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The Innovation Authority will invest NIS 113 million in the establishment of a research and development service infrastructure center for chip-based biodevices

The Authority invites companies and organizations to submit funding applications for the establishment of an R&D service infrastructure for biodevices and biochips

As part of the national program for Bio-Convergence, the Innovation Authority invites companies to submit funding applications for the establishment of an infrastructure center for research and development services for chip-based biodevices. The appeal issued by the Authority addresses companies that wish to develop an infrastructure of R&D services for companies that develop bio-devices such as: diagnostic sensors for the environment, smart implants intended for treatment and diagnostics, lab on a chip, organs on a chip and more. The authority allocated NIS 113 million to promote the field in Israel.

"The field of bioconvergence can be an engine of growth and a source of diversity for the Israeli industry," said Dror Bin, CEO of the Innovation Authority. "The Innovation Authority works to diversify the fields of activity of the Israeli high-tech industry in order to preserve Israel's position in a constantly changing technological world and in light of the growth of international competition. This is a significant call, both in the scope of the budget and in its ability to promote the field. In the test of the result, we would like to see here a unique center with an international reputation that will promote the Israeli ecosystem and enable the growth of a new sector in Israeli high tech."

 Bio-Convergence (BC), is a combination of technologies in the field of biology and life sciences, with technologies from the worlds of engineering and software. This is a new field that is growing at an accelerated rate in the global industry and occupies an important place in the worlds of medicine, the environment, climate, energy, agriculture, food, security and other sectors. The expectation is that the BC sector will be a leading factor in development and production in all these fields in the coming years.

Israel is currently in a unique position to take advantage of this opportunity and build an innovative, competitive industry with high economic value, resulting from a combination of the biotech industry with a strong and established high-tech industry. The assets that put Israel in an excellent starting position for the competition for leadership in the field of BC are a high-tech industry with proven strengths in the field of software and data, leadership in certain areas of engineering and exact sciences, high-level research in the life sciences and a strong positioning, which was significantly strengthened during the Corona epidemic, as a leading force in medicine in general And especially in data and informatics. In this framework, the Innovation Authority identified a lack of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary infrastructures that allow the integration of technologies from the fields of biology with engineering and software and this is the background for issuing this call. Companies engaged in the development of bio-devices require knowledge in a very wide variety of fields, which makes the development process more expensive and delayed. Therefore, the goals of the rehabilitation center following this call are:

  1. Providing R&D services to industry and researchers who develop bio-devices with the help of unique equipment and unique knowledge
  2. Providing prototype and small series production services
  3. Developing unique knowledge and providing applied solutions, which will enable leadership in the competition in this field at the international level for industrial corporations, research institutions or other entities
  4. Carrying out training and human capital development for the provision of services to industrial corporations and research institutions

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