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An Israeli vaccine for avian coronavirus will be adapted for humans and undergo a clinical trial

At the end of four years of research funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, researchers at the Miguel Institute have developed a vaccine against the avian coronavirus (IBV) which has been successfully tested in pre-clinical trials and will be genetically adapted to the vaccine against the coronavirus

Protection against the corona virus. Illustration: Image by _freakwave_ from Pixabay
Protection against the corona virus. Illustration: Image by _freakwave_ from Pixabay

At the end of four years of research by the multidisciplinary team of researchers in Miguel, funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, a scientific breakthrough was achieved for a vaccine against the corona virus, which was discovered during the research work for a vaccine against a virus from the avian strain of Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV, the effectiveness of which has been successfully proven) In pre-clinical trials conducted at the Vulcani Institute, after the genetic sequence adjustments for the human corona disease, COVID-19, Miguel is waiting for the approval of the product's safety in order to start producing vaccines against the disease that is spreading around the world, from which 2,666 patients have died so far.

From the research conducted at the Miguel Research Institute under the direction of the researchers: Prof. Yaakov Pitkovsky, Dr. Chen Katz, Dr. Ehud Shahar and their team, it appears that the avian influenza virus has a high genetic identity to the human COVID-19 virus. Also, it was found in the study that the infection mechanism of the two viruses is the same, an important scientific fact that increases the chance of reaching a vaccine in humans in a very short time.
David Zigdon, CEO of the Miguel Research Institute says: "There is a high urgency in the world to develop a human vaccine for the corona virus, therefore we are working to speed up the development processes with the aim of reaching an effective vaccine against the COVID-19 virus in the next 8-10 weeks and a safety trial in 90 days . The vaccine developed by us for poultry is administered orally, and the human vaccine offered by us is also expected to be administered orally." Zigdon also points out that due to the urgent global need for a corona vaccine, marathon discussions are underway at Miguel with potential partners that will help speed up the human research processes needed to complete the development of the final product and the regulatory activities.

Dr. Chen Katz, chief researcher in the biotechnology department of the Miguel Research Institute, says that the scientific system developed at Miguel is based on a vector for the expression of a new protein, which creates and secretes a soluble chimeric protein, which transfers the viral antigen to the mucous tissues by endocytosis (absorption of the antigen into the cell on by trapping it in the folding of the cell membrane inward and closing the folding in a sort of blister) and causes the body to produce antibodies against the virus. The researchers at Miguel were able to prove in a preclinical experiment ((In-Vivo) that the use of the system creates specific antibodies to viral protein subunits and resistance to the IBV virus.

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  1. Is the coronavirus in poultry dangerous for humans?
    If not, maybe, if we introduce the avian corona to humans, then similar to the smallpox vaccine that was cowpox...

  2. 90 days is way too late.
    It takes a week or two before the economic damage to the world will be enormous, estimated at trillions.

    I really hope that the researchers do not sleep, and work 7 days a week around the clock to advance the matter. Any money they give them is worth it.

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