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Animal cloning

An American farmer who illegally cloned a giant sheep - and tried to develop a new hybrid species throughout the United States and release it into the wild
Elior asks: Is it possible to take a woman's egg and fertilize it with another animal's sperm? (For example, a monkey or a tiger..)  
Iranian researchers have cloned their first goat, and along with the US, UK, Canada and China, they are one of the only countries in the world to have successfully cloned goats
Claims that a method developed in Japan to grow culture and tissues from the patient's own cells and that does not require cloning is preferable
The innovative work methods used by the researchers can turn the field of cloning on its face, and significantly increase the efficiency of turning human eggs into cloned embryos
One group of researchers at Seoul University previously managed to produce the world's first cloned dog - Snoopy, an Afghani dog created from adult skin cells. Now this group, without Wong, and with other minor changes, produced three more cloned dogs
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