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Certificates of appreciation for contributors in the field of popular science at the conference of the Israeli Association for Science in Communication

As part of the second conference on science in the media, certificates of appreciation for a unique contribution in the field of popular science in Israel were distributed to Dr. Zohar Guri, editor of the journal "Rosh Gadol", to Avi Blizovsky, editor of the "Hidan" website, and Sonia Feldman, responsible for the field of science and education, British Council.

Dr. Meir Zadok, Dean of the Academy of Sciences presents the certificate of appreciation to Dr. Zohar Gori
Dr. Meir Zadok, Dean of the Academy of Sciences presents the certificate of appreciation to Dr. Zohar Gori

Dr. Zohar Guri is the founder and editor of "Big Head", a science magazine for young people, celebrating its tenth anniversary this month. She managed to harness dozens of scientists and researchers to share their knowledge with the young readership, organized science events, scientific literacy projects, and national competitions such as the national Ilan Ramon Astronomy and Space Quiz. Dr. Gori is an example of volunteerism and dedication to bringing children, youth and the whole community closer to science and technology issues.

Sonia Feldman is responsible for science and education at the British Council. In this framework, she brought to Israel the Cafe-Science project, in the framework of which a scientist working in advanced fields meets with the Israeli audience.

For the past three years, the British Council, under the direction of Feldman, has been organizing the FeyLab - A Born Scientist competition, in which young scientists compete to explain a scientific topic to the general public in three minutes. The preliminary competitions are held in three cities in Israel and the finals took place at the Hamada Center in Tel Aviv.

From the certificate of appreciation: Avi Blizovsky is the founder and editor of the Hidan site, the leading content site in Hebrew in the fields of science and technology. The site, which has not yet celebrated a decade of its existence, is updated every day and dozens of researchers regularly write on it. The site also provides content services to YNET's science channel, thus managing to spread scientific news beyond the limited law of popular science seekers in Israel. Avi Blizovsky is an example that the determination of one person can change the menu offered to the Hebrew surfer.

The certificates are signed by Dr. Meir Zadok, the Academy's CEO; Dodi Goldman, editorial member and science reporter, Yedioth Ahronoth; And the organizing committee of the conference: Dr. Eilat Baram-Zabari, Ilan Filo, Avital Bar, Prof. Elam Gross, Prof. Idan Segev.

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  1. Congratulations on winning!
    I will also take the liberty of saying a lot of thanks to the readers.

    It's definitely great fun to receive this kind of content in Hebrew as well.


  2. Mr. Blizovsky, what do you think about contacting the relevant authorities and demanding the opening of a special channel (the science channel) on television dedicated exclusively to science? If you need to write a petition to get signatures or something like that, there are many, many people in Israel who will support you, I'm sure of that.

  3. Well, a factual answer Mr. Blizovsky, you really deserve all the respect. I would be happy if you did something like this on TV too, there is no doubt that the people would be much more educated.

  4. Regarding errors, things done in real time always result in errors. I would appreciate it if you suggested corrections and I would fix them immediately.
    As for the translations. Those who already speak English can scoff at this, but we are in the minority compared to the masses of people who want to know what is happening in the world and depend on the Israeli media which prefers to pump them survival, big brother, card reading in prime time and more.

  5. Apart from translations of other articles (and that too with errors) this site does not update anything. I don't understand what the prize is for, but if you've already won, get a bill.

  6. Congratulations to my father, Sonia and Dr. Zohar Guri. You all very much deserve the certificate!

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