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Camero, which develops a system for simulating people through walls, completes a first round of funding of 5 million dollars

Jerusalem Global led the fundraising round; Motorola Ventures and the Walden Israel venture capital fund also participated

Camero completed a first round of funding of $5 million, which was led by Jerusalem Global Ventures. Motorola Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of Motorola, and the Walden Israel venture capital fund also participated in the fundraising round.

Camero is developing a portable radar system for imaging people through walls that will allow the rescue forces to operate more efficiently to save lives. Camero's system is primarily intended for rescue and firefighting forces, law enforcement units and special forces operations. Camero's technology is based on UWB (Ultra Wide Band) transmission technology that allows you to get a XNUMXD image of what is happening beyond obstacles such as walls. Kemero was founded by Aharan Aharan and Amir Bari and has been operating for the past year as a house venture (EIR) in the offices of Jerusalem Global Ventures.

"Camero faces challenges in the developing field of Homeland Security", said Aharon Aharon, founder and CEO of Camero, "We believe that the capabilities developed by the company in various technical areas, such as RF, signal processing and imaging methods, will guarantee us a competitive advantage in the market" .

Dr. Shlomo Kalish, chairman and founding partner of Jerusalem Global, said: "The Kemero team, headed by Aharan Aharan, is developing a unique life-saving system with great market potential. The money raised will enable the completion of development and the beginning of marketing of the system."

"Motorola Ventures is enthusiastic about the special commercial application based on the UWB technology in the civilian security market. We believe that Camero's advanced XNUMXD imaging technology and the device's portability will significantly improve the life-saving operations of security agencies around the world," added Matthew Graveney, director of Motorola Ventures.

Elisha Yanai, chairman and CEO of Motorola Israel and chairman of the Electronics and Software Industries Association, welcomes another investment by Motorola Ventures in Israel, which emphasizes the importance and leadership of technology developed by Israeli start-up companies.

Moti Ben Aryeh, general partner at Walden Israel, said: "Kemero has the unique ability to leverage the knowledge it has gained in various fields in order to develop the solution that is so necessary today."

The company's CEO and founder, Aharon Aharon, served for about 15 years in senior positions in IBM's research division, after which he was COO at Tsuran and CEO of SeaBridge from the Siemens Group. Amir Barry, VP of Technology and founder of the company, served in the intelligence community, served as Vice President of R&D at ADC Israel and CEO of Infineon Swan. The company has an Advisory Board, which includes Maj. Gen. (Retd.) Amiram Levin and four other senior officials with a security background from the USA, who are deeply familiar with Camero's target markets.

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  1. Hara: The originator of the idea, the developer and the founder of the company, is Amir Bari.

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