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"My 45-year-old pride in the doctorate I received from the Institute of Technology - these days is being replaced by great shame" * These words were said at the ceremony of welcoming eight new members to the Israel National Academy of Sciences held every year during the Hanukkah holiday
The Israel National Academy of Sciences, the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education and the National Science Foundation in a joint appeal to the heads of the academic and scientific community around the world and requests that they call for the immediate release of the abductees, prevent incitement and preserve the safety of Israeli and Jewish students and faculty * At the same time, an appeal was also made to the United Nations by Hundreds of researchers from Israel and the world
This is one of the most prominent conclusions in the State of Science in Israel 2022 report published by the National Academy of Sciences, which was submitted today to the Knesset's Science Committee
This is one of the serious findings that emerged from the report on the state of science in Israel submitted by the National Academy of Sciences to the President of the country
A decade after its establishment, the Israeli Young Academy plays a central role in the academic system. Its members saved the careers of scientists during the Corona period, and how its membership changes the perception of those who will play key roles in the academy in the future
The Academy expresses its concern in view of the planned reform in the studies of the compulsory subjects in the field of humanities in the state education system (history, Bible, literature, citizenship, Tosheba), and wonders about the way in which it was decided
For the first time in Israel, new indicators will be introduced to measure the quality of life in the country to ensure the quality of life of the residents of Israel in the future, among them social solidarity, green energy and a healthy environment, education for a healthy lifestyle, cultural activities and more this
Also, 7 new members were chosen for the Academy, and they will join its ranks in a festive ceremony that will be held on Hanukkah
Says Prof. Yoel Rak, a member of the Academy of Sciences and one of the lecturers at the online conference "Origin of Homo Sapiens" that will be held on Darwin Day - 11/2 at Zoom. According to him, there are endless races without a clear border between them, but the changes that exist make it possible to reconstruct the human journey. Prof. Arala Khobars and Dr. Assaf Marom will also participate in the conference
The third triennial report on the state of science 2019/XNUMX published by the Israel National Academy of Sciences was brought up for discussion before the Science and Technology Committee
The new members are Prof. Uri Alon and Yair Reisner from the Weizmann Institute, Dan Miron and Simcha Emanuel from Hebrew, and Prof. Anita Shapira from Tel Aviv University
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