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This is according to a comprehensive survey published by the PEW Research Institute. The worst situation is among the voters of the Republican Party, but also among the Democrats, the majority who still show confidence in science is shrinking
An Australian researcher who monitors expressions of hate on social networks analyzed about 12 thousand comments, and who is to blame for every trouble in the world? That's right, the globalist Jews
Morbid hypocrisy is not inherently bad, but an increased interest in learning about the dangers presented in conspiracy theories can reinforce beliefs that the world is a much more dangerous place than it actually is.
Worse than that, there is a huge increase in the number of injuries to the families of victims of attacks by people who were convinced that the attacks were a production and that the victims were actors
Taxi drivers and many others tend to believe any theory as long as it does not appear in the mainstream media but on fringe sites that profit - financially or politically - from these theories
Belief in science has turned from the basis of democratic decisions into a political matter. Researchers who have studied the processes are trying to explain how we got to this situation and what needs to be done to stop the phenomenon. If we do not stop the process, we will return to the Middle Ages, explain a number of sociologists who have examined the issue
"Brandolini's Law" states that the amount of energy required to disprove a conspiracy theory is ten times the amount of energy required to produce it
Flat Earth believers display self-confidence when they make contradictory claims. They are also required to investigate on their own. The Stochastic investigation tries to achieve order out of extreme confusion. Lots of different conspiracy theories are mixed together. Dotan Reiss joined the groups of followers of the Flat Land, and tried to understand from them how they think
Recent studies in Nature and Science have tried to examine the issue, but many forget that closure is only a last resort, therefore treating it as a separate solution misleads decision makers and serves the supporters of conspiracy theories
And while experts can't always provide the uncompromising certainty people crave, friendly, accessible scientific communication can help educate conspiracy theorists and satisfy the human desire for knowledge and understanding.
An attempt to explain the obvious. Ehud Amir goes over the conspiracy theories created around the corona epidemic and explains why they are unfounded
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