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Tonight, the Wolf Awards were handed out

The prize, in the amount of 100 thousand dollars in each field is considered a predictor for the Nobel Prize

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The President of the State and the Minister of Education on Sunday evening presented the Wolf Prizes, in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars without limit, to 11 prominent people of science and art from the country and the world. Here is the list of winners:

Agriculture 2008
Wolf Prize in Agriculture for the year 2008-2008 The Wolf Prize in Agriculture for the year XNUMX-XNUMX unanimously decided to award it to three scientists: John A. Pickett Rothamsted Research Institute Harpenden, United Kingdom James H. James H. Tumlinson, Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania, USA, and W. Joe Lewis, Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture, Tipton, Georgia, USA, for their discoveries The most impressive in the field of the mechanisms that control the interaction between plants and insects and between plants themselves. Their scientific contribution in the field of chemical ecology encouraged the development of integrated pest management and significantly promoted sustainable agriculture. The research activities of John A. Pickett, James H. Tomlinson and J. Lewis led to a paradigm shift in the field of integrated pest management in agriculture.

Wolf Prize in Chemistry -2008
The Wolf Prize Committee in Chemistry for the year 2008-XNUMX unanimously decided to award it in equal parts to two scientists: William E. Moerner, Stanford University in California; Allen J. Bard (Allen J. Bard) University of Texas, Austin.

For the brilliant creation of a new field of scientific research, the field of spectroscopy and electrochemistry of single molecules, and its consequences at the nanoscopic level, from the molecular and cellular domain to composite material systems.


The 2008 Mathematics Prize Committee unanimously decided to award it to three scientists: Pierre R. Deligne - Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, USA for his work on mixed Hodge theory, Weyl conjectures and matching Riemann-Hilbert, and for his contributions to arithmetic; Phillip A. Griffiths, Princeton Institute for Advanced Study, New Jersey, USA for his work on variations of Hodge structures and the theory of cycles of Abelian integrals, and for his contributions to composite differential geometry. David B. Mumford Brown Providence University, Rhode Island, USA for his work on algebraic surfaces and the theory of geometric reserves, and for laying the foundations for the modern algebraic theory of moduli of curves and theta functions.

Wolf Prize in Medicine - 2008The Wolf Prize Committee in Medicine for the year 2008 unanimously decided to award it in equal shares to two scientists: Professor Haim Sider and Professor Aharon Razin from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for their fundamental contributions to understanding the role of DNA methylation in the control of gene expression.

Wolf Prize in Art (Music) 2008 - XNUMXThe Art (Music) Prize Committee for the year 2008-XNUMX unanimously decided to award it to two artists: Giya Kancheli, Tbilisi, Georgia and Antwerp, Belgium. He is today one of the greatest composers in the world, a creator of original music imbued with unforgettable beauty. His mighty symphonies range between surreal silence and an almost violent outburst of self. Claudio Abbado (Claudio Abbado) Milan, Italy is one of the greatest conducting giants of all time. A noble soul whose musical work is imbued with inner passion, imbued with an intellectual statement, and full of human love.

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