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Atmosphere and Climate

An increase in the number of lightning storms may increase the amount of cirrus clouds and increase the global warming process
For two decades, researchers have been trying to find a way to track a climate system that has a decisive influence on the location of rainforests and deserts on Earth. A new study solves the challenge and reveals the extent of the influence of humans
The power of a group - the electrifying version: British researchers discovered that swarms of bees carry a particularly powerful electrical charge. It turns out that the buzz is literal
The discovery also has value in a completely different field - the search for life on planets outside the solar system
The study seeks to deal with the uncertainty in monitoring the urban climate. Despite being characterized by sharp variations both in time and space, and having significant consequences on the quality of life, the economy and the cost of living, yet it turns out that the urban climate is hardly measured in the city
This is according to a study presented as part of an international expert workshop on behalf of the Israel Public Policy Institute (IPPI) and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The discussion presented guiding principles for climate legislation in Israel, the key elements for effective legislation and what can be learned from countries that have already completed climate legislation
Following the Corona, we were destined to face new challenges that had a great impact on the person and the environment: instead of personal meetings, we switched to meetings on Zoom and other online platforms, we traveled the country and avoided social gatherings and wore masks everywhere we went. Will 2020 also be the year that dictates the way for significant changes in the public's attitude to environmental issues?
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