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Mind control is nothing new in nature

Researchers in Germany discovered a fossil of a harvester ant infected with a fungus that causes it to turn into a zombie, 50 million years old

An ant with a spore plant (fungus) on its head. Photo: David Hughes, Harvard University
An ant with a spore plant (fungus) on its head. Photo: David Hughes, Harvard University

Mind control After we learned that we owe our existence to "selfish genes" it turns out that genes are not always in control.
In many cases that have long been known parasites control the bodies of various animals, causing the animals to behave in a way that is beneficial to the parasite and in many cases behavior for the benefit of the parasite causes danger and even the death of the host/carrier. Parasites have "learned" to control the minds of their hosts.

A parasitic worm has a life cycle in which it changes location and "takes care" of the next stage in each incarnation, first eggs that are released in the feces of seagulls and seagulls, crabs that eat the feces with the eggs are eaten by fish, the eggs hatch in the body of the fish and the larva moves towards the brain,
In the fish marrow, the larva causes the fish to rise to the surface of the water and swim on its back, that is, the bright belly of the fish stands out and attracts seagulls to devour it, the worm ends its cycle by laying eggs in the seagull's digestive system, the eggs will be deposited on the shore... and God forbid.

A similar cycle exists for the spores of the fungus Ophiocordyceps unilateralis that penetrate the systems of a harvest ant by inhaling the spores, by eating the fungus or by eating it to three birds, the spores reach the nerve center of the ant and "direct" it to a leaf that grows high, the ant reacts to "Command" from the parasite locks its claws in its husband and dies, from its head grows the spore (fungus) that spreads the spores and again... God forbid.

A study has long been published that identified a parasite from the group of protozoa (single-celled) Toxoplasma gondii that causes rats to continue to smell cat urine. It turns out that through close contact (with cats) the parasite passes to people, creates "cysts" in the brain and causes a series of behavioral (nerve) phenomena (and diseases) to such an extent that in places where it is common there is an effect on human culture. In a cautious estimate, there are (only) about 60 million people in America infected with the parasite, there are those who attribute the phenomenon of women who collect dozens of cats to their homes to the activity of the parasite, claiming that it affects women like rats (?)

Although these things sound like nonsense, brain control by parasites has been known and known to the world of science for a long time, the current innovation is that it turns out that "controlling" parasites already existed about 50 million years ago. Researchers claim to have found evidence of the existence of a "zombie" ant that deathly pinched a fossilized leaf. The finding is published in: Biology Letters. The leaf found in a group of fossils from the Rhine Valley in an area known for its wealth of fossils and which received its publication with the discovery (2009) of Ida's fossil Ida the nickname that can be created that is placed among the primates and is considered one of the ancestors of the line of great apes ... and man.
A group of plant fossils housed at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington was re-examined by David Hughes, a behavioral biologist who examined how the parasites of the harvest ant (in Thailand) control its behavior and tried to estimate when the parasitic relationship developed. In a conversation with paleoecologist Conrad Labandeira, it turned out that among the fossils from the Rhine Valley there are leaves with "strange" marks on them, upon careful examination and comparison with contemporary leaves, it turned out that the marks were the "death pinch" marks of a harvest ant, thus integrating contemporary research into the study of fossils and allowing an explanation for the marks that were Unknown.
It turns out that most animals carry different parasites, some harmful and others tolerable, parasites that control behavior (thinking?) through unique tricks are a special branch that deserves to be studied.

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  1. The people who are doing all the mind control for you in the State of Israel were at 6 Hizma Street, Kfar Saba, in the building of Yes, you will find them with satellites and satellites that penetrate walls and bring them before a judge
    Spread this to all the poor victims

  2. True, it's just a shame that mind control has been developing for more than 200 years
    And today all of us (the herd) are affected by it by governments.
    It's a shame that the academy doesn't work together with the army, that way we would really achieve achievements
    But mind control in development and use (in the military) for many years
    Check out this link

  3. Milena - the ants do not die because they pinch the leaf; They die because the fungus took over their body and "brain" (it is written that the spores of the fungus break out of the ant's head); Pinching the leaf is the last action the fungus made them do.

  4. In the past, a similar article was written on the site about zombies.
    Can the new marketing methods, which relate to human psychology, reach similar achievements?

  5. hahahahaha yes 50.000.000 years it seems that boredom is increasing among the scientists... the world has existed for 5771 years no more

  6. tree:

    One man came to a conference in South Africa during apartheid.
    He arrived the day before the conference and found out that there was no room in any hotel for whites.
    He was not a racist and therefore decided to try his luck in a black hotel.
    When he got to the hotel they told him there was room there but they couldn't accept him because he was white.
    He said there was no problem with that, went into the bathroom for a moment, rubbed himself with black shoe polish and returned to the counter.
    They welcomed him to the hotel.
    Before he went to sleep he asked the receptionist to wake him up at 8 in the morning because he had to attend a conference that starts at 9 on the other side of town.
    He was promised to do so and he went to bed satisfied with the way he had dealt with the problems.
    In the morning he wakes up from panicked knocking on his room door.
    He opens the door and the panicked clerk tells him that there was a problem and they forgot to wake him up at 8 and now it's half past eight.
    He gets dressed as fast as possible and runs to the train station to get to the conference as quickly as possible.
    At the entrance to the platform, the guard stops him and tells him that he cannot get on the train because it is a brick train.
    No problem, he says, and runs to the bathroom for a moment to remove the shoe polish he applied yesterday.
    He tries to rub off the paint with a bit of wet cotton but it won't come off!
    He tries again and again, finishes all the cotton wool he has and a few rolls of toilet paper and...nothing! The color just doesn't come off!
    Then suddenly the token falls to him and he realizes: out of haste the idiots at the hotel woke up someone else in his place!

  7. Could it be that I am not really me but someone else who thinks in my place?
    And if someone else thinks in my place then I don't exist?
    Maybe I'm actually someone else?

  8. This idea appears in detail in his book "The Extended Phenotype" (The Extended Phenotype) by Richard Dawkins (1982).

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