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In Siberia, the body of a woolly mammoth was found with blood flowing from it

The researchers from Northeastern Russian University estimate that the age of the mammoth is between 10-15 thousand years and that there were probably antifreeze substances in its blood * The discovery raised the issue of cloning mammoths again, but it should be remembered that so far all attempts have failed

woolly mammoth. A model from a museum display in British Columbia, Canada. From Wikipedia
woolly mammoth. A model from a museum display in British Columbia, Canada. From Wikipedia

The woolly mammoth, a symbol of one of the first extinctions apparently caused by humans about 4,000 years ago due to overhunting, may, albeit with a very low chance, return to our lives through cloning, after liquid blood was found in the body of a frozen mammoth in Siberia.

The researchers from the University of Northeast Russia in Yakutsk discovered a female mammoth that was buried 10-15 thousand years ago buried on Lakhovsky Island, not far from the coast. The scientists said that a dark liquid oozed from the mammoth's body.

The remains of the muscle tissue found outside the body contained flesh that was the color of fresh meat. The reason for the preservation is that the lower parts of the mammoth's body lay in pure ice," says Semyon Grigoriev, head of the expedition and director of the management of the mammoth museum at the university in a press release issued by the university.

"The blood was very dark, the muscle was in a space in the ice under the mammoth's belly and when we pulled it the blood started to flow out. Fortunately, the temperature outside at the time of the excavation was around minus seven to minus 10 degrees, it is possible that the mammoth's blood contained antifreeze substances.

However, previous attempts made to clone mammoths found frozen in the ice have failed, including an attempt made by Japanese researchers several years ago. In order for a mammoth to be cloned, it is necessary to insert its genetic material into an emptied ovum of an elephant and insert it into the uterus of the elephant, which in itself is complicated, even if it was genetic material from these days and not one that remained frozen for 10,000 years.

In September 2012, researchers from Russia and South Korea said that they discovered tissue remains of a mammoth buried several meters deep under the ice sheet in Eastern Siberia that may have contained living cells, but the number of cells was too low to achieve a successful cloning.

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  1. It looks just like an elephant…. Science = theory, theory = map, map is not the area!!! There could be a physical, geological map, etc.. You can't say with such certainty that this is what a person who lived at that time told you?? No, because the world has existed for about 6000 years

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  8. Right.
    I did a short search on Google, and realized that Baba is 'father' and Baba is 'gate'. There is also 'Sabva' but it is not related to the discussion.

  9. I jumped for a moment and saw the linguistic discussion.
    I thought it would be interesting to note that the word baba in Aramaic is also derived from the Arabic word for "gate":
    Bab al-Wad => the gate of the gorge

  10. Benjamin,
    So God speaks Aramaic?
    Doesn't he know that if you want to convince people, you have to be an English speaker?

  11. to Shmulik
    If you wanted to continue to get smarter (and maybe a little arrogant) about Zohar's nonsense
    Hari Shabba (the three opening letters in the first three words
    in the Bible) means gate in Aramaic (Baba Kama, Baba Metzia and Baba Batra
    in the mishna) meaning a beginning……that's not how you win an argument.

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  14. Levi Zorik
    There is no connection between evolution and desire. The taller giraffes found more food and therefore reproduced more. It happened very slowly and the rest of the body developed at the same time.
    Evolution is a simple thing.
    Who cares if a giraffe is kosher?

  15. interesting.
    By the way, does anyone know what happened to the eggs they found in China, that is, where did the research progress?

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  17. 1. The rolling of the eyes and innocence is yours simply, criminal. In ancient times, a woman who was raped was no longer a virgin, her father could not find her a groom and therefore this horrible and immoral rule of marrying her to a rapist was created. Listen, I don't want to get too wordy here, but would you marry your daughter to a scumbag who would rape her? In addition, you wrote the "if she wants" nonsense. if she wants??? Do you think women used to have desires? Do you think anyone ever counted a woman as anything? Tired of this shocking bullshit. No one read women and no one was interested in what they had to say so to excuse yourself by writing "if she wanted to" shows me that you are well educated in spewing your horrors without stopping to think about what they are saying.
    In addition, read studies on rape, read what it does to the raped soul. First class immorality.

    2. I wrote: Murder of the rapist if she was raped in the city and did not make a sound. of: (Rape in the Torah): In the case of the rape of an engaged girl in the city, the Torah sentences the rapist and the rapist to death. First class immorality... read and enjoy. I hope your fiancee is never raped.

    3. Read carefully the law of a girl who cheated on her husband and the law of a woman who cheated on her husband. Read it from the first link I attached. First class immorality.

    4. I am glad that you are at least not debating the issue of slavery, which the Torah goes into so much detail instead of completely prohibiting. If the Torah forbade slavery, Africans would not have suffered indescribable suffering for hundreds of years.

    All this shows me how much the Torah was written by men in order to serve men without any superhuman intervention. God would never sign such a shocking document in his immorality and I am so happy that we do not live today under the laws of the Torah and you are also happy about that, that is completely clear. I wonder how you still use your eyes because your crazy eye rolling should have detached the retina from the cornea.

  18. From the first letter of Genesis 50 letters up to the letter and from there 50 letters up to the letter another 50 letters will reach the letter the Torah came out the same in the Five Names every 50 letters make up the word Torah both in the Desert Five and in the Five Devari just the other way around in the last two Five Fives, meaning in the Middle Five All 50 letters make up the name of the name What came out Torah Torah ha Horot Horot (I don't want to write the name of the name in the middle) facing the face of the menorah Yairu (if you want more cherufim talk to us come to the yeshiva;)

  19. The commentators of the Torah teach that rape is the same as murder, therefore it is permissible to kill a rapist when he is raped according to Torah law, so it is enough for a mulik to try to discredit the Torah with lies

  20. Deuteronomy XNUMX: "And the man who slept with her died alone, and you shall not do anything to the girl, because the girl has no mortal sin, for when a man rises up against his neighbor and kills his soul, so is this thing."

  21. By the way, rape is also forbidden to deport a woman who has been raped if she does not agree, something that should cause rape, not rape like the fine

  22. The Torah says that if you see a rapist in the act, it is permissible to kill him. Yes, it teaches the girl to shout and resist and marry her. If the rapist is only in case the girl wants it, then at least say everything the Torah says and don't take things out of context.

  23. Shmulik or Shmuel also has a lot of good things about the people of the past. This is a gate in Aramaic. It's a great opening gate. Only at the end you have to find the truth and also you have to coordinate all the pieces of the puzzle in order to see it. The letter m where it is in the middle and the letter at the end, contrary to the lie of adjacent letters where it is at the end, you need to see the whole picture. You ignore the past and distort the Torah that you did not learn, and if you learned only distortions, by the way, the first Torah said that a vagina should be used far in front of the sophisticated cameras. "And the "sun and shield" Midrash says that the future of the Holy One, blessed be He, will bring heat out of its sheath and the heat of the wicked

  24. Religious debates - atheists is the biggest trolling on the internet
    Followed by right-left debates

  25. If someone on another page is still looking for evidence of the brain damage caused by religion, they are welcome to read the comments that were recently added here

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  27. Zohar, a miracle - with some sugar.
    You don't understand that you are pathetic with the geometry that requires a crooked imagination to even see it, it is called CHERRY PICKING in the vernacular. Something that happens to match (roughly) your search goes, but you ignore dozens of other combinations that don't match. Except that it is written in Genesis that God created.

  28. Glamor,
    It's so ridiculous, it's funny.
    Is that the argument? Is this a lift? It would be fine if it would come out as "truth" but it comes out as "Tam", and indeed you are really adjusting the Torah every time so that it fits science and reality.
    By the way, the first ethics come out in Baba, so Baba, you will continue to waste time trying to admire people who lived thousands of years ago without knowing that God revolves around the sun, that there were dinosaurs, that in China they already knew how to read and write, still be polygamous (because Judaism is a polygamous religion, but Maybe it's actually okay for us men), to accept slavery because it is allowed in the Torah, to still be on guard against witches because it is mandatory to kill witches, to still sell 12-year-old girls to rapists (hey, as long as the father gets compensation, then it's fine) and to still accept murder with equanimity of being raped if she was raped in the city and did not make a sound and we will continue to do science and move forward.

  29. For miracles dear but wrong not for nothing The first three words of the Torah in Genesis God created end with the letters true any attempt to deny it is just an excuse think about it for a moment maybe you too need a miracle

  30. Religious people's reverse engineering of the Torah to fit science is pathetic, insulting and undoubtedly mental laziness of the first order.

    In any case, I again want to present the instructive lectures of Lawrence Krauss and thus, those who want to advance a little and see how science completely makes a personal God redundant, are invited to watch some instructive lectures of his: - The first introductory lecture on a universe out of nothing - A lecture on the same topic given recently in Sweden - Fascinating discussion about the lecture in Sweden. If you don't have much time, watch it. - His lecture includes questions and answers at the end. exciting

  31. one religious
    There is a very simple principle in science that says - as soon as you start making up stories to match reality to the theory then there is probably a problem with the theory.

    It's just like Ptolemy's epicycles that are meant to adjust a false description to reality.

    Think about it for a moment - the first line of the Torah is complete nonsense. From that moment it's just excuses…..

  32. And he created the large crocodiles (large reptiles in the Torah, crocodile means reptile as shown later) and the only way that can be interpreted is that it is dinosaurs in the translation horrible reptiles from me all the animals that are described in creation are fathers of families such as fish birds large crocodiles beasts and animals it is not written a squirrel for example or a lion and as you see later in the book of Exodus with Moses that the staff became a crocodile and only after me several times that it is mentioned that the staff became a crocodile is mentioned only once at the end when God said to Moses take the staff that was a snake from before me before me it is written on the staff only and it will be for a crocodile several times and the meaning is that the staff became a reptile and after that the writing explains to some reptile from the family of reptiles a snake like there is Many in the Torah in the order of the sacrifices are sheep, followed by a sheep, for example

  33. By the way, for those who haven't learned, the height of the Temple was determined because of a dinosaur, 50 meters, which is 100 fathoms. From my face, King David rode a dinosaur. In these days, they were called Ramim (which explains how in the caves in Spain, as well as in the Himalayas, ancient paintings of dinosaurs were found on the walls, and in some of them, a person riding on them, many types of dinosaurs exactly Most of the imagination of the scientists regarding the dinosaurs, which leaves a question for the scientists how they extend man a long time after the dinosaurs) and as David said in the Psalms, he saved me from the mouth of a lion from the horns of an obedient ram. And he prayed to God and saved him and he sent a lion and when he saw the lion kneeling the ram and David was still afraid of the lion and prayed he saved me from the mouth of a lion just as my lofty prophecies answered me and they were divided in the Gemara. The largest ram in the world if they save the ram from it and agree without dispute that he built a house 2000 cubits as the size of the largest ram in the world 1500 meters this is the size of the brontosaurus that the scientists define as the largest of the dinosaurs Rabbi Saadia from before me more than 100 years teaches the difference between a ram and a ram and explains that we call a ram after its size and for the ram There are also the largest horns that have ever been made by a living creature and which seems to be an interesting species of rhinoceros that the two-horned chirporgan does not remember its name the three-horned chirporgan but the one with the 50 is cataloged by the scientists as the largest horned animal that ever existed and the most common strike in the world

  34. By the way, to the mistake who wrote that a rabbit does not defecate, he will see and prove that he has a large appendix in which the food is passed for further digestion, as well as a rabbit has two intestines of feces, one of which produces like hairy circles that the rabbit eats for further digestion, which is defecating, perhaps not in the usual way but still regularly The animals have additional digestion, and by the way, this is the reason why the Torah sages point out that each of these animals with one sign of purity each received a different verse, and there were not three verses written in one verse to imply that they are different in the way of raising the gerah

  35. And be silly, this is only the number of the world from the creation of Adam and it is known that even in the current Genesis they said that every day in creation is as long as an age and ages

  36. We too, in relation to the people who were in the previous world, are further away from animals and closer to man than earth to heaven. There are those who want to be only earth and dirt.

  37. As you know, science is still in its infancy regarding the Torah, and science can be contradicted thousands of times, and the Torah cannot be contradicted even once, nor will a person arise who will contradict even a verse of the Torah, and this is because it is not man-made and is eternal, and everything else is just an imitation. And regarding the mammoth or other large animals that became extinct a long time ago and are now finding their remains. The whole point is that at the time of the flood, not only man did the most abominable acts against his kind, but the animals also went contrary to their kind, and therefore such mutations and other types of their stock were created that scientists find today in various places. There are ancient conditions and there is no contradiction between science and the Torah, but only with regard to the number of years that can be explained by the fact that the atomic bomb in the city of Hiroshima aged the earth by a million years, so surely every scientist who is not stupid understands that the bomb was only a few decades ago, as well as today the great majority of scientists The world came to the conclusion [by tests of carbon and caves of stalactites, etc.] They came to a clear conclusion that this world is not yet six thousand years old. And we should be proud of our Torah which is eternal and that everything else is just an imitation and anyone who wants to delve into it is welcome and he will discover to his surprise that everything is written Torah. Thanks.

  38. More about the age of the world, except for the worlds that were destroyed before me. This world, by the way, the previous world contained generations that were inferior to us. To each person according to his sin an explanation from 2000 years ago that justifies the genetic proximity of the 80 percent genetic similarity between man and chimpanzee (just as we inferiors justify in the next world that they will no longer be people like here but will jump a few more steps in resembling the Creator of the world

  39. Regarding the age of the world, they already wrote both in the Zohar and in the Midrash that the Holy One created, bless the worlds and destroys them, and this is the reason why there was confusion and chaos, and out of chaos he created a new world, and it is known to those who seek records of the Holy Books that this is the 4th world, and a hint comes from the first letter B in Genesis, which has 4 tags instead of 1 tag, unlike every letter in the Torah In other places in the Torah where the letters of the living God have been tested, they have only one tag, but the first letter B in Genesis is both large and received 4 tags, and as Baal Tiferat Yisrael explained that the back thorn of the letter B points to the worlds that were before this world, and this is Genesis 4 as it will be Genesis 5 in the world to come I have to work to get a ticket

  40. Commentary on the mishna of Rambam's Tractate Sanhedrin, Chapter XNUMX, Mishna XNUMX:

    And from what you should know that the words of sages, peace be upon them, have divided people into three sects.

    The first sect, and they are the majority of whom I have met and whom I have seen their friends and who have heard about them, understand them in their simplest form and do not explain them at all, and they have done everything that avoids the obligations of reality, and they have done so only because of their failure in wisdom and their distance from the sciences, and there is no perfection in them to the point that they wake up to this of their own accord , and they did not find a stimulus to teach them, and therefore they think that there is no sense of wisdom in all their learned articles, but what they themselves understood from them, and that they are as simple as they are, and even though there are some of their words from the foreigner in the Pashti, to the point that if you told us they were as simple as the multitude of the people, even if they were individuals, they would be amazed by it and say that how could it be In the world there is a person who imagines these things and thinks that they are true things, and all the more that they will please him. And this wretched sect has mercy on their failure in that they exalted the sages according to their thinking and do nothing but humiliate them for the purpose of humiliation and do not feel it, and God lives because this sect loses the brightness of the Torah and darkens its brightness, and does the Torah of Hashem in the opposite way that is intended in it, according to what God said about the wisdom of His Torah which He will hear all these laws, etc., and this sect will demand from the words of the sages, things that if heard by the nations, they will only say with this little heathen's scoundrel and villain. And there are many who do so as preachers who understand the people what they themselves do not understand, and who would be silent because they do not understand, who would give the deaf a deaf ear and be wise, or they would say we do not know what the sages wanted in these words nor what it meant, but they think they understand, and pretend to understand For the people, what they themselves understood was not what the sages said, and they demanded before the crowd in sermons of blessing and a part and parcel of them, word for word. And the second sect are also many and they are the ones who saw the words of the sages or heard it and understood it as simple, and thought that there was no sign of sages in this but the meaning of the simple things, therefore they despised it and condemned it and considered strange what is not strange, and often mocked the words of the sages, and thought that they were wiser than they and had more ideas , and peace be upon them, they are gullible, mindless, foiled in all reality, and do not achieve anything at all, and most of those who fall into this thinking are those who claim to be doctors, and are deluded in the laws of the zodiac, according to their imagination, they are wise inspectors, philosophers, and how far they are from humanity in the case of the true philosophers. And they are more fools than the first sect and more seducers, and they are an accursed sect that erupted against high-minded people whose wisdom was already known among the sages. And these trained themselves in the sciences until they knew how to write the things about divine matters and the like from the sciences to the multitude and the wise, and they adapted to themselves the practical part of philosophy, because then they would understand whether the wise are wise or not, and the matters of their words would be understood by them.

    And the third sect, and they are God's life, are so few that they can be called a sect just as one can say about the sun a species, and they are the people in whom the greatness of the sages and the goodness of their understanding is evident in what is found in all their words, things that point to very real matters, and even though they are few and scattered in several places in their groups, they are They show their integrity and have achieved the truth. And we will also find out with them the prevention of avoidance and reality from the obligation of reality, and they will know that the words of the coming one did not speak about them, and we will find out that there is a simplicity and secret in their words, and that everything they said about things that are impossible is not their words in that except through the riddle and the parable, and this is the way of the great sages, and therefore the opening of his book The greatest of the sages said to understand a parable and recommend the words of the sages and their riddles, and it is already known among the linguists that a riddle is the things that are concerned with their secret and not with their simplicity, and as he said, Ahuda please a riddle, etc., according to the words of all the wise in the sublime things that are the purpose are nothing but a riddle and a parable, and why should we be surprised at They combined the wisdom in the way of parables and compared them with mass vile things, and you see that the wisest of all people did so in the Holy Spirit, meaning Solomon in Proverbs in the Song of Songs and some Ecclesiastes. Explaining the verses of the scriptures and taking them out of their plain meaning and making them a parable and it is the truth, as we found that they said that what the scripture said he smote the two Ariels of Moab is all a parable, and also what the Bible says he smote Harry in the pit etc. is a parable, and they said who will draw me water and the rest of what happened all this parable. And also the entire book of Job, one of them said there was a parable and did not explain for what purpose this parable was made. And when Ezekiel said one of them was a parable and there were many like it.

  41. One religious:
    This is nonsense.
    It's just a dodge.
    Those who read what is written there understand what they wanted to say and religious people who see that it does not work out invent that it is closed.
    Shut up whoever believes that.
    By the way, the fact that the rabbit ruminates is written in the Torah.
    The fact that the Euphrates and the Tigris come from a common source is written in the Torah.
    That there was a flood that flooded the entire earth (and the amount of water necessary for this would have continued to cover the entire earth forever) is written in the Torah.
    It is also written there that the sun stopped in Gibeon even though the sun does not revolve around the earth and if they stopped the rotation of the earth it would be completely destroyed.
    There is endless nonsense written there.

  42. To Michael:
    The story of creation in the book of Genesis is closed, i.e. not explained. Sages also stood by this and said "It is impossible to make known the power of one's actions to flesh and blood, therefore the Torah is closed in Genesis". And in the contemporary Hebrew translation - "The concept of creation cannot be explained to humans because, being humans, they do not have the tools to understand it. That is why the Torah blocked the story of creation and did not explain it (that is, the data there do not express natural processes that happened). What you as a person need to know is that God created the world. how? It is the role of science to discover and explain" (so far the translation). Regarding the age of the world - the source is the Berita (conditional words) which calculates backwards according to the years specified in the Torah (ages, periods and past years, etc.). Even this minyan (as I already said in the previous response, came into use in a very late period) does not refer to the creation of the world, but to the stage in which man developed to such a level that he was given the "divine soul", that is, the ability to call upon God (something that is expressed in speech of God to the first Adam). This stage came very late in the evolution of man, approximately 6000 years ago, with the invention of writing (the Sumerian culture). This stage sealed the foundation in the development of man and on top of it was built the new stage of Adam talking to God and God talking to him. And even if you reject this explanation, that's fine, since the issue of the age of the world is a very marginal issue in Judaism and there is nothing substantial that is based on it (the fact that they make too much of it is just populism or ignorance). Regarding your last claim, I already wrote in the previous response that the Torah comes to tell man his role in the world and in the process he will understand the essence of the world. The Bible is not a codex of laws (because if it is, then it is quite bad at that...) but a history book with a moral orientation (as there are military, cultural history books, etc.) that comes to show you how God leads the world, whether it is in the form Open and at sea if it is in a hidden form. However, in order to study the Bible, you need to remember a few basic points, the main one being that the Bible speaks of a time in which prophecy took place (not fortune-telling, but prophecy in the sense of a direct relationship with God) and since today there is no prophecy - a great many things in the Bible You seem incomprehensible to us (according to our understanding). And this is an issue in itself and this is not the place to extend.

    One thinks:
    My response referred to the Bible. Some of the things you wrote refer to the Gemara. And even though the Gemara is an interpretation of the written Torah (that is, the Bible) the facts written in it that relate to science, medicine, astronomy, etc. are based on the sages of the nations of the past. Therefore, already in the time of the Geniuses (if I'm not mistaken it was Rabbi Hasdai Gaon) these "facts" were treated as things that were proven to be false. The Geniuses themselves write not to use the medicines written in the Gemara because they are not useful. The example you gave regarding the lice that are created from rotting and sweating (a fact that the Gemara uses in order to allow killing them on Shabbat), indeed, later sages wrote about it that since it was discovered that lice are indeed male and female, it is forbidden to kill them on Shabbat. As for the rest of the facts from the animal world - it's exactly the same | (with the exception of the matter of the trachea. I admit, I know this specific matter in a not very deep way, but I can say this - it's ridiculous to say that people who dealt with slaughtered animals on a daily basis They didn't know their basic anatomy! What the Gemara writes that the tube splits, etc., is writing in the terms of those days, but the "tube" refers to tubes, i.e. also arteries, esophagus, etc. This is on the edge of the fork, again, because I have not researched this matter till the end). As for the rabbit and the rabbit, it's simple. These animals defecate but in a different way - they eat their feces straight from the anus and this is both defined as defecating and to an outside observer as defecating (since you see them chewing even without eating anything beforehand).
    You can find plenty of examples like this, of things from the Gemara that contradict science (go search on the "Deat Emet" website with Ba Lech) but the basis is what I already said above.
    By the way of "Deat Emet", I read an interview with Yaron Yedan and he claims that since he found contradictions between the Gemara and the scientific facts today, this proved to him that the Torah is not from heaven. According to what I explained - his words are nonsense. This also works the other way around - all those "repenters" who come and show the audience how the Sages knew astronomy and medicine, etc., this is also nonsense, since the Sages based these things on the wisdom of the Gentiles. The conclusion - there is no scientific facts to raise or lower regarding the truth of the Torah.
    I hope things are clear enough.
    Last note - I'm not here to convince anyone and I'm one who usually avoids debates about religion (I think it's a completely unnecessary thing, unless the other party really wants to learn and listen). All the previous and current reaction follows the fact that religious people constantly try to contrast religion with science and say "we are right and you are wrong". And it's really annoying.

  43. What is amazing is that whenever there is a contradiction between science and the Torah, the people of the Torah will say that it is an allegory, an image, a simplification and all these nice words that come to cover the fact that it is about what was once considered true and today is not and there needs to be a verbal line in order to continue to cling to the past. Remember, this was not the case hundreds of years ago. Once upon a time they really believed that diseases were caused by sins, in the Genesis story as it were, and that homosexuals were an abomination. Oops, that's what they still believe because for some reason, it hasn't become a metaphor yet and that's exactly where their problem lies. No matter how hard they try, the Torah continues to be a burden on the modern religious who has to live in an illusory duality in which he has to twist when he is called upon to explain why it is okay to kill a raped woman, if she was raped in the city and did not make a sound or why it is okay for a father to sell his daughter 12 to the man who raped her (and to receive compensation, of course) and why slavery is perfectly fine and permitted in the Torah (if the Torah had forbidden slavery no matter what, maybe the blacks would not have experienced hundreds of crazy years of death and humiliation) and this is the reason why the atheist group and the one that does not join an organized religion It is the fastest growing group in the US.

    In any case, those who want to make a little progress and see how science makes a personal God completely redundant, are welcome to watch three instructive lectures by Lawrence Krauss: - The first introductory lecture on a universe out of nothing - A lecture on the same topic given recently in Sweden - Fascinating discussion about the lecture in Sweden - His lecture includes questions and answers at the end. exciting


  44. Is there no contradiction between science and Torah? really….

    A rabbit and a rabbit rummage, bats lay eggs, the gestation period of a bear, an elephant and a tiger lasts for 3 years, the trachea splits into lungs, liver and heart, lice are formed from mud and mold.... Is there any point in continuing?

  45. One religious:
    First of all - it seems that you have an argument with a religious person.
    Besides, your strange claim that there is no contradiction is without merit. In the Torah it is written how the world was created and it contains so-called historical data from which it is possible to calculate its age.
    By the way - there is not a single word in it about the essence of the world.

  46. Enough with this unnecessary argument. Just as there can be no contradiction between astronomy and classical music, so there can be no contradiction between Torah and science. These are two different fields - science comes to describe how nature works, while the Torah talks about the essence of the world and the role of man. There is no problem with the age of the world - the universe has existed for about 12 billion years and was created by the big bang. The description in the book of Genesis does not describe how God created the world, that is the role of science (by the way, nowhere in the Bible does it say that the world is 5763 years old. This is a late count that came into use only in the time of the geniuses! Even the Amoraim in the Gemara used the number of bills that is at all Greek number in origin). So enough with these unnecessary arguments.

  47. The answer is that the world was created and made! This is not a misrepresentation, in the Torah it is written that he created all species of animals when they were already large (maybe even several individuals), created perfect trees, as well as a solar system and stars made of it, the question why the Holy One, blessed be He, did this is not a question, because you can in the same way to ask why he created such an animal and not another.
    In any case, the theory according to which the world is ancient, also needs to base itself on some point that was prior to everything, so that you will always be left with the question of what was before the world was created, and before this and before that, unless you understand that there is something that is above time and the human mind.

  48. We believe that the Holy One, blessed be He, created the world to exist. That is, all the physical problems exist, so you check it according to estimates that you yourself determined, it seems to you billions of years ago

  49. And after all the religious scientific proofs they still claim that the world is only a few thousand years old...

  50. very interesting! Exactly two months ago, National Geographic magazine's article of the month dealt with the cloning of extinct species in general and woolly mammoths in particular.

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