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One meeting of skeptics in a pub (video)

"The pharmaceutical companies. friendship or enmity?" was the topic of a skeptics evening in a pub that took place in Be'er Sheva, watch the lecture and forecast the upcoming events in this article

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Sunday the fifteenth of May 2011, the time is a little after eight in the evening. A small and diverse group of people gathers at the Mojo pub in Be'er Sheva to listen to a lecture and participate in a discussion on the topic "Pharmaceutical companies. friendship or enmity?". This is another one of the skeptic evenings in the pub that take place from time to time in different cities across the country.

The lecturer is Professor Mark Clarfield, head of the geriatrics department at Soroka Hospital, the curious and interested audience is diverse in age and education, and the topic is challenging and controversial even in the so-called "skeptic community". Professor Clarfield begins (and ends) his remarks by saying that almost no innovative medicine came out of the communist Soviet Union. Private pharmaceutical companies are necessary. This was his starting point. That was his concession. But there were no further concessions. The rest of the lecture was devoted to a sharp criticism of the pharmaceutical companies and their behavior.

The lecture is progressing. Professor Clarfield describes to the audience the world of pharmaceutical companies. He talks about the young and happy sales agency whose job it is to persuade doctors to use their companies' drugs and show them only the appropriate studies. He talks about the various gifts that pharmaceutical companies shower on doctors, starting with writing instruments and ending with funding for participation in training courses and conferences. The support of various pharmaceutical companies in medical studies concerning their products also comes up in the lecture. Professor Clarfield also presents research indicating that the efforts of pharmaceutical companies are indeed bearing fruit, and doctors are more likely to recommend products from companies that invest in them.

On the other hand, the audience is very involved. Already during the lecture, critical questions arise, and Professor Clarfield is happy to answer and deal with any questioner. After the lecture ends, a very lively discussion begins. Are pharmaceutical companies really that bad? Is the problem in their actions, in the ethics of the doctors, or in the failures of the regulator? Perhaps the most prominent participant in the discussion is Dr. Yossi Levy, a biostatistician who works for a pharmaceutical company, and presents a different position. Yossi Levy is also the lecturer at the next meeting of "skeptics in a beer-sheva pub".

You can watch the lecture of Prof. Clarfield bPub Skeptics' YouTube channel.

"Skeptics in the pub" are monthly meetings intended for anyone interested in science, history, philosophy and a rational examination of reality. The meetings are held in pubs or other places that allow for an informal atmosphere, and usually include a lecture (or other "art program") and discussion. "Skeptics in the Pub" was held for the first time in London in 1999. In Israel there are four "skeptics in the pub" groups: in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Be'er Sheva.
The next meeting of skeptics at the Beer-Sheva pub will take place on Monday, 4/7, at 20:00 PM at "Mojo", Abia Judge 1. How do you know that a drug works? How do you know that the benefit of medical treatment exceeds its harm? Dr. Yossi Levy, senior biostatistician and head of the biostatistics team at the research and development division of the Teva pharmaceutical company, who holds a PhD in statistics from the Hebrew University, will talk about the history and importance of clinical trials in scientific medicine. Entrance is free though You must register in advance here.

You can find information about the next meetings of skeptics in pubs in other places in Israel HERE.

The artist of the senses Amir Lustig will perform in Skepniks at the Haifa pub
Skeptics in the Haifa pub will host the artist of magic and telepathy Amir Lustig, one of the leaders in Israel in the field. Amir, who has been working in the field for 17 years, is known and accepted among magicians as having the most extensive and comprehensive knowledge in Israel in the field of magic, serves as a professional consultant to magicians and stage artists in Israel and abroad. Amir's uniqueness is expressed in his impressive professional ability and in the special communication he creates with the audience he performs in front of. The extensive experience he gained over the years in the field of mentalism, mind reading and seeing the occult gave his shows the status of a first class artist. The sophistication and humor that dominate his performances won him valuable prizes, including winning twice in a row the first place in the national competition of the Association for the Promotion of the Art of Magic in Israel.
Sunday, 10/7 at 20:30 p.m. Hamartaf 10, Jerusalem 23, Hadar HaCarmel, Haifa. Entry is free, but this time you must register in advance here. We anticipate that the event will be popular and we cannot guarantee a place for those who do not register, even if they are regulars of the pub.

The other June-July events of Pub Skeptics
Skeptics at the Tel Aviv pub will be held this Wednesday (29/6). Attorney Yonathan Klinger will give us legal skepticism, and will talk about legal sciences: (not) like you saw on TV. The next day, 30/6, Skepkinim will be held at the Jerusalem pub, and will deal with skepticism in martial arts with Hanan Sheinfeld. And as mentioned on 4/7, Skeptics at the Beer Sheva Pub with Dr. Yossi Levy, about the history of clinical trials.

Skeptics at the Beer Sheva Pub with Prof. Mark Clarsfield Part I

Skeptics at the Beer Sheva pub with Prof. Mark Clarsfield part XNUMX

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  1. It's good that there is criticism and their voices are heard.

    You can also hear the truth from an insider to the world of pharmaceutical companies:
    The CEO in Sweden of the giant pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly,
    Dr. John Weeraphan tells how things are done from the inside

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