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The meat and milk of Dolly the sheep - soon on the supermarket shelves

Last Thursday, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the use of meat and milk from cloned animals

The FDA, the American Food and Drug Administration, approved in principle this week the marketing of meat and dairy products derived from cloned animals without requiring that this food be accompanied by a warning label. The BBC reported that federal scientists found no difference between food from cloned animals and food from conventional farm animals.

The newsletter of the Heshel PA Center stated that the FDA's decision is based on a series of studies that state that there is no difference between the meat and milk of the Dolly and similar sheep and those of normal farm animals. Monitoring of laboratory animals that were fed the products of the cloned animals also did not show any damage to their health. Cloning technology will allow farmers to clone, for example, their most productive cows and fattest pigs, so it's no wonder that the American Farmers' Union exerted significant pressure on the FDA.

The results of the polls, on the other hand, show that the majority of the American public remains reserved and recoils from the idea that the meat on their plate did not come to the world by natural means. On the other hand, the polls confirm that the main opposition stems from emotional motives and that the majority of the public does not fully understand the cloning process. Here a fundamental and interesting question arises: should issues such as these be decided on the basis of science alone, or should the government take into account the feelings of the public whether they are scientifically based or not?

However, food companies, including the ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry's, said that customers would like to know that their ice cream comes from normal cows and not cloned. The company's label is already removed because the farmers working with it do not use cattle growth hormones.

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