers an important addition to the possible solutions.

Below is a summary of the list:

  • Science emphasizes the danger of climate change and the urgent need to moderate the warming with the help of science. Is it possible to take additional steps in a different way?
  • "Science accelerates the world population explosion",
  • Science has made us richer and connected us to a "global population", at the same time science has given humanity the ability to destroy civilization.
  • The combination of climatic disasters, epidemics and violent conflicts places the future of humanity in real danger.
  • Every period is characterized by disasters that come and go, in the 20th century there were bloodbaths and life in the shadow of the nuclear bomb, but also life in the light of scientific discoveries, space travel, the computer revolution.

At the same time there were prophets of doom such as Paul Ehrlich who already seventy years ago predicted a population explosion claiming that the world could not support more than two billion people. Today, when approaching eight billion, Ehrlich again predicts the collapse of civilization within a few decades, but most leaders and also some scientists ignored and continue to ignore catastrophic predictions.

Since the use of steam engines and the industrial revolution, humanity (as a uniform organic body) has believed in its ability to control its destiny. The desire to get rich, to live longer and economic well-being that resulted in excessive consumption pushed nature to a submissive, frightened, destroyed and ruined place. But even if there was thought that the payment of the debt to Teva could be postponed, it was clear that a day would come and it would have to be paid.

In 1800, the world's population passed the billion mark, and as early as 1861, an Irish physicist named John Tyndall warned against the greenhouse effect. A few years later, Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish chemist, showed how burning coal would accelerate the global temperature rise.

In 1960 the world's population reached three billion, the US government warned that the greenhouse effect was a real danger and a source of concern, and a decade later the first UN climate conference was convened. At that time, the concept of "global warming" was already well-known and fashionable, which led many organizations to put climate change at the top of their agenda, and many came out announcing the need to be "clean and green".

A deal with the devil

The same science that allowed for unlimited population growth creates a situation in which humanity has the ability to destroy life in the world, which constitutes a "deal with the devil", engaged in it in exchange for great wealth, the soul is sold.

Writers and philosophers state that in addition to science something more is needed. Science alone will not save us, we must replace the feelings of alienation and loss with surrender and bowing to the same nature that we trampled and destroyed,

At the time when we "invented a world in which the cause is God", scientists and thinkers like Newton and Descartes grew up, who discovered the hidden and brought about scientific "enlightenment".

The author Armstrong, who left a monastery feeling that "there is no place for kindness in religion", dedicated her life to writing about beliefs and the place of religions in relation to violence. She explored the Judeo-Christian ideas about man's superiority over nature that contributed to disconnection from nature. Looking beyond religions and division to a world that connects and unites, she pointed to the need to confirm the "power of myth" by saying that "we must turn away from the mistake and the far-fetched idea that a myth is a lie." Her words echo the words of Spinoza who suggested that "soul and matter are one", "we are connected to nature, God is everywhere but not above nature".

This is not a demand to turn back the clock, progress and science have made a wonderful world possible for us, but also a world that has been stripped of wonder, therefore it is necessary to restore respect for nature.

Ignoring those who rang the alarm bells in the past centuries caused symbols to take over a myth, "now it is necessary to replace progress with ancient stories".

This is the summary of Stan Grant's words, and I will add that: In addition to the need to control the human population for the sake of the environment and from the understanding that humanity is a (not necessary) part of nature, there is a necessity to replace feelings of lordship with respect for nature and the natural environment.

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  1. The consumer society and the capitalist economy are the root of evil. When every corporation only cares about its profit line according to capitalist logic and morality. The result is a polluting industry, environmental destruction and even the killing of people (for example in the marketing of cigarettes or sugary drinks). As on the cigarette packs it should be said: Capitalism caution kills

  2. I have gathered for years that I have been reading your articles, they are too real. But today the hypnotists rule with the help of the polluting energy companies. I see no way out except to destroy Totli…………

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