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Israeli invention: a pocket printer by Zota Labs is a success on Kickstarter

The company raised in five days almost the entire amount it had earmarked for the month, and the hand is still tilted. The idea is simple - a print head that moves on a page without the other components of the printer. The system will go on the market in early 2015

The tiny robotic printer from Jerusalem-based Zota Labs is controlled by a cell phone
The tiny robotic printer from Jerusalem-based Zota Labs is controlled by a cell phone

Last Thursday, the company Zuta Labs from Jerusalem launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter website, and in 5 days managed to obtain over 361 thousand dollars to finance the development of a pocket printer - a tiny robotic device that travels on paper and prints the files from the mobile device.

Sources in the market estimate that although the projected fundraising amount was 400, Zota may in the 25 days left for the fundraising campaign pass the record for crowdfunding by an Israeli company so far - 1.2 million dollars.

The Zota Labs company revealed in a campaign a robotic mobile printer that moves freely across the page and is able to print a document in one minute on any type of paper. The printer is small, light and comfortable to hold or the size of the palm of your hand. The company states that the crowdfunding is intended to enable the printer to be put on the market in January 2015.

Who among us hasn't encountered a problem when he needed to print a certain file and he wasn't near his corporate printer? For example, hotels charge high sums for the right to print documents, with the exception of boarding passes. The printer is able to print a page per minute, that is, at a relatively slow speed, but when it comes to a single alternative, it is of course an achievement. It is also able to work for an hour on a single charge.

In the video, Tovia Alboim, the founder of the company, explains that this is a necessary revolution for the printer industry. "We asked ourselves why not get rid of the entire printer and leave only the print head and small wheels that will allow it to run on the paper. In this way, we allow the printer to be as small as possible."

To the recruitment page on the kickstarter website

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  1. Can the printer be purchased in an online or physical store in Israel, or can it only be purchased on Amazon?

  2. Here is another start-up, increasing the frequencies of satellites and exploiting their capabilities. The problem is that it is illegal. But when using foreign servers for research purposes, "it's fine". Use of public resources needs to be in agreement, as in the beautiful way that the brother-in-law crowdfunding, in the project presented in the article.

  3. Maybe a trifle in the 20 days left for the recruitment campaign, she will pass the record for mass recruitment of a company.. typo

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