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Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE Lab joins Kornit Vision, a groundbreaking Israeli startup, to its open innovation lab. Kornit Vision develops, among other things, an artificial corneal implant, which allows patients who have gone blind as a result of diseases
The event is a collaboration between Bar-Ilan University and the association of managers of scientific infrastructure units in Israel, a national initiative supported by the Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Science and Technology, which aims to maximize the potential
A new book deals with the learning process and imitation of nature's solutions, also known as the field of biomimicry, (bio = life, mimicry = imitation), a field of knowledge in global growth identified as an engine of innovation
It is a biological ink consisting of a combination of alginate from algae and proteins isolated from the plant - soy or pea. It is injected in the printing process to create protein-enriched scaffolds in different geometries
The test is based on a technology developed by the group led by Prof. Amit Meller based on individual molecules without the need to duplicate many copies of the same molecule
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