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Why creationism is not science

"Unfortunately, the creationist propaganda is backed by big money, which I estimate that the donors would prefer to give to charity in more important areas." writes S. Churchman

The mythological Irish Leprechaun in a painting from the beginning of the 20th century. From Wikipedia
The mythological Irish Leprechaun in a painting from the beginning of the 20th century. From Wikipedia

On the website of the British newspaper Plymouth Herald, a man named Gareth Jones asks why the biblical description of creation detailed in the book of Genesis cannot be studied as a response to the documentary series dealing with evolution.

and the blogger S. Churchman replies: I can assist Gareth. This is the same reason why they don't show series supporting the flat earth theory as a response to Dr. Ian Stewart's geological programs, astrology programs as a response to Brian Cox's astronomy films, or a program on the origin of the Irish Leprechauns versus Dr. Ellis' human migration films Roberts.

Believe what you want, but if it is not supported by observations, empirical evidence and scientific method, and has not passed the strict filter of peer review, it cannot be classified as science. It goes without saying that evolution meets all these requirements and creationism does not.

In the day when those who believe the Bible simply bring forth some evidence of the existence of talking snakes, a global flood and the ability to keep pairs of any of the millions of animals that have ever lived, including provisions on a wooden boat without ventilation, built with Bronze Age technology, then perhaps it will be possible to insert the Creationism into the scientific arena.

"Unfortunately, the creationist propaganda is backed by big money, which I estimate that the donors would prefer to give to charity in more important areas." writes S. Churchman.

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  1. Barron: It's not bad, we all have lives. I referred to this statement: "If you have the strength to think a little, say, and I will briefly write the necessary logic behind these things."
    Philosophy: Right. Indeed, unlike science, which considers reality and facts and updates itself according to the findings, philosophy, like religion, is not bound to reality or facts. That's why the street has the term "Flespan". One who babbles a lot and says nothing. Some are very smart. Leibovitch was like that. Berber himself knows about religion and God. Intelligent, sharp and unusually smart. But felspan.

    God: I already said - there is no need or reason for it. Science explains everything great. Pushing an imaginary, invented being who stars as one of the most impressive literary figures in history behind the science is completely unnecessary. This is as long as we do not understand that faith is not rational and logical or relies on reason but belongs to the world of emotion and soul. As such it is necessary, otherwise it would not exist. It fulfills and meets many mental-emotional needs that a person has. to the son of man. Some don't need it. Yes, they will multiply in God. That's how the opinion spread in the world because as you remember from the secular midrash above there is a zero sum game between religion to know....

    Claiming that the ultra-Orthodox public is "persecuted" is a ridiculous claim. A public whose political power incredibly extorts the secular public or more correctly its submissive, lax and lax electorates cannot be persecuted. The negative influence of his elected officials on our lives and on the country is so extensive, shocking and difficult that it is not clear where you derive such an absurd argument from. I agree, on the other hand, with the feeling that the religious sector suffers from resentment, enormous anger, and even disgust. But he earned it with honesty and hard work and deserves these feelings. An evasive sector that lives in an unprecedented, unique and primal parasitic manner deserves the attitude towards it in the public. But "persecuted"? where did you get it from? You are talking about the rioters on the Street of the Prophets on Shabbat who threw stones. A new "front" was opened in Jerusalem after the Karta parking lot and other old arenas. Are you talking about the dispersal of the demonstrations of the thousands of rioting ultra-Orthodox? The incompetence of the police, laxity and surrender in the face of mobs is the opposite of "persecuted" that you claim. After all, a similar Arab public would end such demonstrations with wounded and dead. I don't think we should kill, but send some with broken limbs to the hospital? This is required in a law and order state. The fact that this is not happening and the reality that shows the overlapping of different and even different ultra-Orthodox circles leads me to the excited call: "Baron, come back to reality"......

    Seminarymph seems to me that you did not understand. I am not talking about the cheating, the fraud and the robbery that many religious hands are immersed in. This is clear and known. This is not news and no one is excited. Also sex crimes and pedophilia. We have already understood that the secular stupidity as if there is some excess morality in religion or religiosity, some protection from sin and crime, is, well, stupidity.
    I'm talking about lies, cheating, distortions of facts and fraud within the context of what the rabbis and speakers at the seminar conveyed. Just one small example like this: Greilk told in a very interesting lecture, full of pathos and even moving (I was really moved, really) how the offense is a special, unique language and it stems from the "holy language". He explained many things and went on to point out the connection between the shape of the letter and the meaning, that the letters themselves are sacred and contain some "essence". After all, the Torah that was given at Sinai and together with it gifts and secrets were given to the Jews (and only to them of course...). And the Hebrew letters are holy by virtue of being part of the holy language. Either he didn't know and is ignorant like many of the yeshiva guys or he lied and misrepresented, hid and omitted on purpose.
    After all, our script, our letters, our Hebrew is not "ours"......the Hebrew script is completely different. It is a development - almost a copy - of the Canaanite script. Our script, today, is a copy of the square Aramaic script that was adopted only in the days of the Second Temple. Parable What is this similar to? The Armenians were Israel's enemies for hundreds of years and there were many wars between them. Aram in today's Syria. As if we will abandon the script and adopt the Arabic script as "our" script. Is it conceivable? Well it was. And the degenerate into the Hellenic religion, Greilk, who is known for his hateful articles against the "secular" shamelessly and with a lot of shame, babbles nonsense and nonsense in front of an entire public.

    I don't know if it's a shame that we got into a conflict between sectors because I think it's the main problem in Israel. Not the Arabs. They are not scary. We are destroyed from within, not from the Arabs. They can hurt us more or less but we can them. The problem is internal. This was beautifully demonstrated today in the deaf conversation between Brigadier General Rachel Dolev, a woman, and Dov Halbertal, a representative of the Lithuanian public who is close to Rabbi Elyashiv. He represents - and is proud of it..!!! - a clearly evasive and parasitic public and claims confused arguments even though it is clear that he is intelligent and has a mind at the top. But he is religious. There he falls. And Colonel Dolev answered him wonderfully and put him in his place. And he understands this because he is not stupid, that's why he falls for her. Because this is the way out for those who realize they were wrong and refuse to admit it. did you hear the call You're welcome:

    And if I have already found a fascinating discussion in which this Lithuanian suddenly seems enlightened compared to Eichler the Hasid, the messenger of the Rebbe of Belez. There is always someone more extreme and darker than you. And then you suddenly seem enlightened……
    Unbelievably, he is in favor of separating religion from the state - like the "Or" party, the only one serious about the issue of all the secular parties that are respectfully described as "sick."
    By the way, notice that at the beginning it is clear that they admit and understand that they are evading, parasitic and exploitative and even corrupt, what a great agreement of the representatives of the Lithuanian public on the one hand and the Hasidim on the other. Later they bicker quite a pleasure. The Lithuanian agrees with Shulamit Aloni and the Hasid goes out of his mind... There is a pleasure in watching this video.

  2. colleague!
    I apologize for the late response; I was busy the last two days with various matters, and I didn't have time to visit the site.
    First of all, I want to make it clear that I have no idea what clue about your thinking ability you are referring to. The words did not come out of my mouth, and I'm sorry that you probably misunderstood my words.
    Secondly, I was happy to hear that I am making you happy, at least one benefit...
    Am I supposed to take seriously the article about the reader in the cafe that you sent me? "Rabbi rabbis and Yeshiva boys"... the kind of rabbis who have romantic relationships with foreign tourists from the side. We understood. Surely there are goddesses who move the tree in the desired direction. The connection between them to religion and the religious is perhaps the dome.
    Right. There are failures in Maimonides' scientific teachings. As well as there are failures in the scientific teachings of all the scientists of his time, and also - and there is no doubt about it - there are many mistakes in the scientific matters in the Talmud. What does it have to do with us? Philosophy, unlike material science, has no reason in the world to be more true today than in the past. Philosophers of our time are not wiser than Aristotle or the Maimonides, and philosophy does not rely on facts or knowledge anyway, but on logic and there is no end to it. Treating the teachings of a philosopher of Aristotle's stature as a "spaghetti monster" (I liked the term), something that cannot be contradicted and is unlikely to be true, is not a smart thing to do.
    God also has a great touch in our worlds, and God is not completely abstract. There is no contradiction in that. But with regard to the specific point of the actions of demons and actions designed to ward them off, I have already addressed it before. A.E.
    The whole nature is not controlled by God because he has orders and explanations?! God, except in rare cases, always runs the world in a logical and causal way. What is called: "in the way of nature". God is not a scientific explanation for any phenomenon, but he is a real driver of all phenomena.
    I corroborated your claims, and clarified their logical motives. And even you confirmed my claims. All the examples of anti-secular media incitement you gave are against the anti-religious incitement on your side, something I immediately retracted from when I wrote that there is no anti-secular incitement. As a persecuted public, it is also possible to go a bit extreme to refine the message. It is perfectly legitimate, and in the general media it is used to a much greater extent.
    The story about the seminar scam, if it did happen, is not an example of anything. After all, this is not an establishment fraud of the ultra-orthodox public; It is simply a private fraud of all institutions (more precisely: of the parents, the seminaries have no part in the fraud) that belong to the ultra-orthodox public. Frauds of people and institutions for financial purposes, are found everywhere and in every sector. And also, in the ultra-orthodox public to any extent; Although this is against the Jewish religion. They are not perfect either, only that, unlike the rest, they strive to be so.
    Even in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Jews are not accused of cruelty or violent crimes. All in all, they are presented as an establishment that strives to take over the world with fraudulent and deceitful schemes. I don't see a big difference. and again; Of course I exaggerated, it's a legitimate way to refine messages.
    It is a great shame that we have entered into a conflict between sectors that has been tearing Israeli society apart for years. Sectors whose only difference is religion, descended into blatant and even violent conflict over nothing. Too bad.
    Keep enjoy,

  3. The truth is that there is so much material about frauds, scams and robbery of the religious sector that every show will sin to many others that will take their place. In the XNUMXth, an example from today:
    After all, it seems that the religious sector educated in the spirit of religion does not surpass the non-religious sector.

  4. In Warren, a great week!
    First, to your second comment about the babas and the newsletters, here is a hot article from the oven:
    Beyond the fact that "Torah children" who were educated in the "correct education" come to this newsletter, it is possible that the lady is promoting herself and exaggerating the terminology "rabbis", etc. and it makes sense that the Yellow Rodef newspaper takes advantage of her desire in the publication, but I liked the sentence in the article: "The choice of rabbis and priests to consult with Reading in a cafe is surprising, in view of the fact that Halacha forbids turning to information sources. "Because of the respect I have for them, I try not to go into these places with them," Evron says. "In the background conversations I had with them I realized that they are not lying to God and that it is possible. After all, you can shake the tree however you want." This links to my previous response about a flexible and convenient interpretation and bending the halacha to the appropriate place for the believer. This is something that is impossible in science, for example.

    The Rambam issue: Oh, it's great how you dismiss my claims as nonsense and do not directly address the fallacies in Rambam's teachings that I pointed out. After all, Rambam was wrong in his "scientific" approach and in his understanding of reality and the world, since he was based on Aristotle. Also his medicine, as said there, is not something you would treat yourself or your children……or anyone else for that matter. But to refer to Rambam's failures and mistakes is impossible, I assume for my religion, so you bypassed the failures and problems and made an argument that does not contradict mine.
    After all, I did not claim that his philosophical view is wrong. As a religious concept, it can be said, at most, that it is nonsense like most concepts of faith. It's easy to say this by the way when you talk about angels and demons and make the classic claim of all thinkers and seekers of vanity: it is not possible to "grasp" the things that are, so to speak, outside of our knowledge and senses. So how do we still know about their existence and something about their nature? Well, these are "secrets" passed on by God. Or the aliens, or through channeling. come on. After all, the claim about angels and demons is not a claim in the world, since they have a touch with the world, they seem to act in it and are supposed to leave "signs" of their actions. After all, it was not for nothing that the Rabbinate ruled, based on an older ruling, to whistle in the dark when a person walks alone as a protection against demons. There are other similar things about rabbis drinking and the like, but the story is short and the vanities are so many...

    You tried to imply, and even more so, about my thinking abilities. At least I try to think. And to think correctly what one thinks if one thinks at all. That's why I will recommend you the site: "Sharp Thinking" which attacks all kinds of hallucinatory hallucinations. What's nice is that religion is only one of the nonsense he attacks there. It turns out that the human world is so rich in vanity that it is really a treasure for those who want to contribute to education for "sharp thinking". Recently a column was published about his correspondence with mystics in a forum of such flyers and how surprising it is that the same answers are heard from the mouths of religious people when they come to discuss with them nonsense and nonsense that our ancestors refuted and instead of seeing them as such in their spending the faith that sanctifies even the nonsense and vanity of our ancestors they try to justify and explain the nonsense. Not surprisingly the arguments are similar then.

    Regarding the perception of God, I strongly disagree with you that this has always been the perception of God as if there is some "recognition" of God and a monolithic perception of him. of course not. After all, "In the beginning man created God in his own image and in his likeness he created them..." That is why there are so many gods in the world - as many human civilizations. Culture, culture and its invented and imagined god. After all, if there really was a God, everyone would recognize him and his essence like the other phenomena in the world.
    Regarding the assistance you offer me in understanding the Rambam and explanations about it - this is exactly what I referred to above when I said that it is forbidden to legitimize religious delusions like the ones you are trying to present and represent. Asking you for an explanation or an interpretation so that you will "show" me the right way to relate and "understand" Rambam is the essence of Jewish education for brainwashing throughout the generations. While the whole world was religious, more or less, the phenomenon did not seem unusual. In modern times, when there is an alternative, religious education has been discovered in its depths as an excellent and effective method like no other for brainwashing babies who have fallen and fixed them on a very narrow path.

    The God of Gaps: You have strengthened and substantiated my arguments here. Thanks. You claimed that we will always retreat to some starting point and there, we will automatically place God. This is the replacement of the word "don't know" with "God". To my religion, this must be an answer, even though it is not an answer.
    Regarding the claim that even after there is a scientific explanation God is behind it, this is a vain claim. After all, if there is a scientific explanation, why are you pushing God? Or as one of the writers of the encyclopedia answered "there is no need for it" to the question where is the value "God"…….

    Regarding the opacity and lack of openness of the religious sector, you again confirmed my claims. And regarding the media, your claims are simply false. The outbursts of the writers of articles and opinions in the non-religious public are wild incitement. There are so many examples and I will only mention the caricature that drew the swastika integrated into the state symbol....Grilak's articles (whom I had the pleasure of hearing his lies about the Hebrew language in the seminar) about the secular public are like injecting poison into the human bloodstream.

    Regarding the answers about the kangaroo. Disgraceful exploitation of science and its discoveries when they are convenient is a disgraceful act. This is in light of the fact that books like those of the clown Zamir Cohen, who try to explain how science "supports" the faith of the Jewish religion, are an insult and a mockery to every academic and person seeking reason and education. The fact that multitudes of fools drink and read his words with thirst and follow him only proves how much ignorance and stupidity exist in the public that definitely deserves the disparaging title: "Arab Rav". This also proves how the rabbis and public leaders are leading the public in denial, using methods of distortion, fraud, deceit, lies and blatant disdain for science. Lying in order to increase faith is a well-known tactic signed by Rabbi Dassler (I think that's his name) who explains how it is necessary to lie in order to get closer to religion...
    Again I will not enter into a substantive discussion and contradicting claims that are based on hallucination. There is a limit.

    Regarding the quality of your words - how completely expected and not surprising and consistent with the calls of "Nazis" towards the policemen and MGB soldiers from the mouths of dosims on the streets of the cities. Excessive and creative imagination and attributing things without any basis while wildly exaggerating on the basis of correct and true things said is one of the specialties of religious claimants. You are also "blessed" in such a way.
    By the way, you are right, I do take great pleasure in exposing the deception, lies, self-denial, illusions and delusions that underlie religious belief. That is why I write with such eagerness. It's just fun.
    It's always fun to find someone like you who thinks they have answers for someone like me. I am never disappointed...

  5. My father (and a colleague)!
    "The fathers say what others think and are afraid to say"
    I can only respond: Hahahahahahahahahahaha…….
    Good; You really are not aware of the goings-on in the religious and ultra-Orthodox community. In the ultra-orthodox public, there is certainly a consensus of general disdain for these clowns. The religious community is more careful in disqualifying different people. In general, those who need their services are only the so-called "people". Those who consider themselves intelligent do not bother with it, if only because of the shame.
    I enjoyed seeing that you raised this issue and you won us an interesting article (or maybe you raised this issue here because of the article that was already ready or in the preparation stages). Do not worry.

  6. colleague! good week.
    First of all, I will address the nonsense claims you made about Rambam. First, mistakes may have been found in Aristotle's scientific teaching, but no mistakes can be found in his philosophical teaching, at most new philosophers can arise who will disagree with him. It is impossible to prove or disprove a philosophical opinion. But in fact it has nothing to do with our eyes, Maimonides' explanation of the essence of God has nothing to do with Aristotle. This is the authentic Jewish view of God. There is not, and there was not in the entire history of the Jewish religion, anyone who claimed otherwise about the essence of God. And the truth is that it cannot be claimed otherwise, these things are simple and necessary. I understand that you probably did not read Maimonides seriously, or you simply did not understand what he wrote; If you have the strength to think a little, say so, and I will briefly write the necessary logic behind these things.
    I can't exactly plot and describe the angels or demons, the mind can plot only based on the information it has accumulated during life in the five senses, we perceive things that belong to the three dimensions known to place and time. Both the angels and the nothing or the infinite, can only be described in images to familiar things or understand what they are not, and not really imagine. Surely nothing stands behind my actions except myself.
    God of the Gaps: When a religious person encounters a phenomenon for which he does not know an explanation, he immediately explains the only explanation he knows to be true, God is the cause of the phenomenon. Then he also understands in which way God made her. A scientific explanation for the phenomenon does not remove the hand of God from it. In the end, we are left with a scientific explanation for all of nature and creation, except for the zero point, and not exactly for the universe, but for the atomic force, and basically all the physical forces that move the entire universe. We must always arrive at a first motive which itself has an unknown motive, what Maimonides calls "the wheel", at this point God is the only explanation.
    You claim that in the religious community there is "gagging" and there is no "authentic criticism, self-examination, and healthy skepticism". Don't you really want a public that believes in religion and feels sorry for anyone who doesn't believe in it to spark a public discourse about its truth?! Surely they would prefer not to raise doubts. It is a simple and understandable interest. At the individual level, as you wrote, those who think more, and come to questions and doubts about religion anyway, will receive answers. I came to religion by virtue of neutral reason.
    Is there no incitement towards the ultra-Orthodox in the general media? Are you serious about writing? It would be redundant to mention the recent women's exclusion campaign. In the religious and ultra-Orthodox media, by the way, there is no incitement. At most, they talk about anti-religiousness or the religious examination: not to rub shoulders with the general society for fear of harming the religious values.
    I have already explained about the snake so many times that I don't have the strength to repeat it again. See above.
    The kangaroos didn't have to swim. You probably know that Australia used to be connected to the Asian continent. Why do you think that Noah also took the plants with him in the ark?!
    I have not yet understood exactly what you want with the Passover ceremony, and I also do not have time to visit our Samaritan cousins ​​(I assume you visited there, and the visit left a strong impression on your soul), so I will set things straight: Passover commandments from the Torah, including slaughter and sacrifice It was for the Passover sacrifice on the eve of the holiday, and it was eaten roasted together with matzah and moror on the first night of the holiday. This. A person who did this neglected his duty from the Torah. Sages have added different elements from their minds that are intended to emphasize the idea of ​​slavery, redemption and liberation, the things that stand behind this holiday also according to the Torah.
    I am satisfied if you seriously wrote the pointless comment about Greekness. I see no need to explain to you the difference between taking the Greek view of the world and taking manners or words.

    You just enjoy writing every chance you get about the tyrannical cheating corruption and mass exploitation that underpins religious society, and I just enjoy reading it every time. Every time I read this, a subtle aroma of baked blood or some protocol of the elders of the Jewish Orthodox Church rises in my nose. You are anti-Semitic in the fun sense of the word. I don't know what they taught you in the seminar that brought you to these important and of course true conclusions. Of course, this is what stands behind every action of the religious and certainly the ultra-Orthodox. I personally slaughtered three secular children and used their blood for the Shavuot cheesecake. With their money, by the way, I maintain the institutions of the ultra-Orthodox parasites.
    Sorry for the harshness; I actually enjoy it.

  7. My father is right of course. This is connected to the fact that in Jewish thought almost any position can be excused and justified from acts of charity and human kindness, from acts of robbery, adultery, continuing to lie, cheating, theft and robbery and ending with the assassination of a prime minister. Everything is in religion.
    The rabbis who know how to open their mouths and spew out these things become fish-like in the face of negative phenomena in the religious world. And that's before we mentioned the censorship, silencing, and gagging in the religious media in general and the ultra-Orthodox media in particular. Not to mention wild and disturbed incitement with harsh expressions towards the Jewish public - secular. Expressions and incitement the likes of which you will not find in the secular media, which is often even condescending and sometimes even canceled in front of the religious sector.

  8. To Baron the believer,
    Happily for us, the Jewish culture has created a rich MAD thought over the years of its existence. Rosh Va Rashon is the book of the Bible - the basis and foundation common to all Jews who see it as the book of their ancestors in one way or another and certainly see it as part of their culture. This is what all the Jews of the world have in common, regardless of their religiosity or views. After him, an extensive literature was created and in it, how convenient, one can find countless opinions including a thing and its opposite. Every believer will eat and consume and take as he pleases in the discussion here he will choose this sage and his words and there he will choose another sage and his arguments. very comfortable You take Maimonides who almost unquestioningly accepted Aristotle's teaching (wherever it did not contradict his own belief) and today we know how many mistakes there are in Aristotle's teaching and in any case in Maimonides' teaching. The religious always show off being a doctor. Indeed worthy and nice. As long as you understand that this was a doctor in the 10th century… wouldn't take his medicine today. But you buy his musings about "God" and his knowledge of "the truth" without a problem.... Tell me, do you understand the problem with faith in general and yours in particular, or do your eyes see???
    This God who cannot be known and understood - according to Rambam - a few things can be said about him in XNUMX. And out of convenience, of course, you choose the approach of Maimonides who raised his God to the highest level of abstraction. almost. About this it is said "And a righteous man lives in his faith". good for you ? Have fun with your different and weird beliefs. Why not ?
    I do not believe. Not at all.

  9. To Baron, as for the fathers, why not? They say what others think and are afraid to say and above all - none of the rabbis openly opposes them, so this is enough for me to show that they agree with their way.

  10. Baron: I will refer to your first response at the beginning of my response - indeed the seminar achieved the opposite goal. Not only did I not degenerate into religion (repentance is a religious term, of course...) but the seminar disturbed my rest to such an extent that I went looking for answers (not answer....). What I found is expressed in my very firm opinions in the present.
    There is no way that a person holds to the Jewish religion out of "pure logic" or as a result of having found some "truth". The absurdities, the paradoxes, the unfounded claims, the contradictory opinions of sages, the grave mistakes in both the Torah and the words of the Sages, the excuses (they are not explanations and religion even uses the word "excuse") of the clergy to explain the difficult problems put religion and faith in a ridiculous light and in my eyes the argument That there is truth and pure logic in religion is a joke. just like that. And we haven't talked about lies, distortions, half-truths, scams and frauds that exist a lot in the world of religion and the religious some of which I was exposed to in the seminar. And of course we did not mention the lack of authentic criticism, self-examination, healthy skepticism that do not exist in the religious sector as a whole. And I'm not talking about doubts of faith at the individual level that obviously exist, because anyone who lives in a view based on a lie may well doubt his path.
    Regarding the Bible: "a book written to describe reality with scientific precision" this is a concept detached from the exact same science that you claim is the accuracy feature of the book……….. You mean that in reality the snake spoke and walked and Noah saved the human race + all animal species (including The kangaroo that swam from distant Australia to the box………….) and grows in a wooden box etc.??? Do you understand why the nickname "delusional" sticks to religious people or is it necessary to explain and elaborate??
    Regarding Jesus, these are not "my" stories, but those of the New Testament accepted by about two billion believers. Argue with them…..the story of revelation in Sinai is nice but to claim that it was passed from father to son is an argument of pans.

    Regarding your knowledge of the existence or non-existence (you decide-Rambam was right or wrong as in most of his misconceptions???) of demons and more so the world of angels. I'm sorry, this is not my field, there are experts to handle such things. Let's say that as long as you believe and even describe and draw these illusory worlds it is still understandable and acceptable - after all you believe and are religious...!!!. But don't try to claim that such beings are behind your various actions otherwise you will find yourself in an all white room with experts who will understand you and your heart……

    Regarding the singular point: I am further from the sciences of physics and astronomy than I am from religion and familiarity with it. Beginning to understand and deal with the material requires a mathematical level that I will not have even in another 3 lifetimes. little Completely. What I do know is that I can distinguish between everything we know up until now and throughout this space-time we have no need for "God" to understand reality and the fictions people tell themselves about what supposedly was before.
    The automatic jump of every religious person to fill the human knowledge gaps of science with the concept: "God" places him as the "God of the gaps" and nothing else. A synonym for "I don't know" or "There is no answer at the moment". This was the case in the past with earthquakes, weather hazards, disasters, troubles, and blessings experienced by man. When man found explanations, the created God retreated for him to more and more distant regions and today he is hidden beyond the main point. Indeed the "theory of reduction" at its best......
    The original Passover was not an "order". It was Passover. If your soul longs to know the biblical source, take the book of the Torah in your hand, go up to Mount Gerizim and go to the neighborhood of the Samaritans there you will see that they follow exactly what is written in the book of the Torah and observe Passover according to the law of their imaginary friend. "There were fiber in the Bnei Barak all that night" these sages who learned from the Greeks to eat "in saba" as was the custom of the Greeks and Romans. And to think how the Orthodox come out even against the "theism" when the Sages themselves did not escape the Greco-Roman influences on our culture including borrowing words from Greek to Hebrew...

  11. I really hope you don't take the Babas as representatives of the religion...

  12. The one who knows and asks!
    Of course I agree with you. There is a quite logical tendency to say that the world was created or was (if it was not created) in a simple way, and then evolved. It is mentally difficult to accept the idea of ​​a world created with ordered star systems, and even more so a star created when its light has already sent millions of light years from it. But if we go with this tendency to the end we have to say that the world was in the beginning an empty space, a state from which it could not have developed at all.

    R.H. : Of course the main goal of science is to discover the truth about the world. All in all, I meant that only science is also intended to bring benefit to the world, in contrast to religion, which has no such pretensions.

  13. Closet,

    I really disagree with you when you say:

    "Religion is not intended to bring benefit to the world. That's what science is for. Religion is for knowing the truth."

    With your permission, I will refer only to the part about science. Science does not pretend to bring benefit to the world. But science was created as a tool to know the truth. In fact, this is the only tool that has proven successful and that is not ambiguous to make real claims about the world in which we live. How do we know? Because thanks to science it is possible, for example, to create computers on two ends of the world that talk to each other.
    The benefit that science brings is controversial and is a result of the efforts to know the truth. Atomic bombs, drugs, carcinogens and other nuclear weapons are also the fruit of scientific research. So science is the center of knowledge, the tool for finding the truth, in fact the only tool known today that actually works. Not the religions, not the sects, not the feelings, not gut feelings. None of these have parallels in finding the truth about the world as scientific research has.

  14. The knower and the questioner, it can equally be argued that the universe was created five minutes ago with all our memories and the archive of the site.

  15. LaBaron,
    The universe was physically created at the age of 15 billion years, as science has discovered
    That is, there were already stars that were created in a moment, but they were already 14 billion years old in terms of the cosmic light emitted from them, for the simple reason that the Creator wanted to be good to the creators and created distant and nearby stars for them to be able to see.
    Therefore there should not be a contradiction between science and faith, science is the existence and faith is the purpose, two completely different levels.

  16. Amit the righteous!
    When I started writing my last two comments, there was not yet your last comment. And so now I will respond to it briefly (of course I'm not going to comment on the various blasphemy, I'll just point out that you really make me feel uncomfortable in my religiosity)
    Religion is not intended to bring benefit to the world. That's what science is for. Religion is for knowing the truth.
    Regarding the essence of the creator and the uncreated God: Rambam has a series of books called "Mishna Torah" or "The Strong Hand". This series is considered one of the most basic literature of Judaism. The first book in the series is called "The Book of Science". The first part of the book is called "Essential Laws of the Torah". Its first two chapters explain the essence of God. I ask you, if you can, to read them, because there is a prejudice about the nature of God according to religion. Note that although the wording is highly polished, it is written in a nutshell and contains mental ideas that cannot be understood in one second.

  17. R.H.!
    Religion has nothing against the basic idea of ​​evolution, that species can be upgraded and changed over the years by natural selection, although you understand that when religion claims that the age of the universe is only a few thousand years, there is no room for evolution, simply because there was not enough time for these processes.
    By the way, there are indeed many methods that claim that the creation process of the Bible took place according to the theory of evolution, and the "days" that are mentioned there come to express a period in the creation process.

  18. colleague!
    Who would have believed that you were in an ultra-Orthodox seminar?! If in the cedars the flame fell...
    You take religion too seriously. Religion does not contradict science, and does not come to argue with science. At most it favors certain methods in science, and rejects the others. So in evolution and the big bang for example. It does not destroy or destroy or impair the quality of life. Too bad.
    You are right that the meaning of faith is: a person's holding on to opinions that did not come to him by the kish and self-conceit, but by trusting in the truth of the opinions of another person or entity (faith from the word trust). You explain (I skimmed over that article of yours) that this is a person who has no logical reason to accept the same opinions, but rather an emotional state that dissuades him from believing these opinions indiscriminately. Such a belief surely has no value. However, you did not set your heart on another type of faith: a person is convinced by his private logic that a certain person or entity speaks the truth in all their words or that all their opinions are correct. He comes to this conclusion not based on the content of their opinions, but based on his acquaintance with the person who has the knowledge, based on which he reached a conclusion with pure logic regarding all their opinions. Such a person holds all these opinions indeed out of faith, but this faith is the result of pure logic. And so it is in religion (Jewish at least); After I am logically convinced of the existence of God, of the fact that he initiated the Jewish religion, and of the fact that he does not lie and that I am bound by God's commandments, once again my faith in all the details of the religion is a faith that stems from pure logic.
    When I discuss whether the Bible is true or not, I don't mean that there is a side that is the brainchild of a writer or writers who were greedy to read and read the entire Bible from their hearts. Even the most skeptical historians admit that significant parts of the Bible describe reality as it really was. When I say that the Bible is not true, I mean exactly what you wrote, let's assume that it is a book of Jewish mythology that includes mythological stories about the beginning of the nation that are based on reality and mixed with fairy tales, ideas and morals of that time, etc. Like the mythologies of the Greeks and Assyrians (although it is clear that there is less history and more legend in them). If the Bible is true, it means that it is a book written to describe reality with scientific precision, a type of ancient history book (of course not only history, but also the details of religion, morals, parables, and advice, but I'm talking about the historical parts ). It is certain that the different books of the Bible were written by different writers and were collected into one set in a later period (according to Jewish tradition - by members of the Great Knesset) but each book by itself was written by one writer (as evidenced by the uniform style) and all of them were faithful to historical accuracy , the first book became the Torah, and in any case also the religion.
    You made me laugh with your Jesus stories. Are you comparing a situation that was made in front of an entire nation to some dubious story that maybe a hundred people saw?! I can get you fifty people in a short time, who have seen with their own eyes, how I walk on the waters of the neighborhood reservoir wearing only sports shoes.
    And regarding the specific points you raised:
    In the matter of demons; First I will preface that the Rambam (I hope I don't need to tell you who he is) in accordance with his way of thinking does write that there are and were not creatures called demons, and all the stories of demons in the Talmud are parables. But I will not deny that most of the sages of Israel believe that the demons did exist. But actually it is not much different from the angels, which are certainly true, because even the demons, contrary to what you may think and contrary to the place of demons in the cultures of the peoples of the East, are not physical beings similar to animals, but spiritual beings, which means that they do not belong to the dimensions of the universe that you know (and will be It's clear to you that you don't know everyone), or to the place and time. And regarding the various leaderships whose purpose is to guard against the demons; Ashkenazi Judaism already in the time of the Rishonim (a thousand years ago) did not observe these special practices. I will not elaborate for obvious reasons, and will only say that the existence of such leaderships is greatly influenced by the culture of the surrounding peoples where the Jews lived.
    The explanation about the snake should not be written anywhere, I expect you to understand on your own that when the Bible talks about an animal with legs and the ability to speak, then it was said that he might have been a liar but he certainly wasn't a fool, it is not intended to assume that you know a snake.
    Regarding the Pesach order, if you could elaborate a bit more, what was supposed to be and what was added?
    I enjoyed the linguistic idea you found in the language of the Bible against religion.
    And one last thing: every time the astronomical-physical evidence for the existence of the zero point in the universe is mentioned, you content yourself with saying that it is refuted and do not bother to explain. Considering that we are lovers of humor, I will present my request to you: explain to us, and we will laugh too!
    With respect to your opinions:

  19. To the righteous wherever your name is called,
    I did not get into philosophies about faith, but only that in the 20th century science discovered the starting point that the world was created (or was created if you are afraid of the word with the root B.R.A.) and that it is not primitive.
    I also did not ask that you place the Creator in this equation and despise the concept of religion in particular because I do not represent any side.

  20. For those who don't know: irony is in the eye of the beholder. I am a proud and righteous Jew known in my community. It turns out that you don't need anything to do with religion to be righteous. On the contrary, in light of the number of corrupt righteous people, exploiters of the ignorant, the poor, the "popular", the foolish and the ignorant in the name of religion and faith, it is only necessary to return the honor of the term "righteous" to its rightful place and despise under this name a religion based on false foundations, foundations of self-denial and foundations of fraud. The religion has received in absolute honesty the contempt and scorn that I and others give it with respect and with a lack of proper respect. Worship and in many versions servitude to an imaginary friend that exists only between the ears of the believer while performing rituals, rituals and other strange acts indeed deserve the appropriate and proper treatment. Actually not exactly. I do respect or want to respect different beliefs and views however different they may be. but. But the behavior of the clergy throughout history (and when I say "religion" I mean any religion and only being a Jew will soon treat me with excessive emphasis) requires my reference. Giving unnecessary and excessive respect to religion has led us to our current place. in the whole world. But if we focus on Israel, it seems that the religious in the early days of the state would walk with bowed and humbled heads in silence and modesty. They did not disturb, did not harm. So they were treated with contempt and disdain and were perceived as weird and strange. When the attitude towards them changed, they took advantage of it and that's how we got to the current situation. This requires a harsh response and perhaps a bit excessive and excessive, as is evident from my blunt, emphatic and I assume offensive words. This, in my eyes, is required by reality. Religion and religious people must be treated more appropriately so that they do not feel comfortable with their superstitious beliefs which unfortunately lead to actions and behaviors that harm the community, society and the country.
    ====================================================================== =================
    Regarding the criticism of science. I'm sure you save it only for the heresy of the scientists in the delusions of faith. You do not apply this to all the other fruits of science - from the computer where you correspond with us, to the telephone, the car, the air conditioner, all electrical and electronic devices, medicines and in general. Beloved, the intellectual dishonesty is with you and your ilk. The scientists and the science that gave us all the goodness and abundance (and not the demonic friend of the religious……) disbelieve in false beliefs. they know. or not. What they don't know they check, investigate and sometimes find out.
    After all, it is known, clear and obvious that faith in general and religion in particular have not advanced humanity in almost any field. A little thought, a little cultural folklore and that's it. In fact, except for Judaism, the other religions also contributed a lot in one area and that is art: architecture, painting, sculpture, music and more developed greatly under the wings of religions from Christianity and Islam to Hinduism and Buddhism. Judaism - unfortunately - did not contribute in this area.
    Humanity began to truly progress only since the Renaissance, the development of humanism and the decline in the power of religion. Only then did humanity slowly and hesitantly begin to advance. The more the power of religion decreased, the more humanity progressed. Today it is really clear - more atheist societies are more advanced. Sharp and clear. No discovery, innovation, invention of any kind came out and resulted from the chatter of religion and faith. is nothing.
    The main question at the point of the bang is a mystery. Of course, the word God can be placed there, in the main point. It is meaningless. How do you explain God and his fantastic existence and his own creation?? Why was he never created but eternal?? There is no explanation just as there is no explanation-currently-for the main question.
    But this is philosophizing. The problem is placing such a "God" and attributing all kinds of imagined things to this "God" that man created for him and worse, behavior and action in accordance with what is attributed to that god who is nothing but a figment of imagination. That's why it is said about you: "The delusion of faith." Illusion and hallucination are the basis of the activity of believers and the religious. Everyone. All over the world and religions.
    And by the way, an atheist: the difference between him and the religious believer = 1. While you - let's say you are an orthodox religious Jew - rejects and disbelieves in all the gods created by man in all cultures (let's say there are 1000 of them) and accepts only the Jewish invention "Jehovah", the atheist disbelieves in this one as well. So it turns out that while you are an infidel and an atheist regarding the 999 deities, the atheist is an infidel in 1000.... Sha Bracha ascended and succeeded.

  21. The irony is to choose the nickname of a righteous Jew and despise any Jewish religious symbol.
    The greater irony is the intellectual dishonesty of scientists and enthusiasts who, until a few hundred years ago, claimed that the world was primordial and when they discovered scientifically that it was created from 0 out of nothing, they continue to gloat with the sentence: "In the beginning he created..."
    The first is from the first language without introducing faith into the equation but from a simple logical deduction.

  22. RH: Indeed, irony is one of the ways in which faith and religion are expressed. But there are many other products for faith and religion and other ways of relating such as: ridicule, cancellation, disdain and the like. All of this is really required in view of the clear fact that belief in general and in particular through its expression in religion (any religion for that matter) are - in their essence and in themselves - paradoxical, absurd, contain insoluble contradictions, unacceptable and tolerable by way of reason, reason, logic, logic and common sense.
    That is exactly why "faith" is needed. And it is not for nothing that we say "blind faith". As if there is a faith that is not like that....just as care is of the essence of faith, so is the blindness of the subject in it and walks in its darkness.
    And this is exactly the essence of the "religion" which is nothing but an "opinion" that has lost God. Without the eye, which symbolizes the eye - the main sensory organ of man that mediates between his inner self and the outer world, the organ that helps to understand and interpret reality - the person walks like a soma with a disability and a severe disability that makes it difficult for him to deal with life, to understand and interpret the external reality to him. Without God the "opinion" becomes "religion" and the person loses his mind to his religion. Indeed a human tragedy that is thousands of years old. how sad. how hard
    Just to demonstrate the midrash below comes "the knower and the questioner" and demonstrates this in the following sentence: "Now it has also been proven scientifically that there was a "great cosmic explosion" from which life began in the universe - that is, there is a beginning - creation"
    And he doesn't even understand why this is an example, for example because the logic in his sentence is so clear to him. But we know it comes from being a believer.

  23. This issue is not closed that the scientists discovered the creation:
    "In 1964, the cosmic background radiation was discovered by chance by two researchers from Bell Laboratories in the United States, Arno Panzias and Robert Wilson"

    Now it has also been scientifically proven that there was a "big cosmic explosion" from which life began in the universe - that is, there is a beginning - creation

  24. Barron and Amit,

    Isn't it a little ironic that when scientists show a sea of ​​evidence of a change in the body through mutations, those who believe and reject it, on the other hand, are they willing to accept without any doubt a change from a walking and talking snake to the known snake based on one written testimony?

  25. Find out where I claimed that my response will lead to the destruction of the world??? It's really dramatic but it's all from your imagination. The reality I said exactly this: "From the reality of our lives it turns out that the beliefs, with an emphasis on religiosity, in our places are very harmful and the views and the way of thinking that fuel the destruction and damage are exactly the ones you are spreading here everywhere." Religion brings harm and even destruction. What do you need samples? I'm sure not. The world will not be destroyed, but the quality of life in it is bad as long as religion is influential. Simple and easy.

    What a beautiful explanation about the snake. It is not found in the Bible, of course, where did you get it from? I assume that the midrash of sages. This is surely a complete human invention. And if you have already referred to and "explained" the story (and it is only a story) of the Garden of Eden, what about the existence of dragons? And what about the demons and spirits that religion in general and Kabbalah in particular are filled to the brim with? After all, Harbovidya ruled that in the dark it is better for a person who walks alone to whistle so that a demon does not jump on him... This is not some simple believer, this is the "genius" who is the leader of a huge community.
    What I am arguing is that the feverish inventions of the human mind have created whole and fascinating worlds over the course of human history. Turning these fascinating imaginary worlds into "truth" and "reality" makes believers delusional. And as a result and in answer to your question, every belief is false and some are false. Only the people of faith and religion who are based on the lies of religion try to create an appearance as if there are "true beliefs" that are true see: the orthodox Jewish religion and its people have superstitions see: all other religions in the world…….
    But just as it is not mentioned every time that the sun is hot because the sun, by its very nature, is hot, so there is no need to say "superstition" because care is of the essence of faith.
    Faith by its very definition is: "It is a faith that has no foundation, that does not rely on proven facts, an irrational faith." And also: "A set of axioms that a person accepts a priori as a clear and unambiguous truth without examination, without doubt and without appeal, and which influences and determines the system of values ​​according to which he acts."
    Faith, any faith, necessarily carries danger, as it is faith and not knowledge. "Faith" in its essence is against "knowledge". Those who know do not need to believe, and those who do not know are open to beliefs. The problems begin with belief, when one does not know, and are in situations of distress, threat, helplessness, etc. This is the mental substrate that guarantees the beginning of faith, that is, to invent things that will satisfy the demand to know, and fill the void that the lack of knowledge leaves in the human soul. After all, what is faith if not a hypothetical, imaginary, delusional invention of man in relation to reality? 'Faith' is an attempt to interpret, explain and excuse the reality in which man finds himself, a type of internal, immanent and most basic mechanism that develops naturally in the human soul, similar to the instincts that influence us and activate us.
    If you would like to expand, here is the link to the article I wrote on the subject: "On Faith":

    ====================================================================== =================
    Apparently I didn't clarify myself and maybe my father too: there is plenty of evidence that contradicts the belief and what is claimed in the books of the Bible. Of course the argument that "the Bible is true" is nonsense. Reality is a little more complex than: truth/false and "do you believe in the Bible or not". This is a simplification that is suitable for seminaries where people deteriorate into a life of religion and faith.
    The Bible is an anthology of the Jewish people. simply. It has morals, religion, poetry and poetry, stories and legends, didactic and educational lectures, even history and an attempt to present a certain version of it that is partly based on events that happened in reality and more. The entire set of scrolls that were compiled over hundreds of years and by completely different authors with different views and edited into one book after certain parts were censored and disappeared and apparently there were several such edits. To regard this whole saga as true or false and alternatively to hallucinate that the imaginary friend known as "God" descended on some mountain in the middle of the desert with impressive pyrotechnics and delivered 2 stone tablets that any ancient person could engrave alone is considered a great story. Claiming that it was a reality and "truth to the truth" makes a person a "false believer" just like that. I would be a little more impressed if your imaginary friend had left stone slabs instead - and at that time in Egypt they already wrote about Samirus, yes? - Let's say some kind of screen like an LCD screen or a projecting tablet computer or even more so an elaborate hologram that can be produced with laser beams - it would be really impressive... !!!!

    ====================================================================== ================
    Regarding the "Khozari argument" of revelation to an entire people, there are other testimonies such as the Yahuatha song that God revealed himself to all the Indians and alternatively the visible experiences of Jesus of Nazareth who walked on water, and performed the miracles of the fish in the Sea of ​​Galilee, the bread and the wine in the village of Cana and the restoration of the widow's son to life. Different miracles before large audiences at different times. there's more.
    In general, there are great videos on this if you would like links to learn, educate yourself and wait on the subject. It is better for you to have the religious nonsense pressed into your mind when you were a little baby who was born. Try a slightly different angle.
    In addition, those who know a little about the behavioral sciences, sociology and psychology understand that the argument that the people observe the mitzvot in one body from a certain time and there was no time when a certain person "lied" to the people and convinced them to start doing ridiculous rituals is an argument of religious preachers that does not hold water. It is enough to see how many beliefs (they are all false, yes???) there are in the world among all human societies, what nonsense people do in the name of beliefs and religions and there is no problem to understand that this is also the case in Judaism. Just as an example, the Passover order is an invention of the Sages. A late invention. After all, this is not how Pesach was originally celebrated. The first version is carried out to this day by the Samaritans who observe the commandment of the imaginary friend as simple with a much greater loyalty to the "instructions and instructions" of God.

  26. Avi;
    I didn't try to force anything on anyone.
    The difference from the other religions, where even if we believe in their tradition, we will only know that a person or a limited group of people lived at that time who created the religion. And it is really likely to assume that there were indeed Jesus Muhammad and Buddha, but it is also very likely to assume that they were charlatans who invented the religion for personal purposes. These traditions and books show nothing about the truth of the religions. The Jewish tradition, on the other hand, tells of events that took place in front of hundreds of thousands of people, all of our ancestors, and if they did happen, they leave no doubt about the truth of the religion.
    You did not refer to the main topic of the tradition at all, but only to the very fact that there are many people who believe in religion and that there are books that write it; These two things really show nothing at all.
    By the way, I'm just curious, why does every belief have to be bland?

  27. So what if a group of 10 million people believe in a certain superstition, and his book says it's true? Why not say the same about Islam and the Koran, or Christianity and the New Testament? Many more people believe in their superstitions, not to mention Buddhism and Hinduism.
    No matter how hard you try, your private belief will remain a belief, and like any belief it will also be trivial. Don't try to force it on others.

  28. By the way colleague, if you think that if you respond you will legitimize the destruction of the world (how dramatic!) then don't respond.

  29. colleague;
    I'm sorry you think I'm hurt.
    An animal with legs and the ability to speak in Genesis was called a snake, because according to the Bible it is the origin of the snakes that became what they became because of God's curse. I imagine you don't accept the possibility that an animal became another animal because of God's curse, but that's because you don't believe in the truth of the Bible. Assuming and taking the Bible as truth, we must recognize God not only as creator and cause but also as an active force in the world, the Bible that is not full of actions that are not in the way of nature from the reading of the Red Sea to the standing of Mount Sinai. In any case, Churchman has no evidence from reality today against the Bible, because even according to him there should be no evidence of the existence of talking snakes.

    B: I don't have enough knowledge to argue with you if the big bang theory contradicts the theory of relativity, and maybe it is true, but I saw in several places (I will search again) that the accepted theory today is the big bang, which means that it is likely to be true, and not a lie.

    And regarding the basic argument that Amit and Avi Belizovski put forward, to say: it is true that there is no evidence that contradicts the religion, but there is no reason whatsoever to say that it is true; There is the Bible, the truth of which has been passed down in the tradition of an entire people for thousands of years, not as mythology, but as a very binding factor, which greatly reduces the chances that one person or a small group of people started the tradition with a lie: they had to convince a large group of people, All their forefathers came up from Egypt and saw nothing as the status of Mount Sinai, and this also obliges them from now on to follow a series of difficult commandments to live by. Apart from this, there is the tradition regarding the truth of the religion itself, regardless of the Bible. Agree with me that something behind such a thing is more likely than a spaghetti monster.

  30. in the eigonic closet,
    Regarding the talking snake: according to logic, if there is "no connection" between the talking snake and the snake we know, why did they use the same name/call the above creature. ? wonder Second, anything can be said. There is no law against refuting nonsense (religion lives on this...!!!) and there are no fines for saying nonsense. so you said
    It is true that there may have been creatures unknown to science. So ? By this logic it is clear that there were fire-breathing dragons. and flying After all, they appear in all cultures, including distant China, which was cut off from the rest of the world in those days when the dragon stories were compiled. Not only in stories they appear, there are paintings of them, dolls and entire festivals in China where dragon dolls dance. What a beauty of logic. Did you turn every piece of soil and check that there are no dragon bones? That's for sure then. After all, this is the logic of those who degenerate into a religion and belief that is against reason, foolish, innocent and ignorant of their various and even strange types. You use this logic and therefore I am a bit harsh in my response to you. It's clear that I don't have anything personal with you, I'm just sensitive to the kind of statements and reasoning on behalf of which you speak and claim.
    From the reality of our lives it turns out that the beliefs, with an emphasis on religiosity, in our places are very harmful and the views and the way of thinking that fuel the destruction and damage are exactly the ones you are spreading here everywhere.
    It is true that there is freedom of expression, opinion and thought. You certainly and me too. So I, like you, use them.
    After all, we will not let the fools of faith spew out of their sleep without a proper, appropriate and necessary response. One that will save the honor of the few who cling to reason, logic and rationalism.

    And in general: from my rich experience in discussion/argument with believers and religious people of all kinds and types, I realized that in the very serious, considered and matter-of-fact approach I give legitimacy and even strengthen deviant positions, which are obviously wrong and, as I said, harmful in the world of action and reality. That's why I'm not going into a really in-depth discussion.
    From my own experience and watching many other discussions, even reasoning, evidence and facts will not affect a belief that is essentially irrational, anti-intelligent and irrational. A few got to see the light, and that too after an investment of energy, time and resources. Sometimes it's worth investing for them.
    But as a rule, such views should not be legitimized, but rather behave accordingly and give them the proper treatment.
    I'm sorry if you're hurt, but since we don't have any personal relationship, the things are not personal and not to the body of the claimant but to the body of the arguments.

  31. Closet:
    Why do you think most scientists agree with the big bang theory?
    Does the agreement of the majority of people make a lie the truth?

    According to the special theory of relativity:
    There is no special inertial frame of reference (different from all the others).
    According to the "Big Bang" hypothesis:
    There is one point which is the beginning of time and space.
    This point is a special reference system.
    She is different from all the others.

    The "big bang" hypothesis contradicts the theory of relativity.

    Therefore, it cannot even be said that most scientists accept the "Big Bang" hypothesis.

  32. Indeed, religion is not impossible, neither are the flying spaghetti monster and the invisible pink unicorn, but still, their probability is very close to zero.

  33. The logical fellow!
    Lest his honor also explain his claims towards the simple things I wrote, and not use the cheap demagoguery of "there is no need to address the claims"
    And regarding the talking snake, I repeat and emphasize that there is no connection between the snake and the creature called a snake in Genesis; And there is no logical reason to say that there has ever been any creature that is not known today that knew how to speak like a man even though he was not a man, but of course there is also no reason to say that there was such a creature if it weren't for the Bible.
    And by the way, I see that you are very stressed, so note that I did not write that religion is necessary, but that it is not impossible.

  34. Barron added a response about a year after the debate ended in which he claims that there is "evidence" for creation....he also "explains" why the claims of the author of the article are not true and do not contradict the common religious argument.
    Well Nachsh speaks logically to him what was said. ? This makes sense to those who believe in an imaginary friend known as "God" or any other moniker. I will ignore the nonsense that the expansion of galaxies is "evidence of creation" for obvious reasons.
    He attributes the (il)logic to the flood to "the knowledge that (if I'm not mistaken) remains of marine algae were found in central India"……
    We will only quote the following claim (while laughing in the background): "The question about the number of animals in the ark and their maintenance is nonsense, because there was no need to put every subspecies of animal in the ark, nor was there then the number of species that exist today, Noah put only the species in the ark The bases of the animals.” Igion Amoni at its best....!!!
    What fun to be a believer and/or religious. Life is so simple. Everything works out with logic.

  35. All the examples given by Churchman as biblical facts that have no evidence or are not acceptable have simple evidence and explanations.
    Creation itself has a plethora of evidence, physical, astronomical, and philosophical. I will mention here only the best known evidence of the expansion of galaxies. (Most scientists today agree with the big bang theory which is actually completely parallel to the biblical creation theory).
    The Bible never described a talking snake as a species of animal, the talking snake in Genesis is one specific animal, which after God's curse became the known snake and from which all snakes were born.
    Regarding the flood, news was published not long ago that (if I'm not mistaken) remains of marine algae, etc., were found in central India. Apart from that, the flood appears in the traditions of a multitude of peoples and tribes that never had any communication between them.
    The question about the number of animals in the ark and their maintenance is nonsensical, because there was no need to put every subspecies of animal in the ark, nor was there then the number of species that exist today, Noah only put the basic species of animals in the ark.
    For all the things mentioned there is much more evidence; I'm not saying that you can't get along with these evidences and they disprove any theory that disputes the Bible, but you can't say that there is no evidence for the Bible or that it doesn't stand the test of reality.

  36. And thanks for the picture of Michaelangelo... it's great. This narrow space between the two fingers - this is the reason why it is still impossible to prove the spirit beyond matter... But maybe this day is approaching with quantum physics 🙂 and then this war will end.

  37. Increasing the fonts - urgent... you are welcome

    And regarding the creationists - this thing does not give rest because pure science only speaks to logic, while each of us has inner feelings (obviously not scientific) that say otherwise!!! Especially women are very trusting of their senses - for us, this is a shortcut to intelligence of a higher order
    But go prove it...

  38. What bothers me is that the design feels really outdated to me, which really stands out in the colors green and blue for example..

  39. I don't come to argue and say that in my opinion the size of the fonts is large enough, but in my opinion what can be done instead of changing the font size completely is to add buttons that allow changing the font size (similar to the buttons that exist on the Softpedia website, for example here:
    Alternatively, those who think the fonts are too small can simply zoom in on their personal browser (the most convenient method is by holding the "control" button and rolling the mouse wheel upwards).

  40. Father, the fonts must be increased in the articles, it is very difficult to read such small text!

    Increase the font by at least one or two sizes, it's really inconvenient that way.

  41. In the previous version there were numbers for comments and these have disappeared in the current version... there is an empty square. Can this be fixed?

  42. A small note;
    They say Lep-re-con, not Perchaon.. Pronounced as Lep-re-con.

  43. Regarding 3, in the beginning each article had an icon, but then only 3 articles were entered in each Yadan, the current way there are 5.

  44. Father, this is really an uncomfortable design. Here are some recommendations:
    1) increase the fonts.
    2) The pictures on the home page are not really interesting and just take up space. So you can reduce them. And in general I would recommend turning the images into icons and attaching an icon to each article (instead of the current method of a large image for the main article).
    3) On the main page, I prefer everything to come on a sequence of line after line, without columns. It is uncomfortable to read

  45. It is no longer possible to maintain the previous version, this one is much more modern and allows you to do many things without programming. But if you have special requests we'd love to hear them.

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