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A school in Ohio has decided to teach students creationism, climate denial and conspiracy theories

The American Civil Liberties Union has warned school officials in Ohio not to adopt policies that promote creativity in classrooms. "It is the role of the parents to educate the children in spiritual values, not the schools."

teach evolution. Image: Texas Tech University
teach evolution. Image: Texas Tech University

Despite repeated losses in court, Ohio district once again demands that creationism, conspiracy theories and global warming be taught

The American Civil Liberties Union has warned school officials in Ohio not to adopt policies that promote creativity in classrooms. "It is the role of the parents to educate the children in spiritual values, not the schools." The ACLU says, "It is irresponsible on behalf of the school to waste resources on planning to study subjects that are against the Constitution."

Springboro School District officials are considering a policy that would encourage students to "think critically" about "controversial" issues such as evolution, abortion, climate change, the United Nations' Agenda 21 (a conspiracy theory that the United Nations calls for the nationalization of vast tracts of land that are now filled with suburbs in America, to return the area to nature) and sustainable development. (See here) The policy guides teachers to fully investigate "all sides" of these issues.

"The teacher's role in presenting these topics is very important," the policy document states. "All sides of the issue should be given to students without bias. The goal is for the students to learn to think clearly about all the important issues, and to make decisions in light of all the materials presented to them or they will be able to research the issue."

The proposal requires teachers to bring up creationism during discussions about evolution and conservative conspiracy theories about theories concerning the United Nations when talking about environmental initiatives.

The legal director of the ACLU, James Hardiman, explains that "this policy includes permission to teach creationism because 'evolution' is a controversial topic, and the requirement to give equal time to alleged facts that support it means wasting time in science classes on the theory of intelligent design - creationism, which is a religious theory. It has already been proven that this approach is unconstitutional."

School board chairwoman Kelly Jones says the policy change is meant to encourage discussion and educate students. "There is a debate about other topics, but these are the big topics we want to allow students to talk about at school."

On the other hand, David Bowman from the ACLU says: "This is their way of presenting their particular ideology. I don't think they are interested in teaching our children critical thinking."

In 2011, the ACLU warned the administration of that school that it would sue them if they tried to promote the inclusion of creationism in the curriculum.

to the notice of the ACLU

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  1. Well, in any case the situation in Israel is much worse. I want to see an Israeli court that dares to order a school principal to teach evolution. They will hang the judges in the shopping center.

  2. Well, in any case the situation in Israel is much worse. I want to see an Israeli court that dares to order a school principal to teach evolution. They will hang the judges in the shopping center.

  3. Anyway, what did you intend to show in this news, assuming it is true?
    Anyway, my 'ideology' is backed by scientific evidence. Unlike Fox, I have not received funding from any political body, not even a single penny.

  4. Spring.

    I recommend you as a candidate member of the World Conspiracy Association.
    The Fox News network is a private network with political positions, just like the New York Times is a private newspaper with political positions that are close to the views of the Democratic Party, this does not make it an arm of the Democratic Party.

    Fortunately, in the United States there is more respect for freedom of speech than you let on. That is why every private institution is allowed to hold distinct political views, and has the right to receive support (within the framework of the law) from parties that are close to its views. Cooperation between parties and institutions is democracy at its best, even though you think it is a sin.

    Also, as I mentioned, the whole matter of Fox News network's political positions is irrelevant to the news. No one is currently disputing the facts regarding the Indian student, we are not talking about the messenger who brought the facts but about the facts themselves.

  5. Spring.

    Your opinion about the credibility of the Fox News network is irrelevant, except that it is incorrect. In the specific case – – – if this is news that is directed against the conservative-Christian-Waspi right, therefore the right wing of Fox-News according to your method had to eliminate such news.

    I looked at the responses to the news and did not find any response that contradicts the facts presented in the news.

  6. Skeptic, Fox News is not a reliable source but is biased in favor of the American right which includes the religious of all kinds and the groupies of the tycoons.


    This is how it is when the predatory majority imposes its "enlightened" opinion on the minority and claims that its rapacity is a moral value. I expect that the Supreme Court of the United States will discuss the question of whether it is permissible to fine a Native American student 1000 dollars for wearing a feather to a graduation ceremony at her school. It is interesting, for example, whether they would dare to fine 1000 dollars a student who wears cross earrings in such a ceremony, if the regulations forbid the wearing of jewelry in a graduation ceremony.

  8. It is not very inspiring to advocate for creationists, but here are some of the contradictions in the article:
    A. It is the role of the parents to impart spiritual values, but the parents are not allowed to choose a school that will impart those values.
    B. It's the parents' job to instill spiritual values, but schools need to present Agenda 21 in a positive light, as if it's *not* political propaganda (and in this case much worse than creationism). Perhaps it is not the role of the schools to impart spiritual values ​​- unless it is the official values ​​that the state required the schools to teach? Or maybe the brainwashing of these values ​​is so comprehensive, that they are outside of any value discussion and are no longer considered values ​​but axioms?
    third. This is blatant coercion, so we will dictate what the educational staff is allowed to dictate, through, surprise surprise, coercion.
    But on second thought, who needs logic when there is consensus?

  9. What is happening, what is everyone worrying about? It is clear that the children of our time are smart enough to distinguish between different opinions. Aries, so science still does not have complete answers. You need to check (scientifically of course) what is the reason why people are still attracted to different opinions

  10. This is not an oxymoron, lying to children is not an elementary right of anyone.
    While science is verified in all directions, religion has no proof, why should truth and fiction have equal weight?

  11. Evolution has a religious basis. Anyone who has been touched by the etria, and believes in the flying spaghetti monster, knows that evolution is true.

  12. My name,
    It's true and there's nothing to do, I'm only willing to be open to those who are willing to be open and I won't compromise on that.
    So, for example, I am not ready to hear opinions that will tell him why slavery is good, why a theocratic dictatorship is good and why gays should be stoned. Does this make me not a humanist? in a dream at night

    I'm not tolerant to intolerance

  13. Oxymoron: The American Association for Human Liberties demands to impose its "right opinion" on parents who have a different opinion from the opinion of the association.

    The Human Liberties Association should take a good look at the dictionary to see what the words human liberties mean, or better yet, change its name to the American Association for Coercion of Opinions.

    By the way, I missed a new article preaching the lovable agendas of the knowledge site. It's been 7 whole days that there hasn't been an article like this. It is appropriate to have a daily article on those agendas, lest we forget, God forbid, that there are agendas and we must reflect on them day and night.

    I remember that at home in the elementary book. Every day, before entering the classrooms we would tidy up. That morning we sang the school anthem and the school principal drilled into our minds over and over again his fixed agendas. Already as a child I laughed about it.

  14. David
    right!!!!! Let's learn the New Testament and the Koran in schools in Israel. Let's let our children choose which god to believe in!!

    David.... If stupidity were a painful disease...

  15. Rightfully so! In an era when education is passed from the hands of parents to institutions and there are no more basic moral values ​​for people, the only way to gradually correct this society is to give space to all types of opinions, only from there will learning and understanding between the two sides come

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