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Following the article: 14 reasons not to get vaccinated distributed by the "Different Truth Project" website - a critical analysis

The enormous virality of an article that apparently contains facts, comparing the swine flu crisis to the current crisis, requires an explanation. Uri Goren, explains what the differences are and what we will learn from the experience

On the same subject: The circular arguments of vaccine opponents

Irrational resistance to vaccines. Illustration: shutterstock
Irrational resistance to vaccines. Illustration: shutterstock

The people spreading the anti-vaccination information have a post that has gone extremely viral. It appears on the website "Another Truth Project" (Editor's note: which is a site that promotes unsubstantiated connection theories, and believes in everything, provided that we are not from an AB government source) and contains 14 supposed facts and reasons that must be known before deciding to get vaccinated. I decided to analyze their post.

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The opening of the original post:
For those following the polio story, the Ministry of Health's statement that it intends to purchase hundreds of thousands Vaccines With a live attenuated virus against the polio virus did not come as a surprise.
For several weeks we have been waiting for this expected decision whose beginning is known but whose end is not at all clear. The top of the Ministry of Health is functioning these days in a manner very similar to the manner of conduct during the swine flu epidemic.
Update 20.8.13 Apparently in response to the enormous virality of this article (almost 6,000 recommendations on Facebook, 15,000 views on the article as of now) an article was published that should contradict the points I made here. YouThe response article Dr. Karen Landsman wrote, a doctor who supports vaccines. I will not review here the points where Landsman was wrong and misled, it is enough that I refer you To read the Hasson organization's response to her article and I'll leave you to draw the conclusions.
"Half a million vaccine doses have already been ordered - the Ministry of Health will start vaccinating against polio The operation was supposed to cover about 150-200 thousand children in the southern region, and now it is possible that it will be expanded to the whole country. The operation will last about two months; Vaccinations will also be given in schools. As part of the operation, children will be vaccinated with a vaccine that is given in drops and contains weakened viruses, to protect their relatives who are not vaccinated against the disease." (the land)
It was only 3 or so years ago that the public was informed of an apocalyptic plague that is about to hit our country and leave behind tens of thousands of dead, unless we vaccinate the population. "It's worth it," whispered the executives of the pharmaceutical corporations in the ears of the leaders of the free world. "Pay for one vaccine And get a teddy bear as a gift. " And our own leaders didn't think twice. The World Health Organization says and we do.
450 million shekels were paid by the citizens of the country on hundreds of thousands of vaccines. And the result? A hysterical hype epidemic that finally turned out to be affected Manipulation of the pharmaceutical companies who saw dollars in front of their eyes. And I'm not saying that. The EU Commission of Inquiry says...
The pharmaceutical companies showed record profits in a period of economic depression, Israel Stuck with a huge stock of vaccine that they said was dangerous and not tested enough And the citizens of Israel received a dose of intimidation and panic courtesy of the media which simply loves the red and black font because it is familiar (and so is Merza).
But we have a short memory, and there are those who know this and build on it.
Last time, thanks to the work of some "crazy people" it didn't work out so well for them. The citizens of Israel and the world simply did not get around to getting vaccinated because in the age of free information the establishment media no longer has hegemony, and the information spread quickly. But no one lost their job as a result of the farce, we went back to watching shallow and violent reality shows and the world as usual.
Even today there are some "crazies" (the Ministry of Health likes to call them "vaccine opponents") among them doctors, academics and even some who are declared supporters of vaccines who call the Ministry of Health's decision to vaccinate the population with a weakened polio vaccine - a "grave mistake".
Last time I wrote a similar article During the swine flu period it reached almost 30 thousand views and to this day it is one of the most viewed articles on the site. It depends on you if this time too we reach many people who might think twice. So please share and spread the word.

Uri Goren's answer: Some of the links here lead to interesting information, but not worded like here in the post. For example, the fur bears are an action done by the American government, and the money was also spent by the government, not the pharmaceutical companies. The only interesting information here is from a man named Tom Jefferson, an epidemiologist who specializes in influenza vaccines, but he is also controversial and deals only with influenza anyway, so the relevance to the current state of polio is not clear to me. But I brought things in the name of Omram.
Furthermore, during the swine flu treatment period, I was with a pharmaceutical company that represented one of the vaccines. On the big question of whether or not he should have been equipped with vaccines - in hindsight you can say no, before that it was a complex decision and in any case hindsight is always better. It is worth noting that people did not get vaccinated against the swine flu, but another phenomenon did happen, the rate of vaccination with the regular flu vaccines increased significantly that year. It seems to me personally that the reason for our vaccination with the swine flu vaccine is vigorous activity regarding the specific vaccine. Beyond that, judge the links yourself, and ask if it is relevant for now.
Vaccination after vaccination
Most children in Israel are already vaccinated against the disease with a vaccine containing killed viruses that is included in the national vaccination program. This means that your child will be injected with a vaccine for a disease that he has already been vaccinated against, so that he will be used as a tool to prevent the transmission of the wild virus. The problem is that in order to prevent the spread of the virus, the Ministry of Health needs to vaccinate 100% of all carriers of the virus, which is statistically impossible.
The blog answer:
Or a hundred or 0?
Here is a nice but unclear argument. First I'm not sure that getting 100 percent is the only way to stop the spread. There is almost no 100 percent vaccination in any vaccine, but when you reach the high vaccination level that is commonly used in Israel, it is a fact that these serious diseases do not appear. The writer is right that the children are vaccinated, only that the killed vaccine produces less immunity in the intestines and therefore a child who is vaccinated with only a killed vaccine does not develop immunity in the intestines and therefore can be a carrier of the wild virus - and infect an unvaccinated person. So explain to me why not vaccinate?
The vaccine itself may create an epidemic
Pay attention to the interesting situation that was created: Matan Polio vaccine Weakened for the vaccinated children, not only is it completely unnecessary for them, but it also endangers the non-vaccinated children, who may be harmed by the vaccine virus secreted by the vaccinated child.
The auditor's reportYena who examined the conduct of the Ministry of Health during the polio outbreak in 1988 found that half of the patients between 1983-1987 were related to receiving the vaccine component.
"The vaccine that will be used in the operation has an increased risk of transmitting the viruses to the relatives of the vaccinated children and of an outbreak of Polio disease active with them." (the land)
The blog answer:
Partial quote only
This is of course a very partial quote of the critic's words. Anyone who enters the report will find that indeed out of 8 polio cases in 1983-1987 were related to receiving the component but again these were without the combination of a previously killed component. In addition, the outbreak of 1988 was due to other reasons altogether. It was caused, somewhat similarly, by the fact that in the Hadera district we only vaccinated with a killed virus and a wild virus passed between vaccinated until it affected those who were not vaccinated. 15 people fell seriously ill. Those who read deeper will see that the experts of the World Health Organization claimed there that only a killed vaccine allows the spread of the disease and is therefore not recommended. But again this is 1988 and since then a lot of water has passed in the tank...and the knowledge and information about vaccines has also increased.
After that it was decided to give a weakened life to the entire population. From 90, a live attenuated (tri-strain) vaccine was introduced into routine in combination with a killed vaccine and until 2004 there was not a single case of polio from vaccination or non-vaccination in the country. I will tell you moreBecause according to the SAGE organization In all the countries where a killed vaccine was introduced before a weakened vaccine, no paralysis caused by the vaccine viruses was observed.
Corruption in the company that produces the vaccine
The name of the pharmaceutical company that produces the vaccine, GlaxoSmithKline, has been associated with serious corruption offenses recently when the suspicion is that it bribed doctors in China to prescribe drugs produced by it in exchange for financial and sexual favors.
"The largest pharmaceutical company in Great Britain is suspected of bribing government and corporate officials בריאות, hospitals and doctors to increase sales and raise prices, China's Ministry of Internal Security said in an official announcement on its website. The announcement also stated that GSK is also suspected of using fake receipts for tax purposes." (The Marker)
her Company Signed a settlement recently in a lawsuit for hiding information about severe side effects in the medicine it manufactures.
"Please claim that Glaxo marketed the diabetes drug "Avandia", without informing its consumers about the many risks involved in taking it." (YNET)
More on the affair, HERE
Answer: The cases did happen. It's just that, unfortunately, there is corruption in many large organizations, and the question is do we stop buying everything from them? Also, this vaccine is not a huge money maker at all, so it seems to me that the potential for corruption is small, in my opinion. All the costs of purchasing the vaccine are only one million shekels.
Vaccine scares are invented every three years on average
The Ministry of Health has been busy in recent years. Every 3 years on average a frightening statement was released regarding epidemics and a call to vaccinate against them. 1998- Polio virus in the sewers of Gush Dan. There are no patients. 1999 - as above 2004 - Polio scare (virus in the sewers in Gush Dan). No patient with the disease has been reported. (NRG) 2007 - Another polio scare. Again a virus in Gush Dan, again no patients. (NRG) 2009 - Swine flu scare. 450 million NIS for unnecessary vaccinations. (No need for a link, we all remember). 2013 - Polio virus was found in Rahat and from there "spread" to the cities of the south. Three months have passed and there are no patients.
In 2007, a representative of the Ministry of Health was interviewed for television and reassured that there was no reason to worry. He also added that in the enlightened countries they no longer vaccinate with the weakened vaccine because it can cause paralysis and death. The vaccine he was talking about then is the same vaccine that today they are encouraged to get vaccinated with.
The blog answer:
1998 and 1999 I did not find specific information but to the best of my memory there was no vaccination operation then. The links of 2004 and 2007 seem rather that the Ministry of Health does not run for vaccination every time. In 2007 we are talking about findings of a vaccine strain, which is apparently related to people who become those who chronically shed it in their feces. They are not sick or anything like that. In 2004, a virus was found at the entrance to Shapadan and no new vaccination campaign was announced, this in my opinion means that there is consideration and that the Ministry of Health is not "vaccine hungry" and dying to pay the pharmaceutical companies more money!
An epidemic is not good for business
Is there a connection between the speed with which the Ministry of Health works in buying the vaccines and the recommendation of the World Health Organization for all tourists who come to countries where polio is found to be vaccinated against polio? "At the same time, this week the World Health Organization published an unusual announcement: "The World Health Organization assesses the danger of international spread of Polio disease from Israel to other countries as medium-high, and recommends that all tourists to countries affected by the disease be fully vaccinated against polio." Medical officials in Israel estimate that this warning is not justified." (Mako)
The blog answer:

  • Epidemics are indeed not good for the State of Israel, also in terms of tourism, but also in terms of morbidity and damage to human life.
  • According to an investigation by Yedioth Ahronoth, the world actually thinks that the Ministry of Health delayed far too much in purchasing the vaccines and entering the vaccination campaign.
  • Of course, Israel does not want to enter the list of policies infected with polio, so the opposition is also clear.

Infectious disease experts also oppose giving the weakened vaccine
Experts in infectious diseases such as Prof. Alon Mozes, director of the department of infectious diseases at Hadassah and representative of the Association for Infectious Diseases, and Dr. Michal Stein, representative of the Association of Pediatricians, oppose the weakened vaccine.
"Here are things regarding this that Dr. Michal Stein said in the Knesset debate a few weeks ago: "Another thing I wanted to say, this is really the issue of choosing the vaccine, if they have to vaccinate on a wider scale... I think it would be a grave mistake to vaccinate with a live attenuated vaccine"
"This trend (to involuntarily and unconsciously vaccinate the entire population) is not acceptable to Prof. Dolberg, who claims that since the XNUMXs the weakened virus that endangers the population has been given in Israel: "The disease is rare in Israel, but the virus is very common. The babies' secretions endanger mainly adults who have been vaccinated in the past, but whose immunity has weakened (such as cancer patients) and others who have not been vaccinated." According to him, if the recipient of the vaccine has an immune problem, he may excrete the vaccine for a longer time after receiving it, and there is the possibility that the virus will multiply in the digestive system for years and only become violent years later. (DOCTORS.CO.IL)
The Landsman Foundation has already written about the words of the experts who objected in June to giving a weakened life, there are opinions here and there, and also learning over time. The discussion in the Knesset was at the beginning of June, other findings such as the number of carriers and the spread of the wild virus are things that have happened since then. If you enter the vaccine forum at Doctors Look at Dr. Michal Stein's answers from last week and there is no recommendation not to vaccinate, those who should be vaccinated.
Prof. Dolberg's quote seems very relevant, but when you click on the link you find out that he said it in 2004 and not now. This is of course a general quote, not a specific one. It should be noted that Dr. Haim Rosenthal, who is not known for his love of vaccines, was quoted back then in 2004 as saying that the weakened vaccine is the most similar to a natural vaccine :).
Not all parents are in a hurry to get vaccinated
Newspaper quote
Update 20.8.13
A recent survey published on Channel 10 reveals that almost half of the population of parents do not intend to vaccinate their children.
And there are those who got vaccinated and regret it... From a response On the Vaccines Ltd. page – The polio vaccine ----------
"I also succumbed to pressure (mainly from my husband) a week ago... since the girl has a fever, a burning eye, changing symptoms all the time - cough, headache, burning in the pee. The doctor didn't see anything and the nurse emphatically informed me that there was nothing to do with the vaccine. Polio vaccine does not cause side effects.. ok.. so not the vaccine.. but there is no doubt that her body was totally out of balance, and for me it is clear that it is related. The determination and confidence of the system about this annoys me. And it annoys me that I did this to her. I don't store it in the other dishes. Before it seems that anyone is sick at all.."
And some have even opened a group on Facebook called: "Parents say no to the weakened polio vaccine"
Blog resident:
The fact that there are parents who do not vaccinate, and there are parents who mention side effects and are sure that it is from the vaccine, is interesting, but to conclude from one mother or from people who do not want to vaccinate about the entire population is strange and very problematic. Is this a reason to get vaccinated? If like the warehouses or not warehouses is a reason to take action, then getting vaccinated is the recommended action - hundreds of thousands of warehouses these days, and routine vaccinations in Israel have a huge percentage of coverage!
Polio viruses are found in sewage all the time
"Prof. Shaul Dolberg, director of intensive care for newborns and premature infants in Ichilov: "Viruses are constantly found in our sewers, and most of them are there due to the secretions of children who received a weakened vaccine (by ingestion)." The Ministry of Health also admits that polio viruses are occasionally found in the sewers. The spokesperson of the ministry: "Until recent years, there was a difference of up to 10.9 percent in the immune polio viruses that we found in the sewers, relative to the vaccines that we drip into babies. However, in a test we conducted about a month ago and the results of which were recently received, a virus was discovered in the sewage water that clearly came from an immune source, and it is genetically 14 percent different from the original immune virus." The fear, the Ministry of Health says, is not from infection as a result of contact with contaminated sewage. "We are a reformed country and the sewage does not enter our water system. The problem is that the presence of the mutational virus in the sewage is an indication that there are several dozen babies in Gush Dan who have been infected with it after receiving a vaccine and they are excreting it through their feces."
The blog answer:
The quotes again look very convincing, only they are manipulative because they are taken Letters from 2004 (and no one from the real economy points this out) a time when we still vaccinate with the weakened live vaccine. The findings this time are of a wild virus! And it is true that the sewage itself is not dangerous, it is only a sign of the fact that there is a person who carries the virus and he may become infected.
Severe side effects to the live-attenuated vaccine
"The oral drop vaccine contains a live virus that can cause paralysis and death in those who are infected."
So according to Dr. Susan Humphreys who studied polio.
In the past, it was customary to vaccinate with the live-attenuated polio vaccine (OPV). Following this vaccination there were many outbreaks of polio among the vaccinated population. This is according to the State Comptroller's report who stated that half of the patients with the disease between the years 1983-1987 were related to receiving the vaccine component.
In 2004, when the live attenuated vaccine was phased out, it was dangerous and ineffective. "The Ministry of Health intends to cancel the use of the polio (polio) vaccine that is given to babies by oral drops - this is what Yedioth Ahronoth has learned. A special committee that discusses the issue will probably determine soon that one should be satisfied with the vaccine given by injection and cancel the vaccine given by drops, because it is *not effective* and may, in extremely rare cases, cause morbidity from the disease. "The (inactivated M.H.) vaccine given by injection is very effective, and cannot cause the disease to appear," says Prof. Francis Mimoni, an expert in pediatrics. "On the other hand, the vaccine given in drops may in rare cases cause the appearance of polio in those who received it. In recent years, none of my patients or my children have received it due to the risk involved." (YNET)
The blog answer
Pay attention to the quote in question. Prof. Mimoni's quote is correct, it is from 2004 and here is the place to point out that after the quote it appears that this is his personal position and not the position of the pediatrician's organization. Also, the assertion that the live attenuated vaccine is ineffective is the reporter's and not any of the doctors interviewed. The reason as mentioned is the absence of polio in Israel and therefore there was no need for the weakened vaccine as in the countries where it was done. Dr. Rishpon also claims there that the killed vaccine produces the same immunity in the intestines, I have no way to contradict or confirm. But he adds that the live attenuated vaccine played a major role in the vaccine's extinction. That is, the weakened live vaccine may not be "more effective" than the killed one in creating immunity in the intestines if at all...
And regarding Dr. Susan Humphreys, whose video also became popular. She forgets to mention at the beginning of the video that in addition to nephrology she is also a homeopathic doctor, and this is important when talking about vaccines. It is also interesting to note that in one place she claims that polio does not cause paralysis at all, it is only the use of DTT, and on the other hand she claims that the live attenuated vaccine infects the children with polio and causes paralysis... and here is from Wikirezio, an interesting website that seeks to debunk pseudoscience... you are welcome to read
The safety of this vaccine has not been sufficiently tested
The live attenuated vaccine that will be given now is a new vaccine whose production began in 2009. To the best of my knowledge, the only difference between it and the vaccine that has gone out of use and which is claimed to be dangerous is in one strain of virus that was removed from it. Since this is the only difference, he did not have to pass safety tests before marketing... In other words - The safety of this vaccine has not been tested in a large-scale study. This does not bother the Director General of the Ministry of Health announce with confidence: "The risk is simply zero". Tell that to the Indians, Mr. CEO.
The blog answer:
The fact that the Director General of the Ministry of Health claimed that there is zero risk, in my opinion, is indeed a mistake to say. There is zero risk in anything, especially not when it comes to drugs. There is a careful calculation of risk versus benefit. We will also point out that regarding the vaccine exactly what is written here is true - the only difference is the release of virus 2 which was declared non-existent in the world, so the safety is the same. Regarding the studies, see In the World Health Organization answer I posted here.
Apropos, among the Indians, the well-known side effects of paralysis as a result of vaccination arise because there they do not give the dead before the weakened. The reason is mainly logistical. The killed vaccine is given by injection and requires refrigeration and it is difficult to do this in remote areas. Regarding the giving of the weakened after the dead and the meaning of this I already gave a source earlier (SAGE organization).

Did the vaccine given in India cause a record number of flaccid paralysis?
The World Health Organization proudly tells us that in the last two or three years they have succeeded in completely eradicating polio in India. Intensive vaccination campaigns (each child receives an average of 15 doses of OPV, the live vaccine) succeeded in reducing polio in India to zero. This is what the health officials claim. Only there is one problem. When you look at the data, you find that while polio cases in India were brought down from a peak of 4322 cases in 1998 to zero in 2012, the rate of AFP (a paralytic disease that looks exactly like polio) rose from 1005 to 60,923 cases a year. There is a connection?
Update 20.8.13 In the night tube program, they increased what they did and contacted a doctor from India, a polio expert who found that the more people vaccinate against polio in India (with the weakened vaccine), the higher the incidence of paralysis, which looks just like polio, only much more dangerous. It's called AFP.
Link to the program from last night (the polio topic starts at minute 07:10):
The blog answer
First, it is also written here that the number of portions of the weakened animal in India is enormous (in Israel we don't talk about more than one portion at this point), sometimes over 10 portions. As for the increase in morbidity, yes, but it is not from polio. After all, there are cases related to the vaccine they report, also in India. to AFP Apropos there are a wide variety of reasons. But I stopped short of denying the connection. In Israel I found no data or evidence of such a connection. Furthermore, the claim that AFP is more dangerous than polio is not true. AFP is the name of sudden paralysis that describes both the paralysis resulting from polio and the one resulting from other factors. A bit like a parrot reminds you that when you give a weakened animal after a vaccine that was killed in Israel in 90-2004, there was not a single case of paralysis after vaccination, so it is probably a very low risk, I don't know if it is zero.
Possible link to serious neurological diseases
"Although vaccine supporters often reassure the public and say that the weakened viruses are safe to use, no one knows what happens to the virus for years, or even decades, after it settles in the body. The fact that some people have developed a neurological disease following exposure to vaccinated children indicates that the dormant viruses hide in the body and begin to act after years. Some studies indicate a possible link between the presence of dormant viruses and many neurological diseases. Researchers have found that the level of antibodies to the measles virus, for example, is higher in multiple sclerosis patients, compared to healthy people. Similar findings were recorded in a number of ALS patients [degenerative disease affecting the motor nerves]." (Dr. Russell Blaylock "Discoveries on Medicine and Nutrition" - pp. 152-153)
The blog answer:
Dr. Blaylock is one of those who do not see vaccines as a proper tool for disease prevention. Every vaccine, it seems, is problematic for him. And yet, the amount of diseases and deaths prevented by vaccination is enormous. Also, there are no references here regarding the sources of the statement that appear here. And in any case, the reference here is to measles antibodies and not polio. So I don't know if anything can be concluded from this about the weakened polio viruses. Here is from the wiki of the Rationals
Systematic ignoring of inconvenient facts by the health authorities
In March 2011, a study by a doctor from the University of British Columbia in the United Kingdom was published. In the study, the doctor examined the vaccination policy of government officials in Great Britain. I will leave the conclusion to you as to whether the points are tangential to what is happening in Israel. Here are the points that emerge from the research: 1. Instead of re-examining vaccination policy when evidence of serious side effects came in, the British Health Authority did one of the following: 1) did nothing 2) changed or deleted the relevant information from public publications 3) made serious efforts to broadcast a reassuring message to the public that the vaccines are safe.
2. Health authorities have blocked any dissenting opinion regarding the safety of vaccines
3. In many cases, the health authorities asked the drug companies to artificially change their data so that the information would be in line with the safety level
4. Relying systematically on methodologically questionable studies and ignoring independent studies conducted on the topic of vaccine safety
5. Categorical and systemic inflation of the benefits of vaccines and reduction in the importance of the dangers of vaccines
6. Promote plans to introduce new vaccines whose medical benefits are questionable into the official vaccination system even before the vaccines have received approval based on the assumption that they will eventually be approved
7. Active prevention of safety studies regarding vaccines
8. The British health system deliberately took advantage of parents' trust and their lack of knowledge in order to promote a vaccination program that is not scientifically supported and that may endanger certain children and cause them long-term health problems (SCRIBD)
"The vaccination program is run by irresponsible people who have money in front of their eyes. They present themselves as protectors of the health of the younger generation, while over the past 30 years they have caused more harm to children than all the diseases they tried to eradicate." (Dr. Russell Blaylock - "Discoveries about medicine and nutrition" - p. 161)
The blog's response:
The study indeed shows problems in the conduct of the British authorities, especially in connection with the MMR vaccine. On the other hand, it shows that other health authorities behaved differently and as expected even by the researcher - the Canadians, the Japanese and the Scottish. So it is not possible to generalize from the British experience to the whole world.
The study that did not take place
After 60 years of vaccinations in the modern era, thousands of studies (many of which were funded by drug manufacturers), billions of dollars spent and even more earned, you know what research hasn't been conducted yet? A comparative study that will compare the long-term health of vaccinated children with that of non-vaccinated children - the study that has never been conducted - and will not be conducted. 60 years of vaccinations in the modern era, tens of thousands of studies in the field, and one requested study that has never been conducted. Strangely not? By the way, another study that has not yet taken place is the one that tests the safety of the combination between the vaccines (to remind you, dozens of different vaccine doses are given to our children today)
The blog answer:
Do you know why such a study did not take place? Well because it's not ethical! There are also studies on the immunity and safety of each vaccine compared to those who did not receive it. And of course there are the global morbidity data showing a fair number of vaccine-preventable diseases. There are quite a few studies that are not carried out because it is unethical. Even studies that compare a placebo to a drug often stop the placebo arm if the drug shows significantly greater effectiveness and all patients are transferred to the drug and stop the placebo, why? Because it is medically unethical to deny them the opportunity to improve their health.
But it is possible to conclude about these things by comparing the western world that was first vaccinated against diseases compared to the third world that unfortunately was not always vaccinated, and seeing the morbidity data.

Regarding the second study, here I am only speculating, and I would be happy if doctors or those with specific knowledge would help me. New vaccines are often tested on children vaccinated with other vaccines, so that the safety data includes the other vaccines that have already been given to children routinely. And when they make a vaccine that combines several diseases, they do experiments - here is an example The CDC's data on the DTAP vaccine
Speaking of which, this fact also refers to the vaccination rule and is not specific to the polio vaccine, so if you do not want to vaccinate at all, it is probably relevant.
So there you have it, what Left over from 14 facts and reasons about the vaccine?
Citations from 2004, or from principled opponents of vaccines and not only against the live attenuated polio vaccine, surveys and Facebook groups, research on the conduct of the English Health Authority, and information about India where the situation is completely different.

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  1. According to the partial data published by the Ministry of Health to date (in the link I gave in a previous response), the vaccination situation in Israel is approximately as I estimated. That is: by the end of the two-drop operation, a maximum of 70 percent of the candidates for vaccination will be vaccinated.

    In the announcement published today by the Ministry of Health, it hopes that about a million children will be vaccinated in the two-drop operation, which is about 72 percent (out of the number of 1,384,000 applicants).

    The Ministry of Health is trying to increase the percentage of people getting vaccinated in the southern region, perhaps because this is the main region where carriers have been discovered. In Arab concentrations, the vaccination rate is currently at its maximum, about 80 percent, as I recall. From the link I gave you can reach other links that have updates or additional details.

  2. safkan
    If you are right (and I have no reason to think you are wrong) then we are in trouble for two reasons.

    The first is the WHO's response to this situation. All the "anger" at the Ministry of Health is big bullshit. The actual health organization requires Israel (and every other country) to carry out OPV vaccinations when the virus is discovered. The source of the vaccine is also determined by the health organization. The first thing that will happen is that countries around the world will prevent Israelis from entering.
    Whoever thinks that the USA is not considering an entry ban for Israelis today does not know where he lives!!

    The second reason is of course the outbreak of the disease itself. It should be understood that the polio vaccine is not for life (between 10 and 20 years, depending on your source of information) and the reason we (the adults) are still vaccinated is our contact with those who are vaccinated over the years.

  3. The percentage of oral polio vaccine recipients to date is 34 percent of the vaccine candidates. See link:

    There is a decrease of about 50 percent in the number of people getting vaccinated in the last two days compared to the number of people getting vaccinated daily at the peak of vaccination. It is possible that the decrease in the number is because parents are busy getting children into kindergarten and school.

    My estimate is that by Rosh Hashanah, less than 45 percent of the vaccine candidates will be vaccinated. This, in my estimation, will end the first wave of those getting vaccinated. It is possible that there will be additional vaccinators of the first wave in the few days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, so the number of vaccinators in the first wave will be, according to my estimation, up to 50 percent of the candidates for vaccination.

    Another wave of vaccinators (or a trickle of vaccinators) will be after the holidays, that is, after Sukkot in about a month. The vaccinators after the first wave will mostly be those who hesitate and wait to see what happens to the vaccinators of the first wave. My estimate is that the total number of vaccinators will be less than 70 percent of the candidates for vaccination.

  4. ravine:
    "The children's vaccine comes to protect others" - so what do you suggest, Guy? not to vaccinate? To not protect others?

    Creatures like Guy also run away from problems, instead of dealing with them.
    I'm sure he'll run away as soon as some Syrian coughs on him.
    (And of course this does not prevent them from issuing orders - what to do and what not to do - as long as they are in "their" country for which they are "fighting")
    Creatures like him bring a bad name to all of humanity.

  5. ravine
    You're just telling lies.
    Since the introduction of the IPV vaccine, not a single person who was vaccinated has fallen ill in Israel.
    It is not true that 30% of the patients were vaccinated.
    No child is hospitalized following the vaccination that was done, as a result of the vaccination itself

    Guy - people will die because of creatures like you. You are nothing more than a poor liar and/or a big fool.
    have you no shame

  6. : )
    danger to life? But the child is vaccinated! Children's vaccination comes to protect others and not themselves, and they are already protected! Maybe you will also put your children on the border so that if there is a war they will protect you! You are delusional... you don't want to deal with facts, so why even think about the fact that the last polio patients in Israel got sick as a result of the vaccine or that thirty percent of the patients in the fifties got sick from the vaccine, but that's the problem with scientific consensus... it doesn't have to be related to the facts... Sad but also not surprising, and I guess most of you, if not all of you, are the result of the education system that managed to beat them all like a horse that doesn't see the side... I hope that no one gets sick and that all those children who lie in the hospitals with side effects come out unscathed and that we don't know who is right and who is wrong But a person who is willing to endanger his child in order to protect himself is a person who does not deserve to be a parent and I don't care what agenda he carries with him and how smart he thinks he is with his ability to read studies (of course only the studies he is comfortable with) I guess the response will not be published But let's…
    Just be good.

  7. The whole story against the vaccine is a hodgepodge of lies. I heard that the vaccine has not been clinically tested - which is simply a lie. There is a petition to the High Court by a group of poor liars.. Their specialist doctor is some idiot homeopath. Just unbelievable

    In my understanding, the real reason for the fighters against vaccination is that they are not willing to take any risk for the common good. To me, disgusting.

  8. another one
    The information about the disease and the vaccine is available and accessible.

    I am not convinced that where there is no vaccination at all there is more danger of developing a virus that will be immune to the vaccine. There is no competition, so it is less likely that a mutation will reproduce faster than the original virus.

  9. Doctors always don't know, not everyone reads the newest research or necessarily knows from their own lives for that matter, and the doctors who know often don't bother to explain. That people prefer the cures of charlatans is because they shy away from conventional medicine for all sorts of reasons. One of the reasons is the inaccessibility of the information. The space is filled by the charlatans who in most cases know how to give personal attention and "sell" their "treatment".

    Right now in Pakistan there is a problem with vaccinations because the Taliban that is going around there -killing doctors and vaccination teams (!)- means if you are right then we will see how immune strains will break out from there to the whole world.

  10. It surprises me that the "Hidan" site refers at all to the delusions of ignorant people such as the "different truth" people - a site that is based entirely on ignorance, confusion of concepts, fears and hallucinations. I admit and confess that I go to the "Another Truth" website from time to time, just out of curiosity as to how far the madness can go, and am amazed every time again in the face of levels that I could not even imagine.

  11. Nonsense!
    Note that there is a correlation with the invention of television and a significant decrease in infant mortality due to epidemics,
    Therefore there is no need to vaccinate, just watch TV as much as possible.

  12. You are right that this period is over. I think it's not good that it's over. The average doctor knows much, much more than the average parent. And the Ministry of Health knows even more, so it gives instructions to doctors. And the WHO knows even more, and it gives instructions to the Ministry of Health.
    But - a criminal like "Doctor" Haim Rosenthal comes, and pours poison on this whole wonderful system - the same system that has many successes, such as the complete suppression of smallpox. Then stupid parents come and run after this idiot. And why is he an idiot? Here are 2 quotes from his website:

    1) "As a general rule, I do not recommend getting vaccinated with the weakened polio vaccine that is given in drops these days. Most of the population will probably be vaccinated anyway due to infection from the environment. This should also apply to children who have not previously received a polio vaccine by injection."

    2) The possible damage from the weakened polio vaccine can be slightly reduced by taking a "homeopathic vaccine against polio". The purpose of the vaccine is to prepare the immune system to meet the weakened virus. The vaccine comes in drops and must be taken for 5 days. Its effectiveness has not been proven because there has been no polio in Israel for 26 years. Our experience with homeopathic vaccines in similar cases is good."

    Now - a great many of the parents who refuse are actually educated and have the ability to find out the facts, but they choose his.

    Perhaps it is always true that the problem is education. Education in Israel is at a very poor level, and the situation is getting worse. But that's not the whole problem.
    The bigger problem is in Israel's law enforcement system. For example - why isn't homeopathy outlawed?

    I guess it's clear to you why they don't do it in Israel... Right?

  13. I took what I said about WHO from 'healing or temptation' by the way, I'm not denying what you say. I'm just saying that the era when a doctor says and the patient takes is over - it's precisely because of the paternalistic approach that many people flock to alternative "medicine". It gives them a sense of choice, a sense of belonging.
    Instead of blaming the people, blame the education system, and the health system.

  14. another one
    I understand what you are saying. But - as far as I know, the main risk is a dangerous mutation. And again - since 1988, when they started the OPV vaccine, not a single vaccinated person has gotten sick.
    One of the claims I've heard is that the vaccine has not been clinically tested. It's just a misunderstanding. The original vaccine treated 3 types of virus. One type no longer exists, so there is no point in vaccinating against it. There is no need to test the new type (which immunizes against 2 types) because it contains 2 of the 3 original components, and the risk of the 3 components has also been tested (ie - the vaccine today can only be less dangerous). The effectiveness of the vaccine has indeed been tested and proven beyond doubt.

    There are no large populations in the world that carry the virus - where did you get that from? There are 3 countries that we did not vaccinate properly and there are still people who are sick. Probably from one of these, Nigeria, the virus came to Israel.

    The topic of mutations is complex and people don't understand it. This is a very serious risk, which is why (in my understanding) the WHO requires Israel to vaccinate.

    Regarding acupuncture... Read T Before you slander the WHO.

    The information exists, but people don't bother to check. It is written in every newspaper, and it is written on the website of the Ministry of Health and it is written in all kinds of flyers and so on.
    But people are stupid…… and egotistical. Don't try to prettify it 🙂

  15. In short, as I understood it, if we did not vaccinate with an oral vaccine - the wild virus could spread through the vaccinated population who would not have noticed - and come and harm those who have not been vaccinated or cannot be vaccinated.
    If Nissan does not happen - but there is a small risk that the weakened virus itself can infect people with a weakened system or who have no risk - and itself cause paralysis, the risk of the second scenario happening is determined to be smaller than the first risk. Nowhere, as far as I can remember, have I seen any substantiation for the claim that there is a chance of a dangerous mutation of the virus - there is a whole world out there with large populations that cannot be vaccinated for everyone - if it were true - then we would all be eating it long ago. In any case, there is a lack of information regarding this vaccine, parents vaccinate their children - a lot with the thought of protecting him - and not with the thought of protecting the general population, and as I said - the era of patronage medicine is over - whoever does not listen completely to what the medical establishment in him is not always right, no Always smart - but he still doesn't necessarily suffer from "morbid ogism". I should remind you that the World Health Organization at some point determined that acupuncture is beneficial,

  16. Miracles
    If everyone is vaccinated against IPV, then the weakened vaccine is supposedly unnecessary. It's only so-called, because when the virus is widespread it can undergo a dangerous mutation. The risk of taking OPV is zero and is not a consideration.

    I will say again - there is not a single case of polio infection by someone vaccinated since 1988. Please stop spreading unfounded rumours. There were some who got sick, but they were not vaccinated

    And this is sick egoism. People take homeopathy - it's stupid, after all this nonsense has been tested more than once, and the results are the same - it has no medical effect. A doctor who recommends this is literally breaking the law. I know of a case in Australia where parents are in prison because they gave their daughter a homeopathic medicine and killed the girl, they were allowed to kill, not stupidity.

    The OPV vaccine is not subject to any medical controversy - what are you talking about????
    Is it small? Do you really not perceive the danger? I will explain to you again, I see that it is difficult for you - the danger is a new outbreak of polio extract that has no vaccine. The risk of taking OPV is basically 0 (there is not a single case of polio since OPV is given).

    What is hard to understand??? 🙂

  17. But we don't talk about these people. - And there is no indication that the weakened vaccine improves the chances of preventing the disease for those who have already received a killed vaccine. - At least not in a significant way - a fact that they stopped vaccinating with it as long as there was no epidemic.

  18. For another - the parent is probably vaccinated, but there is no 100% vaccination, so the parent can be a candidate for the Darwin Award. Unfortunately, I know parents who do not vaccinate their children with any vaccine - not even the dead virus. So that their children will only have a vaccine if their vaccinated friends get infected with the weakened virus or if they get infected with a wild virus from nature. ZA that it is much better for them to be good friends of children from families that vaccinate.

  19. 1) The purpose of the weakened vaccine is to maintain the effect of the absence of the normal vaccine prevents disease but does not prevent infection.
    But there is a small risk that the weakened virus itself will infect others - and can cause harm if it infects unvaccinated people or people if the vaccine is weakened. From the point of view of the child or his family, if they are vaccinated - on a personal level - it doesn't really matter if he is vaccinated or not - the negligible risk is probably even smaller in this way because of the vaccine of the previously killed virus - enough for them to say that it is "completely" safe.
    2) I actually heard about cases. also in Israel.
    3) "Sick egoism"?! - Miracles, the age of patronizing medicine is over long ago - people take hopatia, acupuncture, reiki, salt rooms and all kinds of other nonsense. So to decide on your own about a vaccine that real doctors are in dispute about, and that has no real impact on your or your child's health - is really quite small.

  20. There is nothing wrong with a wrong theory, there will always be someone happy to disprove it. The danger is incorrect "facts" (Darwin in "The Descent of Man").

    So let's look at the facts:

    1) The purpose for which the weakened vaccine is given is to prevent a violent outbreak of polio. When there are many carriers there is a good chance of a dangerous mutation that will cancel the effectiveness of the vaccine.

    2) This weakened vaccine has been given in Israel since 1988 and there is not a single case of anyone who has been vaccinated contracting the disease. Therefore there is no danger in receiving the vaccine.

    3) There is one real reason not to vaccinate your hand - stupidity accompanied by morbid egoism.

  21. Herzl, the child and probably the parent are also vaccinated - the child is dead - and the parent is weakened - from time immemorial. The only one showing ignorance here is you, this only shows how much disinformation there is here, it doesn't matter how much the media explains what this vaccine is, the majority of the population thinks that this vaccine is for their children and not as part of an attempt to strengthen the herd effect by analyzing epidemiological risks between the chance of infection of the underprivileged Against the wild, and the effectiveness of the defeated against the weakened in preventing carriers...

  22. Anyone who does not vaccinate their child and gets polio as a result of infection from the child could be a leading candidate for the Darwin Award. But what reward will come to the one who does not vaccinate his child and the child gets sick?

  23. Correct a mistake - the name of the website in question is 'Another True Project'

    But the 'Truth Project Online' mistake spawned a potentially fantastic name for a website

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